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Saturnalia is another word for carnival. And yeah, it's in Dec.... who cares?

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Chapter 6: Cynthia’s POV

“Hmm... I wide selection of goodies here,” I smiled. I looked behind me real fast. “Is... that Lucian?” I whispered. “What is he doing here?”

“Would you like some cheesecake madam?” A vendor asked.

“Sure!” I smiled and completely forgot about Lucian being here. I gave him a quarter. “Thank you!” I walked off.

“Hmm... what to do now?” I gulped the the cheesecake down. “Mmmm...” I plopped myself on a bench. “Hmm...”

“Hello little lady, may I interest you in a Poke Radar?” A man asked and sat down next to me. I looked at him real fast. I thought this was an awkward moment. “Is that a no?” He broke my chain of thoughts.

“No thank you,” I got up and walked away. What a creeper... I looked behind me briefly to make sure he was gone, and he was.

“Would you like some fish?” Someone asked.

“Yes please!” I smiled and he handed it to me for free. It was regular grilled fish on a skewer. I licked my lips but all I could taste was sweat. It was mid-August and at least 90 degrees out. I was sweating like crazy. I ate the fish in one bite. I sat down on a bench. “I should get some water...” I was so glad Crina was not here with me. Lord knows what she would do; she would be everywhere and looking at everything. “What now? Maybe I should enter a contest?” I let out Riri, which is the name of my Lucario.

“Lu!” She looked up with her big jackal-like eyes.

“Would you like to be in the contest tomorrow?” I smiled. Riri nodded happily. “Alright then,” I got up; I then picked her up; she was a very small Lucario. She growled slightly. “Shhh...,” I said softly. I walked up to the contest building and signed up. “That was fast,” I was already walking away. I yawned... this heat was getting to me. “I think I need a nap,” I started wandering around to an area outside the town so I could sleep. I fell asleep underneath a beautiful oak tree.

“Lu!” Riri barked.

“Yes?” I said groggily and woke up. “Leave me alone, I am really tired...”

“Lu!” She wriggled out of my arms. I looked at her cock-eyed. It was already night time.

“Oh... it’s already night time!” I blinked. “I have a terrible headache from sleeping during the day...,” I collapsed against the tree and fell back asleep. I woke to the sound of a bird singing. When I woke up, it was the next day already!


A/N: Sorry it's short! I was running out of ideas. I'll try to make the other chapters longer.
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