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There's blood on my hands, like the blood in you.

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Im just going to skip forward to Frank and Audreys party I CBF'd writing heaps
Frankies P.O.V
Mikey, Gerard, Audrey, Andy and I were walking home after a long day of hell knowen to most as school.
"You better be coming to our party tonight" I told Andy.
"Well I havn't had a better offer so I may as well" He smirked.
I punched him in the arm playfuly and I turned and winked at Mikey. We had made sure that all our friends were distracted by someone or something so we could have some alone time together. We wern't ready to tell the others about us yet, they were our best friends and we would hate to lose them, we knew they would understand but we were still scared.
"what you gunna dress up as" Mikey asked Andy.
"not a clue" he repiled kicking a stone.
" I'm going to the mall to get some things you can come if you want" Audrey offered.
"Thank's" Andy replied with a smile.
After a few minutes of walking in silence Audrey broke the scilence " what about if we all pair off and do paired costumes"
We all agreed and broke off into pairs of Audrey and Andy, Mikey and me, Bob and Alicia, Ray and his girlfriend Hanna-Beth, Oli and his girlfriend Kiki (Kannibal) and Gerard and his girlfriend Dikota-Rose.
"Nobody is aloud to know who's doing what until we all meet at ours at 7pm" I stated, happy the Mikey and I got even more time alone.

Andy's P.O.V
Audrey were driving to the mall in her red beat up mustang with the radio playing loudly.
"So got any ideas" Audrey asked, yellinmg slightly to be heard over the radio.
"nope, you"
"not a god-damn clue"
"how about we cruise the mall for ideas" she suggested and she pulled into the mall.
"Sounds ideal to me"

After stumbling around for 3 hours we sat down on a bench outside a chain of shops.
"any ideas yet" she asked hopefuly
SHe groaned and put her head in her hands, " the next idea we have, were doing no matter how shit it is" I heard her mumble.
"for sure" I replied glaring at a bunch of guys who were eyeing her up.
She looked up at me and I smiled at her she lay her head in my lap and I stroked her hair. She looked into my eyes and I lent down and gently put my lips to her. I don't know what came over me, I half expected her to slap me but she kissed back. I broke the kiss and looked at her " im sorry dont-" I was cut off by her pressing her lips to mine.
"i've waited so long for that" she wispered.
I pulled her closer to me and she leaned on myy shoulder.
"playboy, why didnt we think of it earlier" she gasped
"what" i asked confused
"The playboy mansion, Hugh Hefner and the bunnies" she pointed to the playboy shop we were seated outside of.
"Hugh Hefner it is" I smiled.

We went to an antique store and I brought a velvet robe, some sute pants and a red silk neck scarf. We then went to hot topic where Audrey got a tight small red dress, blonde dye, har wax, make-up and a white fluffly bunny tail and ears. Next we went to some underwear store where I waited ourside in embarssment getting strange looks from the woman inside. Next we went to some weird old peoples shop where I got some loafer type slippers.
"And to think it only took us 20 minutes to shop for an idea that took us 3 hours to come up with" Audrey said sarcasticly taking my hand in hers.
I laughed "Lets go back to mine to get ready, I'll drive"
She nodded and got into the passenger seat.
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