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You're Not Supposed to Like It

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The Titans are trapped within their worst nightmares, and it's up to Karra and her friend Amy to save them. But what happens when it's their nightmare? (Total revamp, new names)

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I'm sorry! D8 I kind of disappeared, but in my defence, I've gotten better? Less Mary-Sueness? Becca has a new name? Cookies? PLEASE FORGIVE MEEEE D8



You know those moments in the horror movies where the people always split up? It happens in every single one. Some lunkhead decides you can cover more ground by splitting up, and they all go in pairs or alone and are picked off one by one. Virgins usually die humiliatingly, the jock usually dies painfully, the over hormonal couple decide to have a little sex in the corner and get picked up mid-climax.

I glanced at Jay. Hmm.


My muscles tightened and I hugged my bow a little tighter. "Yeah?"

"Can you hear anything?"

No, I couldn't; I wanted to point out that I didn't have supernatural hearing, but as I opened my mouth it hit me.

I couldn't hear anything. The wind, the woods, it was gone. We were walking in this greyish mist, blindly moving, and there wasn't a sound. And what was worse, I couldn't hear Karra either. She was never silent: if I tried hard enough, I could hear her mutter to herself, fantasize about booze, hum, anything.

"No." I breathed. "Jay, I can't hear Karra. I can't hear anyone. What are we going to do?"

I could sense his unease as clearly as I could feel my bow. He didn't want to stay still, but he knew better then to move into a trap. We couldn't go backwords, forwards, side to side. We were lost.

"Let's stay here." Jay finally decided. "If we're lucky, someone will come along."

"You think?"

"I hope." The words did nothing to reassure me, grim as they were, but I decided to trust him anyway. It's not like I had any other options.



"Would magic help here?"

The way he said it made me suspect that he wasn't totally onboard with magic. Karra and I were were pureblood witches, but our styles differed in leaps and bounds. Karra prefered the mysticism of the dead and the use of quick bangs and noises. I prefered more Greek magic, the magic of the living and the night. I was subtle, she was not, and if Jay had been around for any of Karra's fun, he probably knew what to expect.

"I wouldn't try it." I answered after a minute. "We might just signle Cronus or a nightmare."

"Are you worried?"

"A little bit." He sounded so worried, so upset; I had to comfort him. "But I've been terrified before, and I came out okay."

Jay smiled. "Here's hoping."


"Barbie whore!"

"Drunken skank!"

Platic Brat!"

"Retarded- OW!"

Karra retracted the sharp stick with satisfaction. Theresa could do with a few more of these, she thought as she continued stomping through the ... whatever the hell she was stomping through. Afraid to use magic, seperated from Herry and unfortuently stuck with Theresa, they had resorted to walking blindly, Karra bellowing oaths and yells in her head for Amy to hear. But Amy wasn't answering. Amy wasn't talking, either. Telecommunication was a difficult branch to understand for the best of people, but it always worked for her and Amy. Amy could be on Mars and Karra at the bottom of the ocean and they could hear each other.

It even worked in Hades.

Pushing the thought of the home of the Dead from her mind, Karra kept walking . . . and walking. This place, she thought uneasily. Does it even end?

"Roddenbar! Where the hell are you?!"

Oh Isis, why must you tempt me to kill so? Karra turned to face Theresa, who was looking, Karra saw gleefully, worse for wear. "What do you want?"

"I want to find the others, and get rid of you." Theresa snapped. "Where are we?"

"How should I know? Magical realms like this don't cooperate with magical communication and GPS. I'm as lost as you are, unfortuently."

"Lovely. I- HERRY!"

"Whaaa?" Karra wheeled around again to indeed see Herry. He looked like a shell of a man, hunched over and opening and closing his mouth like a fish.

"Herry?" Theresa grabbed his arm and hauled him upright. "Herry, are you okay? Listen, where are-"

And then she screamed. She screamed and screamed as she spotted the 4 foot spear portruding from Herry's back.
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