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"Can You Escape Your Dreams?"

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There is a new girl. Who she is no one for Karra and the gods. Her past is a mystery.

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Chapter 7: "Can you escape your dreams?"

Hello again folks! This is my second last chapter for the ever Mary-Sueish Becca, her alcoholic goofy friend Karra and the brave (and immortal?) Matt. I got several reviews, which made me decide NOT to delete the story like I thought I should. Keep those idea's coming!
DICLAIMER: I do not own Class of the Titans, I do own Becca and Karra is on loan to me from my friend Isia. Please enjoy the chapter!
No point of view

Matt yelled out, hoping to hear something besides the pounding of his heart and (though he hated to admit it) the fear in his head. This wasn't normal, and despite being friends with Becca and Karra and knowing the true definition of abnormal was, he had never experienced magic that could hurt him. "BECCA! KARRA!" he yelled. No one heard him.
He spun around, the voice familiar, yet terrifying. He doesn't know where to go.
Sweat drips down his face, as he realizes who the voice comes from. He knows why the fog came. He knows what the voice wants.
His nightmare...from hell.
Still no point of view, but we're with the others now
The minute the fog crept up, a hideous pink, Becca knew what was happening. Pink was Matt's hated colour. "Matt!" she yelled, but he was gone.
"Where did he go?" Archie asked, and for the 1st time since she had met the team she saw a glimmer of uncertainty, of fear. Their regretting ever meeting me, she thought hollowly.
"Matt's nightmare got him." Karra said angrily. "And if anyone else see's a hideous fog creep up on them, run like I'm behind you with no beer!"
Becca burst out laughing. It was actually all she could think of at this point.
"Alright." Jay went into leader mode. "Come on guys. We need to find this thing, and Matt. Let's go."
"I wouldn't go that way, if I were you."
The voice was cold, cruel, and oh-so-familiar. Jay and the others spun around to see Cronus, leering at them.
"Cronus." Jay seethed. "What did you do with Matt?"
"Oh, see, I was actually aiming for the little one." Sneered Cronus.
"Hey!" yelled Odie indignantly. "I am not little!"
Cronus smirked. "I see that this...Matt person has already been claimed. How nice that it's tested on the descendent of the great and powerful Zeus and Hera!"
"Wait a minute...what?" asked Becca with a look of utter shock.
Cronus laughed. "Oh yes, he is a rather special child. When his ancestor was born they thought he was dead. But he lived and was raised by mortals. Nothing glorious about them like dear Hercules, or Theseus, but they were extraordinary overachievers, always successful with what they desired to be."
"That explains Matt's skills with sports." Karra said, mostly to herself. "He's never desired to be good at anything else."
"There you go." Cronus said, looking bored now. "Now then, if you don't mind, I have a world to destroy and the Cosmos to obliterarate." He turned to go when he saw, suddenly, Becca.
You must remember that Becca was there the whole time. (come on. She's a Mary-Sue. Not hard to notice!)
"You!" he gasped.
"Uh...hi." Becca waved sheepishly. "Long time no see."
"You, uh, know this guy?" Atlanta asked.
"We've met." Becca said evasively.
"Met? HA! She almost killed this guy! See, there was this rebellion in Tarturus, and Cronus was behind it, but Becca had to go down for part of her training, and she kicked his butt and I got free beer!" Karra whooped.
Becca glared at her. "There's a reason I didn't say that myself, Karra." Becca muttered through gritted teeth.
"You've fought Cronus before?" Jay asked incredously.
Becca sighed. "Not like dear Karra described." She said, sending her friend a look of pure venom. "There was a rebellion and I did go down there, but I only glimpsed Cronus...he was already back in his cell. Karra got there and was drunk and she was imagining some lovely fight scene, but it never happened. Really!"
"My account sounds better." Karra muttered.
"You!" Cronus snarled again, not taking kindly he was being ignored. " miserable daughter of blasted Zeus and Aphrodite!"
"Oh, yeah, that is so gonna make her go home and cry." Odie snickered, rolling his eyes.
"What about this?" he smirked, and threw a flaming ball of fire at the group, who all managed to jump out of the way.
"HEY! WATCH THE HAIR!" Neil cried.
"Pardon me. I'll try to kill you without mussing your good looks." Cronus sighed.
"Enough talking." Jay said sharply. "Bring back Matt."
Cronus sighed. "If I had an ounce of control I would make it kill you. Yet here you are! I only released the beast. The rest is up to it."
"Great." Karra threw her hands in the air in frustration. 'Evil genius reduced to evil idiot. And we're all doomed. I imagined being 15 differently."
Becca sighed. "Somehow, I imagined being 15 including me, you know, not dying. Silly me."
Suddenly, the beast roared, and a colourless fog crept up. The fog turned orange.
"Ok!" came Karra's voice- the fog had severed everyone's vision. "Who hates orange?"
But it was too late. With a hissing noise Neil was gone and the fog disappeared.
"God damn it!" Karra yelled.
"Watch it Karra!" Becca yelled back.
"Ok, we need a plan." Jay called. "Theresa and Karra can take the rear-"
"Who yelled that?"
"I think it was Theresa."
"Nope." Came Becca's voice. "It was Karra."
"I would rather die!"
"That was Theresa."
"We need to spread out your powers guys." Came Jay's voice. "Let's go with Archie and Atlanta taking the rear, Theresa and Odie can take the left, Herry and Karra can take the right-"
"-and Becca and I will go up ahead."
"And any more coloured fog needs to be run from." Came Odie's sarcastic voice.
"Right...wait..." said Archie. "Where's Atlanta?"
"Over here."
"To the right! I think..."
A red light illuminated everywhere, and the fog became denser. Jay could clearly see that Karra was next to Becca, whose hands were in the air for igniting the flare. Theresa was nearest Jay, Odie was off to the side, Herry was nearest the truck and Atlanta and Archie were together.
"Oh." Archie blinked. "There you are."
Becca moved close to Jay. "Ready?"
Jay grimaced. "I hope so."
Matt's POV

