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The weekend, I’m sure, couldn’t have gone faster. There was just so much unpacking and stuff, it went so fast. It’s weird that if you don’t want to do something, time goes faster. And when you want to do something, time goes slower.

And the weekend went fast, because I have to start school today.

I seriously wasn’t looking forward to it. I wasn’t going to make any friends. The jocks are gonna bully me all the time. I’m not gonna do well in my classes. Why is it I always see the negative things in life?

I woke up around 6-ish, to have a shower and get everything ready for school.

When I hopped in the shower, I turned the water on full heat. It was the way I liked it, I didn’t care if it left me a burnt red color by the end of it.

I let the burning water run through my jet black hair, that came down to my mid-back like a silky waterfall. I’ve always liked my hair, it was the only thing I have control over in my life.

When I felt as if I was clean enough, I stepped out the shower, and wrapped a red towel around my dripping wet body. I went back to my room to blow dry my hair, and to straighten it.

After that, I got dressed. I decided that I was going to dress as myself, I didn’t care what people said.

In my last school, I wore white baggy pants and a pink shirt. It was awful, I looked ridiculous. But today, I wore a fitted black Misfits shirt and black skinnies with black chucks. I also wore my Green Day hoodie.

Once I was satisfied with what I was wearing, I went back to the bathroom to do my makeup. I didn’t wear much. Heavy eyeliner and lip gloss.

After doing that, I packed my bag for the day, although I didn’t really know what I would need.

When I went down for breakfast, I glanced at the clock in the small kitchen which read 7:15.

School didn’t start until 8:30. Shania said she would take me, but she won’t. I don’t mind though, I would rather walk in the cold than be in a car with her any day.

By the time I went to leave, everyone was up, but nobody wished me luck on my first day. Not even my dad, which hurt. Before mom died, he used to be there for everything, but now it looked as if he cared more about his new family than me.

I stepped out the front door, and instantly brought my hoodie closer to me. It was freezing, so I decided to walk at a quick pace, knowing that there was warmth at the other end.

When I got to Belleville is it? I wasn’t sure, but anyway, I went through the gates and my head down, knew all eyes were on me. I hated people staring, it really creeped me out. I headed inside faster, and began looking for the office.

"Sorry, can I help you?" The man asked.

"Oh yeah, this is my first day and I'm looking for the office..."

"Okay, you go down those stairs, continue on until the first left and its right ahead of you."

"Thank you, Mr...?"

"Jones. Mr Jones." I thanked him again, and headed towards the office. I got there and was given my timetable. As I was looking at it, the bell went. I guessed it was now first period.

My first period of the day was History. I didn’t actually mind History, it was actually something I’m good at, although it’s not something I brag about.

I searched long and hard for the room I was meant to be in, finally finding it after not knowing I passed it three times.

I knocked on the door, entering quietly, and having all eyes on me once again.
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