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Signing Patrick's Death Warrant

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What happened the day Patrick died, someone reveals all.

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Gerard had tried several times to get a hold of Alyssa he always got voice mail but never left a message. He wasn’t even sure if he wanted to talk to her. She had promised to tell the truth and in one day caught her in at least two lies and not small white lies, huge lies. One included how Bob led his best friend, next to Mikey, to his death. Bob had to know that his father was home he fucking lived with the guy. This past year he had finally started to believe that it wasn’t Bob’s fault they were just in the wrong place, wrong time. But now he knew better, or did he.

Mikey looked at his brother with concern something was really off with him. This was suupposed to be the tour of their lives, the one that could let them reach their fans and possibly get more but Gee was blowing it. Not that it mattered to him right now. What mattered is he was losing his brother they used to be so close but now it all seems so distant. He knew Gee was keeping something from him, not that he was all the innocent he was keeping a secret too. This one he kept since he was twelve, more than half his young life.

“Hey,” said Mikey. He looked down at his brother who was staring at a sketch book.

“Hey,” Gee responded not looking up.

“Can we talk? I mean really talk without your shadow hanging around.”

“Sure,” Gerard closed the book. “What’s on your mind?”

“What’s going on Gee? We used to be so close and now I can’t help but feel like you’re keeping secrets that only you and Matt know about. Your shitfaced all the time, you’re destroying our shot but mostly you’re destroying yourself and I hate watching it.”

Gerard felt a pain rip through his heart. He forgot how his actions might be affecting the other band members. Mikey and Frank deserved so much more so why the fuck was he hurting them.

“It’s been a while since we talked; just the two of us hasn’t it?” Gerard said bowing his head. “It’s time you knew exactly what is going on.” Gerard sat there and told him everything Alyssa’s pregnancy, the ruse for the court, Alyssa’s lies and the lie that Ray and Alyssa had kept all these years. He watched as Mikey’s hand was shaking as he put a drink to his lips.

“Mikey what’s wrong?” asked the older brother.

“I need to tell you something, I need to tell you what happened the night that Patrick died.”

“What do you mean?”

“I was there Gee I saw it all.”

The look of horror came over Gerard’s face and trying to think back at that day. He noticed a change in Mikey but thought he was upset about Patrick’s death. He was so self consumed at his own loss he didn’t pay attention that there was something more going on with his little brother, “Why didn’t you tell me? It must have been horrible I wish you told me.”

“Because I was fucking afraid,” whispered Mikey

“Afraid of what?” asked Gerard sympathetically.

“Of losing you.”

“I don’t understand.”

Mikey closed his eyes took a deep breath and held it hoping that the words would just come out and make sense and pray for his brother’s forgiveness. “It’s my fault that Patrick’s dead.”

“What no it’s Bob and his father’s fault.”

“Let me tell you what happened that day. I knew you were upset at the fact that Bob and Patrick were hanging out all the time so I decided to follow them, that’s how I knew where Bob lived that night. I watched as they entered the house I was about to knock when I saw through the door side window a masked figure. I watched as Bob and Patrick disappeared into another room never even noticing the guy. That’s when I saw the gun. I could have yelled or knocked or got them to get out, but I didn’t I stood there frozen. Bob and Patrick appeared in the living room again but this time the figure was waiting for them I heard a muffled noise like the guy was yelling something Bob went charging after him but Patrick pushed him out of the way. It all happened in fast, Patrick dropped holding his chest, the guy turned and started heading through the door I hid in the bushes as he ran past me. Bob ran straight after him, I never saw that kind of hurt or anger in anyone’s eyes. I could see if Bob caught up with the guy either he or the guy would be dead. He came back probably a couple of minutes later looking back at it now it wasn’t that long but seemed like an eternity. All I knew is I was scared and couldn’t move. Bob came back and got on the phone and called 911 the cops and ambulance were there almost immediately. Almost, in that short time before they arrived I heard Patrick tell Bob how much he loved you, how much he loved all of us. He told Bob to give up on Alyssa that you and her belonged together. That’s when the paramedics showed up. They pushed Bob aside and started working on him Bob was crying so hard and I still didn’t move not even to comfort him. A few seconds later his mom came in and she asked did he know who did it? He said no but he would find out who did or die trying. I watched as the paramedics did CPR and the paddles, they worked on him for a half hour all I could do is stare. I watched as one of our best friends died.”

Mikey was so visibly shaken and in tears, but at the same time he felt a relief he hadn’t felt since that night. He knew now he had to accept the consequences of his next statement.

“I watched the whole fucking thing and did nothing I could have warned them I saw them there. They could have sneaked out of Bob’s window like Alyssa snuck in that night. But I fucking stood there and hid and did absolutely nothing. I just about signed Patrick’s death warrant.”

Gerard took his baby brother into his arms, “You were twelve years old Mikes. I’m sure I would have done the same thing if I were you. You must have been so fucking scared. Why didn’t you just tell me instead of keeping a secret?”

Mikey shot Gerard an ‘are you fucking kidding me look’.

“I guess after what happened with the way I treated Bob who could blame you. I’m sorry.”

“It’s not me you need to apologize to.”

“She sounded upset on the phone,” Gee said. “And I guess I owe Bob and apology too. But if he didn’t know it was his father that night when did he find out?”

“I don’t know, only three people know the answer to that.”

Gerard hugged his baby brother once more. He picked up his cell and dialed the familiar number. Mikey smiled at his brother before leaving him.

Gerard opened his sketch book and smiled at the face staring in front of him and wondered, ‘Did he even have a chance anymore’.

He got voice mail yet again but this time he left a message. “Hey Lyss you seemed upset when you called is everything alright? I really need to talk to you. I know I fucked up but I was hoping we could talk and I could see you when this tour is over, even if it was only as friends. I miss you so fucking much you can’t even imagine. I just wanted to say I’m here for you babe no matter what the capacity. I love you more than you can imagine.”

Belleville, NJ

It was close to ten o’clock by the time Ray and Bob walked in the door. Bob called out to Alyssa but there was no answer. He noticed her cell on the floor but didn’t see her anywhere. Bob went upstairs and saw her sprawled on the bed looking like she was dead on the nightstand was a spoon, lighter a glass of water a small clear empty package, and a needle.

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