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Things that go Bump in the Night

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What Becca says and does is a mystery. Karra and here go for a walk and meet...RXR!

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Chapter 3~ Things that Go Bump In The Night

The title is extremely self-explanatory. I hope you enjoy!

"So what do you think Bec?" Karra asked, watching her sister carefully for signs of insincerity or evasiveness.
"About what?" Becca asked, evading the question smoothly.
"About the guys. I mean, for the first time in our lives...well, more your life..." Karra glanced at Becca but Becca was still staring at the sky. (OOC, they are on the roof.) "For the first time ever, we don't have to look over our shoulders, and carry weapons to the mall! We can be normal!"
"We'll never be normal, Kar." Becca sighed and turned to face her sister, her lovely eyes very sad. "Look at us, Kar. I'm a 15 year old princess, destined to hold the entire world on my shoulders, and take over Aphrodite's duties when I'm 18. I have unequaled power, the strength to do whatever I want whenever I want. You're my 15 year old sister, who's had to pick me up everyday of our lives...especially since..." but then she stopped.
Karra looked in her sister's eyes. "Becca, you've had to pick me up to. And if your so powerful still, how come Cronus is still here?"
"Because I can't have full power until he's gone." Becca replied. She sighed again. "And we haven't had the greatest experience with people. Look at Sophia."
"Well, what about Draco?" Karra pointed out. "And the gods-"
"-Don't count as people." Becca interjected.
"You're a goddess. Do you not count?" Karra asked.
"As PEOPLE." Becca corrected. "Ok. How about Lucifer?"
Karra winced. "Ew. I had forgotten about him."
Becca made a face. "Lucky you."
"Well, you noticed them right away. They have decency. Their good people." Karra was determined to win the argument.
"Yeah, they are." Becca smiled, remembering the cute boy named Jay. Then she frowned. "That Theresa girl seemed hard to put a category. She seemed decent, but..." she broke off at the look on Karra's face. "What?"
"She's a bitch." Karra said calmly, like she was talking about the weather.
"Karra." Becca said sharply. "You can be less then pleasant yourself."
"Did you see the way she looked at me? At you?" Karra persisted. "She hates us."
"Hate's a little strong, wouldn't you say?" Becca asked. She continued to stare at the stars.
"Not really." Karra replied nonchalantly. She took a swig of her beer. "I'm bored. Shall we go for a walk?"
Becca grinned. "Yes! I want to reacquaint myself with this place."
The two girls headed to the park, where the lovely pond twinkled at them in the soft moonlight.
"So," said Karra rather slyly. "What do you think of dear Jay?"
Becca's eyes widened. "How did you-" she started sharply, then remembered that she and Karra had a mind link. Of course Karra would know.
Karra smirked. "I know you like him. He's not bad, but WAAAAYYYYY to serious for my taste."
"No. Your into Herry." Becca couldn't help it.
Karra laughed. "Evil!"
The two girls were laughing when suddenly Becca held up her hand for silence. "What was that?!"
"What?" asked Karra frowning.
"That noise!" Becca said. "Listen, there it is again!"
Karra frowned and listened hard. "Your right." She whispered. "But it doesn't sound like anything I've ever heard before!"
And then, from the depths of the forest, a monsterious creature emerged, fangs dripping blood, evil, cruel red eyes completed the vision of the nightmare from hell.
"Run." Karra whispered. Then she screamed "RUN!"
All done? Did all enjoy? Hope ya did! More to come later, please Review!
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