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Laughter is contagious!

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EliteUnderShipping ftw, aka yaoi (guy x guy). lol.

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A/N: I typed this on the computer for obvious reasons... because it contains YAOI!!!! ELITEUNDERSHIPPING FTW! :D Very one-shot and short... but I like this chapter... laughter is VERY contagious...


Chapter 20: Lucian’s POV

A week later...

We finally went back to the Pokemon League... what were we supposed to do? Dirk wasn’t there to tell us what to do! I do remember him saying “everyone battles each other to see who the winner is” - err, something like that. I also wonder what it was like to be gay? I noticed that Cynthia was dating that German dude Volkner... So I decided to get my revenge once again and I decided to date poor little, scapegoat-ish Aaron.

“Hey Aaron,” I whispered.

“Yes?” He looked up at me.

“Will you be my date? I want to prove to Cynthia that I love her... and I’m wondering what it’s like to be gay...,” I blushed.

“That’s not problem with me!” He grinned.


“Oh hell yeah, I’m just curious as you are.”

I smiled and kissed him on the forehead. I saw Cynthia walk passed; she was steaming... “This is pretend, alright? Don’t tell Cynthia...”

“Right,” he kissed me on the cheek back. “I won’t, and that’s a promise.”

“You’re a good friend, best friends forever?” I smiled.


“Thank you.”

“No problem! Can you please help me with my French?”

“I know French, and yes, I can help. I’ll be happy to,” I winked.

“OK... what does c’est la vie mean? I just started in French, by the way.”

“I’ve known it for several years. And it means this is the life.” I heard my stomach. “So... date, do you want to eat lunch? I’ll help you later, alright?” I got up. I helped him up... I must admit, he was kinda cute... He somewhat turned me on... “Wonder what gay sex is like?” I said sarcastically. He began to laugh his ass off.

“Oh... God... how are... the... people supposed to have k-kids?!” He was laughing so hard that there were tears in his eyes. It was contagious and soon I was laughing tears, too. “Oh boy... thank you so much for m-making me l-augh!!!” He continued and so did I.

“Y-you’re we-welcomee!!!” I couldn’t stop laughing... I swear. Flint poked his head and he, too, started to laugh for no apperant reason. The three of us laughed for probably ten minutes it seemeed... We finally stopped. That felt great! I haven’t laughed like that in SO long...


A/N: Sorry, it’s short... OK maybe they’re wasn’t any yaoi... mainly because I’m not sure how to do yaoi scenes... someone help meh?! I’ll give you cookies and I’ll rewrite this chapter...
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