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Immortality and an 8th Grade Bully

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UPDATED! It turns out Matt is not what we all thought he fact, he is much more! And what is CHELSEA doing there? RXR!

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...from his pocket, he pulled out the Orb of Merlin...

Hello again folks! Well, a few people were rather dumbfounded when this little line came up! In history, Merlin used this orb to help Arthur with his various kingly duties. If you folks remember, Becca is a descendent of Merlin, so why is Matt of all people carrying it? Please read and review!
Matt's POV

The look on Becca and Karra's faces was priceless. Becca looked like she had been slapped in the face and was unsure what to do. Karra looked like all her alcohol was taken away.
"Uh..." said that Jay guy, obviously at a lost at why the two girls were gaping at me like I was this guy they'd known since 8th grade had pulled a relic of Becca's past out of his pocket. "What is that thing?"
Becca recovered first and snatched it from my hand. "It's the Orb of Merlin." She whispered, squinting into it. Then she spun her head around and glared at me. "How did you get this?"
"Honestly, I just found it!" I said, backing up, because Becca can get pretty scary...painfully, I remembered when she got so angry she forced me to bungee of the Grand a girl swimsuit. No, wait, that was Karra daring me...Oh, wait, Becca blasted me through a wall once, but that was a bit of an accident. ANYWAYS!
"Where?" she demanded. She has a sharp mind, but I was telling the truth this time, unlike the time I accidentally blew up her potions lab and blamed it on Karra...
"In the forest back in Arathgra." I said, referring to when I went to England for a BMX competition and Becca discovered the lost kingdom of Camelot. (I got 1st place!) When I went to meet up with her, I found the orb in the forest, and I researched it at home, but the minute I picked it up, I knew. Just knew.
"You found it WHERE?" she asked incredously. "Karra combed the place in case anything of Merlin's fell into the wrong hands!"
"Er..." Karra managed to squeak. "That's...not exactly what happened."
Becca snapped her head around to Karra, who looked in immediate danger of bodily harm.
"" she hissed. It was obvious she was beyond pissed.
"Well..." Karra squeaked again. "I figured there was no point in looking so I...I went to get a beer."
Becca turned pink with anger and her eyes were stormy...not black, like they went when she was in the worst temper known to man. THAT was the reason we had earthquakes.
"You get...a beer." Becca said it like Karra had admitted to killing cute little kittens.
Karra looked at her nervously. "Was that a bad thing?"
Ok. NOW Becca was mad. She only swore when she was a 10 on the Ritcter scale.
"Becca, before you kill Karra, you may want to kill that Medicoris thing first." I said, attempting to divert Becca's fury.
Becca calmed down enough to hand me back the Orb. "Matt." She said seriously. "I don't know why, but I think you should have it."
"Thanks." I said, sort of surprised. I figured Becca would keep the Orb, it being Merlin's and all. " ...uh, why do I get it?"
"Because you need to be immortal to hold this." She said seriously. "And you're holding it."
I looked down at my hand. "Holy shit, are you serious?" I asked. "I'm immortal?"
Just then Atlanta butted in. "I don't mean to be rude, but can we skip the party and kill the Medical thingy?"
Karra peeked from behind the couch, where she had been hiding since Becca started yelling. "Yeah, lets!" And ran out of the room.
Half an hour later, we were on the road, heading for the park. I kept staring at the Orb. Was I immortal? Did that make me equal to Becca and Karra? Did that make me a god? A demi-god? I couldn't stop my brain from whirling.
"Hey, what's that up ahead?" The girl named Theresa said, pointing to this huge shadow up ahead. Jay started towards it but Becca held out her arm to stop him. "Don't." she breathed. "Me, Karra and Matt will go ahead."
Jay nodded and held back. I was ecstatic: YES! MOVING UP IN THE WORLD!
I was in the lead when suddenly, I saw...CHELSEA?
"What the-" Becca gasped. She saw it too?!
Chelsea was this jerk in 8th grade. Surprisingly, BOTH Becca and me had suffered at her hands, Becca more then me. Becca even got suspended for something she didn't do, and everyone thought I was gay for a month. Was she a nightmare, or the real deal?
'Chelsea' bared her teeth, revealing long vampire fangs and raised her hands to show long sharp claws.
"I got this." I yelled and kicked Chelsea right in the gut. She tripped back, groaning in pain. Then I punched her in the face before she had a chance to strike back. Instantly, she disappeared in a puff of black smoke. Those fighting lessons are actually coming in handy! And man, did that feel good!
"Nice job Matt!" Karra yelled, and Becca called out "Alright Matty!"
I laughed, feeling good about myself. Karra and Becca ran up to me, laughing, as the others came up to us. Becca was smiling, when I noticed that Jay was looking at me...holy shit, was he jealous? Was he actually jealous of Becca giving me props?
"Good job Matt." He said it grudgingly, making me positive that he was jealous. "Let's go guys." Jay said, and this time, he led the way.
At that moment we heard a roar, and a pink fog enveloped me, and I couldn't see anyone. "Becca! Karra!" I yelled. But no one heard me.
Chapter to be updated soon guys! Please review if you like, and if you don't, try not to crush my spirit! LOL...
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