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5th chappie now up! What the hell is MAtt doing with...RXR!

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Chapter 5: Matt?!

Teeheehee. I created this character based on a nightmare I had when I was 8. Please enjoy!
Disclaimer: I do not own Class of the Titans. Karra is under the possession of Isis, who has lent her to me for the good of these stories.
The medicoris.
A mythical beast, that filled even the bravest of men with fear.
A monster that took the form of your deepest nightmare.
And now it was back.
Becca stood in the doorway as Hera commanded Jay and Theresa to gather the others. A look of fear crossed her face.

Karra's POV
I knew the minute Becca opened her mouth what she was going to say. The medicoris.
It had been created for a single purpose: To destroy all mankind. (Hey! I got a Lord of the Rings thing going on! GIMLI! GIMLI! GIMLI! Oh, wait, I'm in the middle of a terrifying story...) If you've ever read Harry Potter, you know what Dementors are. Well, Medicoris' are like that, but that nightmare that you have, the worst you've ever experienced, the Medicoris took form. Your forced to live your worst nightmare...but it's not a dream. You snuff it in the dream, your gone...forever, part of the Medicoris' collection.
But there is SO nothing to worry about! Becca and I, we've heard of it, and we've practiced in case we ever had to recapture it, but we've never dealt with it before.
And then I had an awful thought. Becca had been through the wringer. If there was an award for worst lifetime, Becca was at least a contestant. I think that if me and Hera hadn't been there for her, she may have just given up. And I know that she had nightmares that would have resulted in anyone else becoming a blubbering mass on the floor. I was actually full of admiration for the way Becca managed not to go insane with all she'd seen and heard.
Once everyone was there, Hera filled us in on the Medicoris. She finished by warning us to empty our minds. "Do not allow a thought that will help the beast find your nightmare cross past in your head." She said. "Good luck."
I grabbed Jay as he walked out. "Jay," I whispered. "You gotta sec?"
He paused. "Yeah, of course."
I paused too, unsure how to continue. I don't like admitting that Becca had faults. I was really overprotective of her, really. But if anyone could help her, I had a shrewd guess it would be Jay.
(Blech. Now I sound like Becca. MUST...FIND...BEER!)
"I'm-worried-about-Becca." I said in a rush.
"Why? What happened?" he asked, and it was obvious he was concerned.
I breathed in, slowly, then breathed out. "It's just...the medicoris is...I mean..."
"Karra, calm down." Jay said, putting his hand on my shoulder.
I breathed again. "Becca has had a lot of nightmares." I said, choosing my words carefully. "Maybe she should stay behind."
Jay looked at me funny. "Becca's a team member." He said. "She's kinda SUPPOSED to be there."
I opened my mouth to argue when the door suddenly slammed opened. Next moment Matt of all people was standing in our living room, looking livid.
"What the hell is going on?" he yelled. "There's this...this...thing outside and it almost killed me!"
He showed us his arm, where several long cuts spread from his hand to his shoulders.
"How did that happen?" Becca asked, inspecting the cuts.
"I have no idea." Matt said, calming down. "All I know is that if that thing isn't killed...Oh, let me out there!"
Matt lunged for the door, but Herry stopped him. "Not a good idea."
"And why not!?" Matt was getting mad.
"Uh..." Herry glanced at me, then Becca. "THAT is an excellent question...which Becca will answer and I will field the next one."
Becca sighed. It took 15 minutes to explain (and seeing as this is all explained in a previous, boring chapter that some person who can't be bothered to do her business homework, I won't re-explain it.). At the end, Matt had to sit down.
"Are you serious?" he asked faintly. "Are you serious?'
"Haven't you guys told him about your powers?" Herry asked, under the assumption that Matt was "Are you serious"-ing about the fact that 2 of his best friends were supernatural witches, one with a big mouth (me...hehehe), and another who often had to get the Big Mouth out of trouble. (DAMN IT!)
"No, he knows that." I said impatiently. "He is probabley freaking out over the fact that a mystical beast of untold horror is loose in the park."
"Yeah, that does make some go a tad funny." Odie joked.
Becca stood up. "Guys, we have to go! This thing kills!"
Matt stood up to, looking determined. "I'm going with you."
"That's stupid Matt." I said firmly. "You're a good fighter, but your mortal, with no specialties."
"Wanna bet?" he asked grimly. And from his pocket, he pulled out the Orb of Merlin.
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