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Chapter 5: Lucian’s POV

I woke up and yawned. “Ahhh!” I shrieked. “I had... a wet dream?!” This could not be happening... “Oh no, oh no, oh no... this cannot be happening,” I felt really stupid. “I thought I was too old for them... I thought the day might get worse... When I was done with my sheets and went to the kitchen to make breakfast. I felt as if I was sick. “A-choo!” I sneezed and sniffled. Allergies... I started to think about Cynthia again... “Oh Cynthia, if there was a way for you to love me...” I had no idea what I was talking about.

“Eeee!!!” Girafarig neighed at me.

“Hi there, where is everyone?” My Pokémon were the only “people” I could actually talk to. “You look taller...”

“Eee!!!” She neighed again, she walked up to the table and grabbed a magazine.

“What's this?” I pondered and she shoved it into my hands. “Pokemon contest?”


“You want me to enter a contest?” I almost laughed - I hated contests!

“Eee!!!” She lightly rammed me in the crotch.

“Ow, OK! I will enter a contest!” Shit... that hurt.

“Eee!!” She sounded happy.

I looked at the ad in the magazine. “It will be in Hearthome City, ahh, good. I have not been there in awhile...” I got together some things. “Come on, let's go to Hearthome!” I returned all of them and started walking there. I didn’t mind walking there, it felt nice. Even though it was hot... “Phew,” I said while wiping my brow. “Almost there...” It only took about 50 minutes to get there.

“Ahh... finally here,” I said about 15 minutes later. “It’s worth coming here though, I love this city.” I walked to the centre of the town, where are all the people are.

“Would you like a root beer float?” A vender asked. Root beer - the magic word...

“Yes please!” I smiled happily and gave him some money. “Thank you!” I drank it.

“You are most welcome sir,” the vendor said.

I walked off. Must be a festival... there were people everywhere. I gulped it down. “Ahh... that was good.” I looked around.

“How about some fish?” Another vendor asked.

“Fish? Sounds good!” I smiled, I loved fish, after ramen anyway. It was grilled fish on a skewer. “Thank you!” I smiled and walked off slowly, enjoying the fish... it was free! Wow...

“Thank you!” The vendor smiled.

I scarped it down. “Mmm... that was good...” I wondered if anyone was selling any ramen. Ramen was my favourite food... I loved how it slid down my gullet, and the flavouring was really nice...

I saw someone that I recognised... “Cy-cy-thia?” I stuttered. I dared not to approach her, I was too nervous and I did have a wet dream... about her... ugh. “Oh my gosh... what do I do?” I mumbled. I watched her walk off and I went another direction - opposite of her. “I’m too scared to talk to her...,” I muttered quitely and almost giggled.

“Hello, hello! May I interest you in a Poke Radar?” Someone asked.

“Me?” I pointed to my chest.

“Yes, you!” He urged. I did not trust him completely...

“Umm OK, thank you!” I replied.

He handed me a strange little thing that looked like a Poketch. “Enjoy it please, oh yeah, you will have to walk 50 steps to recharge it. It is not hard to use. You might figure it out yourself. You are most welcome, too.”

“Great!” I smiled and he walked off. “I wonder what this thing does?” I scratched my head and furrowed my brow. “Oh well,” I said while walking away from town into a grassy area. I pushed a button and the grass shook. “Hmm...,” I walked up to it and a Mespirit popped out! “Ahh!” I shrieked, jolting backwards. “Me-me-sp-r-it?!” I sputtered.

Calm boy, please,” she said. She was nearly in my face. I kinda whimpered and did what she said. “I see you are a great trainer... I would love to travel with you...,” she smiled.

“Ya what?! What?! What the hell?” I sputtered again.

Calm... please. You are a worthy trainer. I have been watching you. Please catch me. I want to see you at least try to.

“Umm OK,” I got up and chucked a poke ball at her. It dinged immediately. I was in shock, I fainted and did not get up until the next day...


A/N: OMG he catches Mespirit... don't ask why she wanted him to catch her... I’ll figure it out eventually... lol. I hope you like this story. I’ll continue if you make nice remarks.

Mespirit: level 34, female, sixth Pokemon.
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