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“Awesome.” I said, happy because I was already accepted by people, but also happy that Frank didn’t like the idea.

"You are now offically part of out gang. One of us." The whole time Gerard said this with a huge grin on his face.

I looked around at everyone else. They seemed like real nice guys, minus Frank, although they were all guys. I feel as if I would be just fine with them.

By the look on Frank’s face, he wasn’t going to forgive Gerard that easily.

"Gerard. A word. Now." Gerard rolled his eyes and stood up, and followed Frank to the corner of the cafeteria.

Frank P.O.V
"What’s wrong Frank?” He asked innocently.

"Don't pretend you don't know Gerard. Her, that’s what's up. I hate her Gerard and you know that, yet you just said to her shes can hang out with us now. Do you not remember what she did the other day. She gave me this!” I pointed to my blackened eye, “I can’t believe you would be this nice to someone you don’t even know, rather than stick up for your best friend.”

"Frank. At least try to get along with her. She said she was sorry and you threw it back in her face. It was an accident get over it. And, you did say that thing about her mom. She was upset.” Then he walked away.

Gerard and the other guys continued to talk to Lizzy, getting to know her better. Wait, Lizzy? No, if I have to talk to her, I shall refer to her as Elizabeth, ‘cause she hates the name.

I hate her. I know, you can’t really hate someone you don’t even know. But, I don’t know. Something sparked inside me when she spilt her coffee on me. I felt as she meant to do that. I don’t know what it was. It was weird.

She had that look about her. It just screamed ‘BITCH!’ She looked as if she should be a cheerleader or something. A prep. It was like she was pretending to be someone she isn’t, so she could get something from us. It was all people wanted. Nobody wanted to know us.

I looked down at my shoes and back up again to see her smiling. It didn’t seem like a fake smile, but who knew. We didn’t know her. Not yet.

Normal P.O.V

I gazed at the clock. Lunch was almost over. I decided to check my timetable to see what I had next. Maths. Great.

"Guys? Where is room 65?" I asked.

"Oh you're with me. Don't worry I'll walk you there. And sit with you of course." Replied Mikey. I smiled and muttered a small ‘thank you’.

We packed up our things and headed in different directions to our class. I followed Mikey, as I didn’t know where I was going.

Later that night when I got home, I layed on my bed thinking how great today was.

I already made friends.
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