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It had been two weeks since I was told by Shania that we would be moving to New Jersey. I still didn’t like the idea. I wanted to stay in California. It was where I was born, and it’s where I wanted to stay. But, life never seems to go my way.

We were currently sitting in our seats on the huge plane, waiting for it to take off. If I had to do things I really didn’t want to do, I would become quite impatient.

I sighed and stuck my headphones in my ears, blocking out all sounds of the John and Luke’s [the twins] unnecessary loud talking, and Shania’s complaining about how fat she was getting.

Five long, long hours later...

"Elizabeth Simpson get over here now!" Shania yelled. I reluctantly walked to her and the rest of my idiotic family.

"What?" I annoyingly asked.

"Stop falling behind, we need to find our new car." She said excitedly. I swear she was like a child sometimes.

One hour later...

Finally, we made it to our new house. On the outside it didn’t look too bad, I guess. I also liked the name of the street we were now living on. Cemetery Drive. It has that death sound to it, so maybe there’s a cemetery near by.

After getting my bag from the car, I ran up to my new room. When we looked at pictures of the house the other day, Shania told me which room was mine, although she didn’t seem too happy about it. Maybe because it was fairly big.

There wasn’t any color to the room yet. It was all white and...Very plain. It was huge. My room back at my real home wasn’t this big. I wouldn’t know what to do with all this space. But one things for sure, I was going to have to decorate the room myself. Hopefully before my 17th birthday in 64 days on November 2nd.

At least I didn’t have the twins’ room. They had the second biggest room. Shania and dad had the biggest. The twins had the second biggest because they’re sharing the room.

Yeah, my room wasn’t that great. It had a basic closet, a desk and bed side cabinet. Oh, and a bed. But everything was very plain, but once I have posters up, it will at least look a little better.

A little while later I left Shania and dad to bring the stuff in, and went to look around. It was 4:30, and I wanted some coffee, so I went to look for a coffee shop.

After fifteen minutes of looking, I found a Starbucks.

"What can I get you miss?" The guy serving me asked. I told what I wanted and waited for it.

After being given my hot coffee, I gazed around the place, looking for an empty table for me to sit.
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