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Fantina appears!

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Chapter 7: Lucian’s POV

“Umm... hello...,” said a female voice. Who it was I do not even know. She tapped me lightly. “Wake up sir,” she had a French accent... not unusual for this area in Canada.

“Ehhh...,” I said groggily. I had a bad headache. “No offence, but who are you...?” I rubbed my head.

“I’m Fantina Vivien Reed,” she replied with a soft smile.

“So... are you from around here?” I asked.

Oui! I am from le Hearthome City,” she smiled again. Now she’s pulling her silly accent on me. I think maybe she wants me to look stupid... “And your name is?”

“I’m Lucian Nicu Victor,” I smiled and got up. I then meticulously brushed myself off. “There,” I sighed in relief.

“Well well, you take good care of yourself. I hate to leave but the contest is starting soon. I will see you later Lucian. Au revoir,” she smiled and walked off.

“Oh! Can I come along?”

“I don’t see why it would hurt. All right.” She turned around and I followed her. It took us about 10 minutes to get to the contest building. I happily sat down while Fantina was on stage. I had forgotten what my Girafarig said. I happily sat and watched. In fact, on the way there she told me that her father owns the contest building. She let me sit up front. I sipped a root beer I bought before sitting down.

The contest MC spoke up. “First up is Cynthia Theophilus and her Lucario, Riri!” The judge waved his hand and Cynthia walked out on stage. I nearly spat root beer out of my nose.

“Hello everyone!” She blew kisses to the audience. The audience cheered at this. My eyes widened... how? Why? Oh well. She commanded her Lucario Force Palm on some balloons - causing them to pop. She blew some bubbles and let her Lucario pop those with Shadow Claw. Her time was up.

“Amazing performance!” Said one judge. She gave her a 10. (A/N: Dawn's mother :D)

“Good job young lass!” Said another in an Irish accent. He gave her a 9. (A/N: dunno who that is XD)

“Excellent!” Said a young judge with a mix between a French and Spanish accent. He gave her a 10. (A/N: It’s Juan! :D)

“Next up is Fantina her Drifloon, Driffy!” Said the MC judge again.

“Hello everyone!” She bowed and smiled. The audience cheered for this.

“Go... Fantina... or Cynthia... I dunno...,” I mumbled. “But Cynthia is more beautiful...” I sighed. I looked up at Fantina. She let her Drifloon Double Team and the original copy used a beautiful Shadow Ball on the copies! It caused a beautiful blackish-purple dust to fall.

“Now! Use Gyro Ball and Defog!” She commanded and her Drifloon created a beautiful grey sphere that collided with the Defog. It caused a beautiful light grey dust. My eyes widened and the audience roared.

“Wow! That was beautiful!” Said the first judge, Johanna. She gave her a 10.

“Marvelous young lass! Please keep it up!” Said the second judge, didn't catch his name. He gave her a 10.

“That was magnifico!” Said the third judge, Juan. He gave her a 10.


A few hours later...

I left for awhile because there were too many people. I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror. “Someday... I will win your heart Cynthia...” I sighed and walked back to the seat I was sitting in. It was going to be Fantina vs. Cynthia. This part would be interesting.

“Now this is the part you have been waiting for! The two finalists will battle each other!” The MC judge said. “Fantina vs. Cynthia!” She waved her arm and the two entered.

“You’re on Fantina!” Cynthia smiled.

Non, you’re on Cynthia!” Fantina grinned.

“Go Riri!” Cynthia let her Riolu out.

“Go Driffy!” Fantina let her Drifloon out.

“BEGIN!!!” The MC judge said.

I waited for the best or worst to happen...


[*A/N: How some French words are pronounced:

Au revoir: ORE-vwar (the first re is silent)

Non: No*

H's: I believe they are silent, so when Fantina said "Hearthome", I think it sounds kinda like "'earthome"... meh, I dunno...]
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