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Let's write a history and make teen's dream come true

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Before I start I highly recommend this band their called short stack and their amazing!!

We arrived at school and I took Andy to the office to get his timetable. We walked into the office and Miss Cheeq looked up with a smile, as soon as she saw my face the smile dropped from her face.
"Audrey, School hasn't even started and you're already in trouble" She sighed.
"good to see you too Miss, but I'm only here to get my good friend here his timetable, He's new" I smiled back.
She turned her attention to Andy "I'm sorry dear I didnt see you there, are you the new student" she asked with a phoney happy voice.
He nodded in reply.
"what's your name"
"Andy Sixx"
She nodded and quickly typed something into her computer, she printed off his timetable and handed it to him.
"come along chappy, let's find your locker" I grabbed his hand and led him out of the office back into the crowded hallway.
"What's the number" I asked remembering that I hadn't a clue.
"Uhh b13" He read from his timetable.
"Fuck me, mine's b12"
"lead the way me lady" he bowed.
I took Andy to his locker and waited for him as he threw the things he did'nt need for the day into locker. He was in the same homeroom as Me, Frankie, Mikey, Oli and Alicia.
"we sit down the back of the class like in all the cliche movies" I led him to the back of the room where Frank, Mikey, Oli and Alicia were already seated.

Andy's P.O.V

"we sit down the back of the room like in alll the cliche movies" Audrey smiled a smile that could melt your heart and make you weak at the knees.

Audrey was'nt like the other scene kids I had come across at any of the other schools I had to been to. She was respected, infact I don't think that she had, had one dirty remark or look the whole time we had been at school. She was the most beautiful girl I had come across and there had been a few. She had pink wavey hair that hung freely past her shoulders, her face was kind and soft with caramel eyes that made me melt. Her frame was thin and pale, she had a few peircings and tattoo's that were visable.

Audrey sat down at an empty desk where 3 boys and a girl were already seated. she nodded to the empty seat next to her "take a seat love".
I pulled the chair out and dumped my messenger bag on the floor next to me.
"this is Oli" She pointed to a boy with straight thick long brown hair with many tattoos and a lip ring.
"heyy there buddy" he spoke in a heavy british acsent.
"that's Alicia" she pointed to the girl with long black hair and a slim tattooed frame.
She smiled and waved in reply.
"aaaand you already know Mikey and Frankie"
"I sure do" I smirked.

"you know Andy, If you tilt your head and squint your eyes, you make a very attractive woman" Frank giggled.
I heard Audrey cough through the haze and somebody handed my the ice bong.
"why thank you Frankie baby" I said as I sparked the lighter and held it the cone inhaling the smoke. frank took the bong from me and did the same, "technically I just hooked up with Andy Sixx" he grinned.
"I sure could go for a hook up with you" I heard Mikey whisper in Franks ear and grabbed him under the table. Frank looked up at me and blushed.
end flashback

Audrey looked at me quizicaly.
"what happens at ice bongs, stays at ice bings" Frank quickly covered.

When home room was over Audrey led me to my first class, I had all my classes with her except math which I had with Oli and chemistry which I had with Frank and Alicia.
The others were all in the year above us so I didnt have any classes with them.
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