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At first, I was sat on my own at lunch that day, but I was soon joined by someone else. Who it was, I didn’t know, as I never looked up from my knees, which were brought up to my chest, as I slowly nodded my head to the music playing in my ears.

He began clicking his fingers in front of my face. At first, it didn’t bother me, and I tried my best to ignore. But he never stopped, so eventually I got annoyed, and ripped the headphones from my ears and half yelled, “What? What do you want? I am new here; there couldn’t possibly be anything you want.”

The person, who was a boy I swear I had seen before looked slightly taken aback, but quickly returned to normal, “You have to go now.” He warned, worriedly

"Why? I have every right to sit here as you have."

He looked around before continuing. "Seriously, if Frank sees you here, he will blow. You gotta go." I looked at him confused.

"Who’s Frank?"

"The guy and one of my best friends, you knocked out the other day. When he woke up, he was so mad. He couldn’t believe that a girl had beaten him up.” I saw that he smiled slightly, “But you have to go, if he sees you here, who knows what he will do.”

“Really? Listen, whoever you are, I don’t care about what this Frank dude does. It’s not my problem. Now leave me alone.” He gave up quickly, and I returned my headphones to my ears, turning up the volume a little.

It wasn’t long after, I noticed three other guys join us. I sighed, knowing I wasn’t gonna get much music listened too, so I turned my iPod off and put it back in my bag.

"You have to leave." A guy with blond hair and pretty blue eyes said. He was very muscular. I also noticed he had a lip piercing, like I noticed on the Frank guy the other day. He looked tough, and looked like he took shit from no one, but also looked like a real nice guy once you got to know him.

"We mean it. Frank is not happy with you at all." Another guy, with brown hair and thick glasses warned. He was real skinny, and tall. He was cute though, in a little brother kind of way. He had hazel eyes, much like the guy who kept clicking his fingers. I looked to him briefly, seeing some resemblance between the two. Brother’s maybe? I also noticed that he was in my History class.

"He has been angry all weekend. You have him a nasty black eye." The guy with a wicked afro said. He looked Spanish. He had kinda a high voice, almost like a girl, but you could tell the voice belonged to a guy. He was tall too, much like the glasses dude.

"Guys I already told her that. She won't budge." They all looked at me. I smiled. They knew they had no way of making me move.

Then, out the corner of my eye, I saw him approach the table, but stopped suddenly. My guess is that he saw me. He continued walking forward, until he stood right beside me.

"Move bitch." I didn't look up or move.

"Hey whore, I said move." I looked up.

My face showed no emotion as I looked up at his bored, yet angered face, "No" I stated in monotone. Already he was boring me.

He glared at me. It was so evil, it was filled with nothing but hate. I gave him a happy look. I knew that giving him the opposite to what he was giving me was bound to set him off.

"You must be Frank, these guys have told me all about you." Then I suddenly remembered the black eye. How I missed it, I don't know. But it was bad. It was like, His entire right eye. It had a little red as well. And yellow. I guess it was starting to heal.

"Get out of my seat now before I drag you myself." He angrily said, through gritted teeth.

"Okay. I'll move." I got up. I was bored of him now. The guys were pretty shocked that I actually moved, as I said I wasn't going to. I walked around the other side of the table, ready to leave until the pale guy stopped me.

"Wait a second. Just out of curiosity. What were you listening to?"

"A mix of Iron Maiden, The Misfits and...Avril Lavigne."

"SIT!" He ordered. I sat and he stared at me again. It was making me nervous. I hate people looking me.

Finally I broke the silence. "Stop staring."

He laughed. "Sorry. But. You are my favorite person now."


"Sorry, Toro."

I was still confused. He asked me to sit, for what exactly?. Weird. "I'm Gerard by the way. Him with the glasses, is my little brother Mikey, the blond dude is Bob, afro man is Ray, and you already know Frank --"

"Don't introduce me to that bitch!" Frank snapped.

"Ignore him. Anyway tell me about your self." Gerard continued.

"Well what do you want to know?"

"Anything. Your name would be a start." He laughed. I laughed.

"Em...Elizabeth Simpson. But I hate Elizabeth, so Lizzy will do fine. I'm 14, nearly 15, but I’m a sophomore. I moved here from California with my dad, step-mom and my two brothers who are twins. My mom died eight years ago, so when Frank said that I should run home to my mommy, it really upset me. Oh yeah and my step-mom is an absolute whore. I hate her so much, she should have died at birth. Anything else?"

They all stared at me. Except Frank of course, although I did glance at him. His expression seemed guilty, but who knows what he was really feeling.

Then out of no where, Gerard yelled. "Welcome to the gang!"

I smiled slightly, as did Mikey, Bob and Ray.

But Frank...he wasn’t too happy.
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