Shit. Shit. SHIT! How the hell did I get here? Damn it! I am so screwed.
"Just shut up!" I yell. "I know what you want!"
I better explain. Back in grade 8, me, Karra and Becca (plus another friend named Emma) watched Halloween. It was horror, and we persuaded Becca to watch it. (she is completely hateful of horror) and it gave us all nightmares. The worst I ever had was based off of real life. Karra had gotten drunk and accidentally popped us into the movie. Karra was too drunk and Becca became a quivering blob of jelly, so I managed to get us all home. (Still no idea how) My nightmare ever since was all 3 of us trapped again, except we all died. Karra first, long and horribly. Then I would watch Becca being slowly slaughtered by Karra's zombie. Finally, I would find a knife, and eventually kill myself with it. Then I would wake up screaming.
I couldn't breathe. This can't be happening, this can't be happening. I need to get out of here!
Back to the Others

Jay opened his sword and crouched down. Behind him, he heard Becca tightening something. Out of the corner of his eye he saw her with a sleek bow, with several silver arrows. She caught his eye.
"I don't just wave my hands and say old spells Jay." She whispered. "Ares taught me weaponry too."
"Are you any good?"
Becca aimed at something and let fly; a second later, Jay saw a leaf pinned to the tree with one of her arrows.
"I retract my comment." Jay smiled.
Becca smiled and waved her hand; the arrow came zooming back.
"Useful." Jay said, impressed.
"Thanks." She nodded. "Where to?"
"Lets try over there." He pointed to the stream. "It might be hiding over there."
Becca nodded and indicated him to go first. Jay silently moved forward.
It was his PMR.
"Jay? It's Theresa. There are signs of struggles everywhere! What should we do?"
Jay looked at Becca hopelessly. "I don't know."
ARG!!! Sorry about the ending guys. Please enjoy!
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