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The Medicoreis

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All I say is you must read.

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To pick up where we left off...
"What was that?!"
"What?" asked Karra frowning.
"That noise!" Becca said. "Listen, there it is again!"
Karra frowned and listened hard. "Your right." She whispered. "But it doesn't sound like anything I've ever heard before!"
And then, from the depths of the forest, a monstrous creature emerged, fangs dripping blood, evil, cruel red eyes completed the vision of the nightmare from hell.
"Run." Karra whispered. Then she screamed "RUN!"
Hope that woke you up. Well, this is the 4th chapter to my ever growing story. Hopefully, you all have grown used to Becca. Please read and review with idea's thoughts, and criticism (even accusations of Becca being a Mary- Sue.) Enjoy!
Chapter 4~ "What the Hell Was That?"

The two girls ran like the wind, desperate to escape the horror behind them.
"Karra!" Becca yelled. "Is there any reason we're not using magic?"
"What the hell?" yelled Karra in frustration. "You mean I almost pissed my pant's for nothing?! MORTALS SUCK!"
With a POP the 2 girls disappeared back to the dorm roof, breathing rather heavily.
"What...the hell...was that." Karra gasped. She bent over, trying to catch her breath.
"I have no idea." Becca said, slumped against the wall in shock from the surprise.
The two girls simply stayed on the roof for a minute or two. Then Becca stood up. "We have to tell Hera and Isis."
"Ah...I'm sure that whatever pit of doom it crawled out of it'll be back in now."
"Karra..." Becca sighed. "Something evil like that will not just prance back to it's 'cave'... We need to get help."
"Can't we fight it ourselves?" Karra perked up, and struck a Charlie's Angel Pose. "Just like old times?"
"We're on a team now," Becca said patiently, already striding for the door. "And as such the team needs to be with us."
"Alright." Karra pouted and followed her friend out the door to Hera's room.
Jay and Theresa were talking to Hera when the two girls entered. "Um, Hera...I mean, Miss Hera," Becca started, then remembering she couldn't use such an informal term anymore. "We...oh, I'm sorry. We didn't know you were busy."
"That's all right." Jay said hastily. "Theresa and I were just leaving."
"No we weren't...OUCH! What was that for?"
Jay glared at Theresa, who had just had her foot stomped on.
"Is something wrong?" Hera asked in concern. "You don't look very well. Both of you."
In truth, the girls were feeling rather feverish, but Becca continued.
"Hera...I think the medicoris is back."
ARG! I have to go again! Please enjoy! Hopefully, this explains a tad more on the two girls...or maybe you just have more questions...ANYWHO!
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