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Becca Tells It Like It Is

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There is a new girl. Who she is no one for Karra and the gods. Her past is a mystery.

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Chapter 1- Becca Tells It Like It Is

Squee! Ok, so to let you guys know, this is all point of view with Becca. Enjoy!


The minute I walked into New Olympia, I took a deep breath. Ahhh. It was good to be home. I had lived her since I was 2 years old, practiced my powers under Hera herself. I had gone to dozens of schools, traveled the world, fulfilled my duties, but the treat was when I came back to Canada, my beloved home.
If only Karra were here. My sister. My mind link. Karra and I had been inseparable since birth. The best of friends, closer then sisters. Then that fateful day, when we had to save the world for the first time. I had been badly wounded, and Karra had given me her blood. And then barley a year later, she was injured, and I gave her mine. We often joked that we were half-blood sisters. Our minds shared our thoughts. Karra was blind, and had always relied on me and Ramases to help her. We felt each others pain, and sensed when the other was in danger. Right now I sensed she was drunk.
My mind was torn from memories-Some good, several bad-when Hermes burst through the door. I laughed when I saw him...he hadn't changed.
"Becca!" Hermes cried and gave me a hug...not easy to do when he was flying. "You're here!"
"Am I?" I joked. "It's good to see you Hermes.
"Hera is waiting for you in the gym." He said. "I'll get the others."
I walked into the gym and felt a rush of happiness...Hera always made me feel safe, and feeling like I had a mother felt wonderful.
"Oh, Becca!" Athena cried and engulfed me...almost strangling me. I laughed again and hugged her back. Athena had scarcely let go when Artemis hugged me. Hephaestus was there, as was Ares, who both shook my hand. Dionysus showed me his latest experiment, and Hera beamed at me proudly. Then my gaze fell on Aphrodite.
Aphrodite was a beautiful and vain woman. I was well aware of my looks, and knew how it made her jealous. She was to tutor me in love...a power I had to skilled in when I was older, and queen! She was often cruel to me, for being better then her. I knew one day I would pay dearly when I reached my full potential.
I had scarcely been there 5 minutes when 7 teenagers walked in. Leading them was the most gorgeous guy I had ever seen. Hazel eyes, taller then me (a miracle!) and blond-brown hair. He looked athletic. The 7 stopped and stared at me...I knew what they must think. I got those looks all the time. I had grown used to them, but still.
There was a pause, and then Hera introduced me. "Class, this is Becca Jones. She is 15."
"My names Atlanta." Smiled a short red hair girl. She walked up to me and held out her hand.
"Nice to meet you." I smiled back, and shook it.
"And I'm Archie." Smiled the tall boy with purple mulleted hair. He also shook my hand.
The short boy with the afro was next. "Am I supposed to bow, or what?" he joked. I glanced at Hera. "So they know." I thought silently. "Of my title. I wonder what else?"
"You don't have to bow." I said. "To tell the truth, people acting like that freaks me out. I'm not big on being treated like a princess."
"My name's Neil." Said the blond guy who had been staring at me since he'd entered the room. He was good looking, but I wasn't attracted to him. The boy with hazel eyes was really something. I could barley stop staring.
Next a tall, hulking boy approached. "My name's Herry." He said, almost breaking my hand.
"Hi Herry." I said, and looked towards a pretty girl with long ginger hair.
"Theresa." She said, rather unfriendly.
I smiled nicely. "Nice to meet you."
FINALLY! I was gonna meet Hazel Eyes! He smiled and held out his hand. "My name is Jay." He said, looking deeply in my eyes.
I couldn't think of what to say!!! Finally I breathed out. "Good to meet you guys."
He smiled even more broadly and I felt a tightning in my chest. Something I hadn't felt in a long time.
Just then, someone walked in arguing with her black cat. "Look, I don't care how hungry you are Ramases, you're not supposed to eat soap! You- BECCA!"
"OH MY GOD!" I cried, embracing my sister, my friend, my second-in-command.
"You two know each other?" asked Atlanta curiously.
"Of course! We've known each other since we were babies!" Karra laughed.
We spent 10 minutes explaining the complicated story, when Karra said, "Oh! I almost forgot! Matt's game!"
Turns out that Matt, Karra's and mine good friend, was living in New Olympia. He had made it big, playing professional Lacrosse and BMX Champion of the World. Karra and I raced to the stadium just to catch the beginning, and watch Matt get Player of the Year (and 20 goals!!)
We headed back to the school. The others were talking in the gym, and they smiled at me and Karra as we entered.
"So, you need a tour?" asked Neil casually.
Karra burst out laughing. "Neil, she's lived here since she was 2. She doesn't need a tour."
"Why have you lived here so long?" asked Herry?
I felt the blood drain out of my face. "I have to unpack." I said and left.
Oh no. Why did they ask?
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