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Flint's surprise!

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Chapter 16: Cynthia’s POV

“Well, Flint and I have school tomorrow,” I said. “We should be heading home as well.”

“Yep,” he nodded. “Let’s go.” The other two nodded.

“Bye!” We both said.

“Bye!” The other two both said. We sighed and walked outside. I let my Garchomp out and he let his Charizard out. We flew back home quietly and quickly. It took about 30 minutes to get there...

He unlocked the door; we looked around and I immediately collapsed in my bed. Oh yeah, our parents moved out to go live in Celestic Town and to leave us alone. He smiled and shut my door, which I had forgotten to do myself.... I must admit, kissing him was pretty fun! And interesting, despite him being my brother... I did, however; used to kiss him on the forehead when he and I were little... oh well. I sighed in fell into one of my deep sleeps... there could be a train or tornado outside and I never would have heard it; yet I’m woken up by an alarm clock? And also Flint’s cooking, too; he really is a chef, so he claims. I woke up an hour later to take a shower... in the only bathroom in the house! I curse whomever created/built this house. There were four of us before our parents moved out! I stepped into the shower and meticulously washed my hair. I noticed that some of the black streaks were coming out, leaving my hair that shade of dirty blonde. My hair was also longer than usual... oh well. I didn’t mind. I sighed.

“Cynthia, hurry up!” Flint banged on the door. “I have to take a piss really badly!”

“Sorry Flint!” I decided just to wrap a towel around me and grab my my clothes. I opened the door, still dripping wet. Flint was just staring at me... what a pervert! I moved out of the way.

“Damn you’re sexy...,” he drooled (and I’m sure he blushed, too). I rolled my eyes and walked off. His Linoone came racing across the hallway. Crazy thing... it’s only cute when it’s asleep. I locked my door and decided after I put my clothes on, to make a bowl of cereal. Flint hates it when I do that... he seems to like to cook for me. He sure does love me...

“Cynthers,” he tapped my head. I snapped out of my reverie.


His Linoone clammered up his back. How the hell does he withstand its claws?! “I’m going to the store to get some sugar, we seem to be out.”

“OK,” I smiled. “Be careful.”

“Don’t worry, I will,” he walked off and headed out the door, with Linoone running along side him.

“Wonder what I’m supposed to do when he’s gone...” I had a very good idea. I let out all of my Pokémon and turned my radio up loud. “Swaying to the Music” was on. The song soon ended and stupid commercials came on. I just decided to turn off the radio. I took a look at the piano that was in the living room. I sat down and started playing “Für Elise” - I learnt this song thanks to Flint - he can do a lot of things. Just say: “I betcha can’t play a trombone!” Guess what! He’ll try no matter what!

Flint and Linoone came bursting through the door; he had the biggest grin on his face and something in his hands. I stopped playing and looked at him. This was definitely wasn’t just sugar... but something round and black... wait... there were to of the same thing!

“Cynthers, guess what!”


“I bought a Moped!”

“You what?! You gotta be joking!”

“Nope!” He shut the front door and handed me a helmet.

“How did you get the money for it?!”

“I got it in a free raffle!” He grinned. I got up and smiled. Flint cooked pancakes and we both went to bed... just another stupid day of college tomorrow...


A/N: Sorry short but sweet lol.

Just a warning for the next chapter:

Lucian does something extremely stupid... cough Yeah, you'll hate me.
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