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Lucian does something extremely stupid in this chapter. SMUTTTTTTT

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A/N: Lucian does something really stupid/bad in this chapter. I just thought I would show his bad/wild/stupid side of him. I have no idea what this Shipping could be called... and uh-oh! IF THIS OFFENDS YOU THEN DON'T READ. SIMPLE AS THAT.

I see a typo in the first chapter! Lucian has not seen his mother since he was four years old; and he thinks she is dead. Replace the word mom with Faulkner. :P


Chapter 17: Lucian’s POV

I invited Fantina over to my house after a long day at college. She somewhat helped me study... even though she was wrong most of the time. Even though she was my date; I think we took it a bit too far...

Oh là là Lucian... you are so good in bed!” She smiled.

“So are you,” I replied. I looked over at the table next to my bed... uh-oh. I blushed.

“Is... something wrong?” She asked.

“Oh... God... no... I think you’re pregnant...” I sat up and thre the condom wrapper in her lap. Her eyes widened and she blinked... she then fainted. “That was ’the thing’ I was supposed to put on.” Oh God... was this a dream...? I rubbed my eyes and slapped myself. No... I wasn’t dreaming. Oh shit... I didn’t feel good... I vomited in the toilet. “Oh God... this isn’t a dream,” I repeated. She put back her clothes on and walked behind me.

“Shh... it’s OK. I think I should go now.”

“AlL right... bye then...,” I retched.

Au revoir,” she left...

I finally stopped vomiting and collapsed on the bathroom; only to wake up at my usual time, 6:30. I did my usual routine... except we were back in the classroom. For some odd reason... that day went by fast. I was exhausted... especially from the previous night. Sex takes a lot of strength and a good, strong heart with no heart dieases...

I wasn’t hungry, so I decided to fall asleep...

The whole month seemed to slip by like nothing. I still felt stupid for what I did. I did see Fantina nearly everyday; everytime I saw her I cringed and blushed... it also looked as if she was getting bigger everyday... this was my fault. I decided to break up with her. It was finally the day of the test. I studied my ass off. I had finally finished and handed it to the teacher. I fell asleep because I had to wait ’till everyone was done before I could leave and before the teacher could grade it. Then again, I had to wait a week to see of I had passed... which sucked. Finally everyone finished! I was done for the year!! I went home to rest.

“Ya know what?” I said while watching 20/20. “I think I’m going to go on vacation for a week,” I then looked at George, my Salamence - he was now huge from all the leftovers I gave him (and the others). “I think I can fly/ride on you now,” I turned the TV off. “Return,” I returned everybody except George. I gathered a few things and left, locked the door and flew off.

At first he was a bit unsteady me being on his back, but he soon got used to it. I told him to go to Sunyshore since I’d never been there before. It only took me about 20 minutes to get there. This city was bustling with tourists! (Don’t worry, I found a hotel room before I went to the beach,and also a pair of sunglasses). They all seemed to be heading towards the beach; so I too, decided to go. I immediately found a spot and lied down. Even though I had no towel, the sand is soft enough for me to doze off...

“Hey mister wake up!” said a little boy.

“Huh?” I said groggily, and rubbed my eyes. “Yes?” I took my sunglasses off.

“Can we bury you?” said a little girl.

“Sure, why not?” I said sarcastically. They obviously didn’t catch the sarcasm... they began to bury me. Oh well, it’s not like they could bury me in the sand tightly. Wrong. They packed me into the sand as if I was a sardine in a package! The two walked off and left me. I must have been there for about three hours. “Oh... come on... I’m hungry... thirsty... and I have to take a piss...,” I fell asleep from fatigue.

I was still asleep when something touched me. “Hmmm... Cynthia...,” I mumbled. It then licked my face. I woke up and out of sheer terror jumped out of the depression the kids buried me in. “L-Lux-ray-y!” I started to shiver. It started coming closer. “Don’t come any closer! You man eater!”

“Hey Luxray, vat did ya find?” said someone with a German accent like Faulkner. He saw that I was scared. “Hey don’t be scared,” he said, kneeling near me. He helped me up. “I’m Volkner.”

“I’m Lucian, and thank you.”

“No problem!” He grinned. “Why were you buried?”

“Oh these stupid little kids,” I replied.

“Lux, Lux,” (“I thought so,”) it growled at me. “Lux! Ray!” (“Incompetent human!)”

“Luxray, quiet,” he snapped.

“Hey there you are!” A familiar voice said... Flint?!

“Where have you been?” Cynthia?! She saw me.

“What are you doing here?!” I asked.


A/N: I love cliffhangers!
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