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Mysterious new power

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Don't jump to conclusions.

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Chapter 2

We ran and ran as fast as we could through the streets of Cheltenham… our search seemed to be in vain almost… the streets were either winding, narrow or long. It must have taken us at least twenty minutes to get there. By the time we had gotten there, I was soaked in blood. I groaned.

“Disgusting,” I mumbled. Cadeyrn patted my back as we walked in. A Nurse Lily (instead of Joy), saw the Piplup immediately. She also saw that I was covered in blood, too. She was short, with big brown eyes, brown hair, and white scrubs with a red cross on it.

“Oh no…,” she said solemnly. “Let me help this Piplup and help you get washed up.”

“Thank you…,” I said quietly to her. She pretty much ran to the back room. After she was done with that, she helped find a new shirt to put on. He and I sat down on a sofa in front of a TV. There wasn’t much on, except some local news – meh – it’s boring. I decided to kick my feet up and fall asleep instead. Cadeyrn shook me awake.

“Luna, wake up, please.” I opened my eyes and rubbed them.

“Hmm…,” I mumbled and I could see Nurse Lily looking at us.

“Umm… ma’am… this is really going to be hard to swallow… but that Piplup you brought us… is well –” she paused “– it’s blind… we are not sure why or how it even survived in the first place…”

“B-but how is that p-possible…?!” I blurted. “There’s no way it could be blind! I saw it pick up berries from the ground and bushes.”

“It can tell the difference between light and darkness, though; so it could have seen the shape of the berry itself on the ground – but we are not hundred percent sure just yet, though.”

“Can I… keep it?” I asked nicely. She nodded and I grinned widely. “How long will I have to wait…?”

“Piplup seems to be fine for now, it was severely electrocuted though; can you tell us what happened?” She asked. I just sat there… not even wanting to say anything. I shuddered like crazy. “Never mind I asked…,” she patted me on the shoulder. “It’s OK…”

“These… these people… I was too scared to really look at them… except they were wearing these suits that were grey, white and black… they sent out these Arcanine and they told them to use Thunder Fang on it… I-I…,” I could say no more…

“That sounds like Team Havoc… they are a group of villains after rare, shiny, or odd-coloured Pokemon.”

“I’ve heard of them,” Cadeyrn replied. “They don’t sound like a very good group to me…”


Cadeyrn’s POV

Little does she know that I am a part of them,” I thought. “I must not let her find out – if she does, she will definitely be angry… she is as sensitive as a Rosearde.” I took a good look at Luna herself. She was bright, sensitive, smart, and good-looking, her smile was amazingly beautiful, her blue eyes reminded me of the ocean, and her raven-black hair reminded me of the night sky – could that be how she got her name? Oh, well, that does not matter at this time. It’s my job to find out more about her. I was not even paying attention as to what was going on.


Luna’s POV

“Cadeyrn, are you there?” I waved my hand in front of his face.

“Hmm…?” He snapped out of his reverie. “Yeah, sorry, just thinking…,” he replied; he dazed off again. I blinked at looked at him.

“Is there something wrong?” I asked. He shook his head ‘no’. “Oh, all right then. Are you sure?”

“Yes, I am sure,” he replied coolly.

“Did you even notice that Nurse Lily had left the room?” He had a guilty look on his face. “Oh sorry, it’s OK, I guess.”

“Here is your Piplup,” Lily smiled. She handed it to me and it chirped happily. “It sure is a cutie,” she chuckled. Piplup seemed to be pushing against me, as if it loved on me.

“Oh… aww… I think it likes or loves me…”

“Yes, I think it does,” Cadeyrn smiled.

“I think so, too,” she agreed. I smiled and hugged the blind Piplup.

Thank you…,” something said; I heard a new voice, except it was in my head. “For saving my life… I appreciate it…

Was that you… Piplup…?” I asked in my mind.

Yes it is me, Luna – you have the ability to speak to us telepathically… You know how I am able to move around despite being blind? I can sense auras of things around me – kind of like how a Lucario senses things this way.

But how is that possible… how can you do that…? Or do you not know…?

A friend of my parents, who was a Lucario, trained me. They asked if he could somehow train me, then he could have nice meals every night the rest of his life… sadly, my parents and him died,” tears started rolling down his face. I hugged him and rubbed his head. “Luna, I think I like and respect you because you saved my life – I would never befriend a human this quickly… but I could see in your aura that you are good, and that you would never, ever do anything evil.” Cadeyrn and Lily looked at us funny. “Oh yeah, my name is Kit.”

My stomach growled. “Oh, I’m hungry,” I hesitated slightly. “Would any of you like anything to eat?” I rubbed Kit’s head. “You’re so cute.”

“Piplup!” He smiled back, the best he could. “Thank you!

You’re welcome!

“I’ll be working at the restaurant down the street, if you want me to treat you guys,” Lily replied.

“That would be great, thank you,” I smiled.

“Thank you, Lily,” Cadeyrn replied.

“No problem, you guys deserve it.” We both smiled at her.


“Mm… that was delicious pasta!” I grinned.

“Yes, it was, I quite enjoyed ‘pasta’.”

“Wow, excellent cooking skills, and nice restaurant, too!” Cadeyrn grinned. “I think I might come back here again!” He pulled out a bunch of loose change. “Please, keep all of it!” He insisted. “I insist!”

Lily blinked. “Umm thank you!” She grinned while grabbing the loose change and walked off.

I wonder why he did that. That was so nice of him.”

Yes, it was,” I replied telepathically. “I’ve never seen anyone that kind before… something’s up and I don’t know what it is…

His aura is certainly… unusual. I suggest maybe watching him closely – he may do something weird or bad, who knows…

That doesn’t sound too good…,” I mentally shuddered. “What if he’s a part of Team Havoc? I mean, it’s highly possible. Judging that he keeps staring off into space, he also hesitates a little.

You’re right, he does do that,” he responded telepathically. “He does several things that you don’t do at all.” I nodded and agreed with him. Cadeyrn stared off into space again, as if he was contemplating on something.

Just wondering, can you battle?” I asked. Kit nodded.

Of course I can, I can see auras emanating from attacks, too… except I never saw those Arcanine coming – it was like something was blocking their auras – I would have no idea what it would be, though.

So Team Havoc has a machine or part or something that blocks auras of them and their Pokémon, I see now, it makes perfect sense!” I nodded. Kit nodded back. “Hey Cadeyrn, can we go now?”

He turned around and looked at me. “Yeah, sure thing, let’s go and say bye to Lily.” Lily walked back and saw that we were ready to go now. We said goodbye to her, we also told her that we would come and visit again.

We came to a glade in a forest. It was very beautiful. There were trees and plants of almost every shade of green there. I could smell honey in the warm wind. Kit snoozed in my arms and we sat down next to a lake. I was sweating like crazy and was a bit sleepy. If only I had a swimsuit, then I could swim with Kit. He has quite a day, though. The sun was half-way in the sky. I yawned.

“Cadeyrn… I’m sleepy… mind if I fall asleep?”

“Not at all,” he smiled and leant against a tree. I, too, did the same and fell asleep with my new Pokémon in my arms.

It was peaceful – for now anyway… but who knows what might happen next…


A/N: hope you liked it so far
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