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You'll hate me for this...

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Cynthia mistakes Flint for Volkner and rapes the poor guy... You'll think less of me. SMUTTTT INCESTTTT...

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A/N: Cynthia does something really stupid in this chapter, like Lucian. I hope you don’t think less of me. XD


Chapter 18: Cynthia’s P.O.V

“No, what are you doing here?” I implied. I looked at him funny. “I’m here on vacation.”

“Wait... so am I!” He replied.

I sighed. “I wasn’t expecting you to be here.” I turned to Flint and Volkner. “Mind if we hang out?” I couldn’t believe I had said that.

“Not at all,” Flint smiled.

“Sure thing!” Volkner nodded, too. “Auf Wiedersehen.” (A/N: Pronounced owf ve-der-zain).

“Bye Cynthers!” Flint waved and the two walked off; along Luxray and Linoone following them.

“So has anything interesting happened to you lately?” I smiled.

He didn’t look like himself. “I-I did something really s-stupid.”

“What?!” I was a bit worried. He didn’t respond. “Tell me what’s wrong!”

“Y-you will h-hate me.”

“I don’t care, just tell me.”

“I-I acc-cidentall-y... got Fan-tina-a pregnant...,” he stuttered, his face was a white as a ghost.

“You what?!” I wanted to rip my hair out. “Ahh-ah!!! You got one of my enemies pregnant?!” I wasn’t sure how to react. “Argh!!!” I kicked the sand.

“She wanted to have sex with me!” His eyes widened.

I turned around and crossed my arms. “Gee, thanks!” I grinned evilly. “I challenge you to a battle!” I turned back around.

He grinned. “Fine!” He reached behind his belt and threw a poke ball. Out came a HUGE Salamence. I blinked. I reached into my jacket pocket and let out Gabby. “You go first!” He suggested. Gabby and the Salamence both roared. This made us jump.

“Gabby, Dragon Rush!” She flew up into the air and a bright blue light surrounded her.

“Dragon Claw!” He commanded. Salamence jumped out of the way; its claws glowed and bashed against Gabby - this caused her to tumble onto her back. I growled.

“Brick Break!” I thought about being in a contest. “With Poison Jab!” She growled and the fins on her arms glowed a silvery-white while her claws glowed purplish-black. She bashed her claws and fins into the Salamence.

“Quick, use Aerial Ace!” The Salamence flew into the air and white light surrounded it. Mesmorizing...

“Use it too, Gabby!” They flew up and slammed into each other. They both fell to the ground. Salamence didn’t get up but Gabby did. I smirked. “Think that’s enough for now. It’s getting dark. Cya later,” I smiled and Gabby followed me.

“OK, cya later,” he smiled back and rubbed its back. I walked back to the hotel room where Flint was. He was watching South Park marathon...

He turned around to and looked me. “Hey there.”

“Hi big bro,” I smiled and sat down on the bed across from his. I spotted a little fridge in the corner. “Hey,” I said while getting up. I opened it and there were beers in it. “Hey, want a beer?” I asked.

“Sure,” he got up and I handed it to him. “Thanks!” He grinned.

“No problem,” I replied and chugged the beer. I was so drunk by then, and I must have had like four beers. I looked at him. “I’m so erotic... can I have sex with you, Volkner?”

“I’m no Volkner, I’m Flint!”

“Shh... Volkner... since when did you have have orange hair...?”

“I AM FLINT...!!!”

“Come on... don’t you want sex with me?” I retched. I took my jeans off. “Please?!”

“As your brother, NO!”

“Volkner... you aren’t my brother...!” I retched again. I took off my underwear. He must have gotten turned on, because was staring at me... I popped a bottle of beer into his mouth. “I want to do it... come on!” I retched again. This time I accidentally threw up on him. “Oh... oh my God... I’m so sorry Volkner!” He didn’t look so good.

“Fine... I’ll change clothes...,” he sighed.

“No... please Volkner, have sex with me!”

“Fine! I guess I will! Then the next day, you’ll see that it’s your brother, not Volkner!” He shut the door of the bathroom. I waited for him to come out. I crawled into bed. Flint came out, huffing. Sheesh... Volkner sure was angry at me. I growled.


“Hang on... I have to put a condom on or if you get pregnant, your child will be inbred!”

“Inbred... oh how silly!” I just laughed. He crawled onto of me. I must admit, this felt nice... we both fell asleep eventually. I woke up the next morning and rubbed my eyes. Flint was sleeping next to me...

“Bwahhh!!!” I jumped out of bed. “Flint?!” I was naked and only had a shirt on. Flint jumped out of bed, too. He looked the same as me. “What are you doing in bed?!”

“You idiot...! I had to pretend I was Volkner because you kept wanting sex!” He didn’t look too good. “Sex with my own sister... UGH!” He ran to the toilet and retched.

“Oh... my... GOD...,” I rushed to the toilet, too. “What am I going to tell Lucian...?!”

“You’re really growing on him, aren’t you?” He wiped his chin.

“Yes... I think I love him,” I wiped my chin, too.

“I can see that,” he replied and got up. We were still naked...

“Yeah... let’s get our clothes on and get some breakfast...,” I was obviously hungry from all the vomiting. “Was I drunk last night?”

“Yes, really drunk; you had about four beers,” he nodded.

“Oh... OK...,” I sighed. “I’m so sorry...”

“Nah, it’s OK,” he rubbed my head. We both smiled and got our clothes on. We walked across the street to the main restaurant. I spotted Lucian and spotted me.

“You...!!” We both said and grinned.


A/N: I'm so evil...
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