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Fantina's revenge

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A/N: I decided to make Lucian a senior in college because I didn’t realise how long it took to become a doctor! Also, Cynthia’s parents are deceased, she calls her grandparents her parents because they died when she was four. But don’t sorry, they aren’t dead... they’ve been reborn (see Why Am I Pokemon?, chapter 3). (This is srgeman’s [from fanfiction] idea, DON’T STEAL!)


Chapter 15: Lucian’s POV

“I have to go now...,” I said softly. “Thank you Flint; I’ll miss your cooking - it’s amazing! Cynthia, I’ll miss you for your beauty and elegance... Bertha, I’ll miss you for your ability to solve crosswords so quickly... and Aaron, I’ll miss you for your kindness,” I sighed. “I’ll be back in a month, I promise. Take care everyone.”

“Goodbye! We’ll miss you!” They all said simultaneously. They all hugged me and I left.

“I never wanted to leave, but oh well,” I walked to a waterfall and looked down. I thought that my Salamence was way too small for me to fly on him. I let out Clarke and jumped onto him... ending in a huge splash at the bottom... now I was soaking wet and cold. What sucks more is that there IS snow on the ground... He surfaced to the edge of the lake; I jumped off, thanked him and sighed.

“Honchkrow!” I heard one say and I looked up to see Dirk.

“Hey, where are ya going?” He implied.

“Going home to study for this big test, if I don’t pass, I won’t become an undergraduate doctor.”

“Ah, very well. Please, take my Honchkrow,” he smiled and it landed.

“You really mean it?”

“Yes, please do.”

“Thank you!” I grinned and got on it.

“No problem; cya around,” he waved and I did, too.

“Take me to Veilstone, please,” I smiled.

“Honch!” It blasted into the air; seemed like a rocket!

“Whoa, slow down!!” Oh God, I was so scared.

“Honch! Krow!” It continued. Damn, it was fast! It must have taken me at least 10 minutes to get there! It landed and I jumped off... I swear I was going to faint from the shear terror. I panted, shooed it off and walked home as fast as possible.

“Oh my God...,” I huffed while unlocking the door. I looked around... everything seemed alright. I decided to study and go to bed early every night. Tomorrow, I had college again... but this time I get to go to a hospital in Celestic Town. Some claim this is the largest and best in all of Sinnoh... which is interesting - I never knew it. Then again, a lot of people go to the college and high school here. I sighed and let my Pokémon out. I studied hard and went to bed early... I usually don’t have to go the bathroom in the middle of the night, but this time I did for some odd reason. Now the bathroom is across the hallway passed the living room. As I walked passed the living room, I could see my Pokémon sleeping happily on the floor and the couch... I never really cared if they did... But there was something peculiar... almost a haunting sensation. I shrugged it off and took care of business... I fell asleep instantly and as usual, woke up to the sound of my alarm clock at 6:30 AM.

“I feel surprisingly well!” I got out of bed. I walked to the shower. On the weekends, after I take a shower, I’m usually butt-naked (except when people come over); my Pokémon don’t seem to mind... but today, I couldn’t; I wasn’t used to going places on the days like this, but oh well. I happen to be fast when taking showers, but I’m very meticulous; though, I make sure to get every spot. I sighed and got out. I looked in the mirror, my hair was shining brightly and the dye was beginning to fade... causing some brown areas to show through the lavender streaks. I then meticulously put everything on, in this case it’s really cold out and snowy, I had to put boots and a large coat on. How dreadful! I had to walk in it! I grabbed my keys and a pen.

“Bye guys!” I headed to the door. “See ya later! Unless I get snowed in at the hospital!” I opened it and left quickly. “Only 20 miles...,” I mumbled. The professor said just meet us at the hospital in Celestic Town. Ya know the route near Veilstone that rains all the time? Well instead of raining, it’s snowing... like crazy! I walked... and walked... for about an hour (or more?), because the snow was at least a foot deep. I finally made it to the edge of town... I immediately spotted the hospital - it was the largest thing in town! I noticed that healthy people were walking out while sick people were going in. Oh well, who cares, I tend to notice things; I also noticed a few people battling, playing in the snow and shoveling it, in the town. I walked into the hospital and stamped my feet on the rug. I noticed my professor and that not everyone was there.

Maybe I could seize the opportunity and get a job here,” I thought. I grinned brightly and walked to the main counter.

“Yes?” A lady at the counter said.

“May I have a job application please?” I asked. She handed me one. “Thank you!” I found a chair and sat down. I was doing fine until I got to “references: please ... use people that aren’t related to you.” Oh God! I really only had one friend, Faulkner, and I didn’t know anyone except Fantina, and the people at the Pokémon League, but I don’t know them enough... I just decided to Faulkner’s dad instead. And also, this was my first “real” job, I wonder if being a Pokémon trainer counts? Oh well. I returned it to the lady and just decided to explore instead. As I passed one of the rooms, I heard coughing. “Fantina...?”

Oh là là! Lucian?!” She said in her silly French accent!

“You okay?”

Ça va mal...,” she scowled and coughed. “What are you doing here?” (A/N: Ça = sa; Ç sounds like a soft s).

“My college class is here, I snook off and got a job, and then started exploring,” I replied. “Oh yeah... I have a question,” I blushed big time. Oh God she was sexy.

“Yes?” She really must have noticed that I blushed really red, because her tone was different than usual.

“Will you be my date? I need to prove if Cynthia really loves me...”

Oui, d’accord... anything to get back at Cynthia,” she got up and kissed me. She was so sexy - she turned me on. (A/N: I think it's pronounced "d-cor"... I dunno...)
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