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Piplup's Blood

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This chappie isn't for kiddies. XD

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Chapter 1

“All right, I get to go on a Pokémon journey!” I sighed and jumped out of bed. My daily routine was only slightly different than usual: take a shower, change clothes, eat breakfast, etc. Except this time I get to be a Pokémon trainer.

“Can’t wait to get started,” I said to my mum. “Maybe I can finally catch up to Dixon!” I grinned. Mum chuckled.

“Yeah, you might be able to. I’m sure you can!” She grinned at me.

“Thanks, Mum,” I smiled and nodded. “Is it OK if I eat breakfast some other time? I’m ready to go!” I said valiantly.

“Oh? Already, now…? All right then, that’s fine,” she smiled. I ran back up to my room and grabbed some stuff, but not too much, and ran back down the stairs. I hugged my mum tightly.

“Mum, I will miss you…,” I sighed.

“I will miss you, too,” she sighed as well. “Good luck.”

“Thank you; goodbye…”

“You’re welcome; bye hon.” I walked off and turned around while waving. She waved back and I ran out the door. I looked around and in the bright, beautiful, blue sky… I saw a few Chatots and Starlies fly past. The forest around here was absolutely beautiful… the trees were gigantic with long, leafy branches and white flowers; I believe they were peach trees. I spotted an apple tree and ran towards it; grabbing an apple and eating it. A Piplup walked past.

“A Piplup…?” I blinked and chewed on the apple. “A wild Piplup… those are rare and odd… if only I had some poke balls…” I hid behind a tree and watched the tiny little blue penguin eat berries off the ground. I got out a notebook and wrote down that it prefers berries off the ground instead off the bushes. A heard a few people shouting…

“Get that Piplup, Arcanine!” Someone shouted. In the blink of an eye, five Arcanines surrounded the blue penguin. It cried sadly… I watched in horror. I was too scared to move or shout or scream of anything like that.

“Come on, Thunder Fang!” shouted another. The Arcanines’ fangs shinned a bright orangey-yellow and they all bit down on the Piplup; it screamed bloody murder. I vomited just because of it. It was the sickest thing I had ever seen in my life.

“I think it’s dead,” said another one. “It’s too late, we cannot catch it.”

“Yeah – it was shiny, too! Damn that sucks,” one of them kicked the Piplup. I almost gasped loudly – it was a shiny! No wonder they were after it! They walked off while laughing evilly. I had seen… the most terrible thing in all of Volaris…

I ran to that Piplup. “Pip… Piplup are you OK?” It looked dead as a doornail, blood was leaking out of its flippers and feet.

“Pip…,” it said weakly. I was in utter shock, as I could barely move, but I was able to pick it up.

“It’s OK wild Piplup… I’ll-ll he-help you…,” I stuttered. It chirped weakly. “We have to get to Cheltenham… I think there’s a Pokémon Centre there… but it takes so long to get there…” I looked at the berries. “I wonder if these are Oran berries,” I picked one up and looked at it. Piplup seemed to have reached its flippers up to try to grab it. “This Piplup is humble,” I smiled. I knew that most Piplups are proud, but this one is just the opposite. I handed it the Oran berry and it ate it.

“Pip, lup!” It jumped out of my arms weakly. It walked over to the bush and ate some more.

“B-but how… how did it recover like that…?” I blinked. Piplup collapsed and started to breathe heavily. “Piplup, stop it! You’re too weak to move that much!” I picked it up again. “Come on, let’s go,” I nodded. Piplup smiled the best it could. It fainted in my arms. “Oh…,” I sighed. I ran as fast as I could through the winding forest – it went on forever and ever… I ran so fast that I was out of breath in less than two minutes. I accidentally tripped over a tree root.

I panted. “Sorry Piplup,” I recovered and got up. I ran and ran, not really looking where I was going, though…

“Hey, where are you going?” Someone asked. I stopped running and turned around to see a young man. He was middle-sized, bright green eyes, blond hair, frivolous clothing (they were just a simple t-shirt and jeans, nothing interesting, really), his smile was bright…

I walked up to him. “Hi, I’m Luna,” I smiled. I held out my hand; he shook it – he had a nice, firm, strong handshake.

“Hi, I’m Cadeyrn,” he smiled back. “It’s nice to meet you, Luna, where are you headed to?” He noticed the Piplup in my arms. “Oh – never mind I asked then… I see… So, how old are you?”

“I’m twelve, but I’ll be thirteen in a couple of months.”

“Heh, I only asked because you actually look older than that! So, how old do you think I am?” He asked sarcastically.

“Uh-uh… fifteen…?” I played along.

“Hey, you’re almost right,” he chuckled. “I’m actually thirteen, so you were pretty close.”

“Do you know where the next city is…?” I asked.

“Yes, Cheltenham isn’t too far from here – just up the road,” he looked at my Piplup once again.

“Thank you!” I grinned. “It was nice meeting you, goodbye,” I smiled and ran off. I heard footsteps behind me.

“Hey, wait up please!” He begged and caught up to me. “C-Can I come with you?” ‘Need a moment? Chew it over with Twix!’ Yeah, I could sure use a Twix moment right about now…

“Hmm… umm… uhh…,” I stared off into space. “I guess you could come along.” Piplup moved around in my arms. “We’re almost there…” I struggled to regain my composure after what happened. Life is cruel, is what heard… Cadeyrn was quiet, it was like he could see or feel my pain somehow.

We both spotted a sign, and in unison: “Welcome to Cheltenham!”

“Thank God…,” I sighed. I had no idea if this Piplup would live or not…

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