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Once I had finished in the shower and got dressed again, and dried my hair, I decided I wanted to go to the store for some ice-cream. I hadn't had ice-cream in months, and it was pretty cold, but I suddenly had a craving for it. Double chocolate fudge.

"Dad, I'm just gonna go to the store do you need anything?" I asked when I went in the kitchen. I could smell something good, meaning my dad was making something for dinner.

He smiled when he saw me, "No it's okay thanks. Do you need any money?"

I shook my head, "No I'm good. I'll be back in a little while."

"Okay... oh Liz?" He called for me.

I stopped and turned back, wondering what it was he wanted. He smiled again and made his way over to me, and hugged me tight.

I didn't want to ruin this father/daughter moment, so I didn't ask why or what he was doing, and hugged him back.

"I really missed you Lizzy. I don't wanna lose you again."

"You won't dad, I promise. I love you." I kissed his cheek.

"Love you too, kid." He kissed me cheek and let me go.

I told him I would be back shortly, and left for the store.

When I got there, I went to where the ice-cream was. My craving increased, and now wanted to buy two tubs of ice-cream. Yeah, I can be such a pig at times.

I walked down the aisle and got the ice-cream I wanted. When I turned back, I was surprised to see Mikey and Frank coming down it. Whether they knew I was here, I didn't know.

I wasn't pissed with Frank anymore. I had realized that I overreacted with him, and I could slightly understand why it would annoy him, and I wanted to apoligize.

"Hey Frank." I called to him before I could stop the words from escaping my mouth.

He looked up, and so did Mikey. When Mikey saw me, he smiled and went the other way, leaving me and Frank alone.

To be honest, Frank looked pissed. I didn't want to cause a scene here, but it looked as if he wanted a fight.

"What is it Elizabeth?" I cringed at the name. Great, he calls me the name I hated like when we first met and he hated me. I didn't want him to hate me again.

I sighed, "I just wanted to apologize for my behavior earlier. I realize I overreacted, and I can see why would be annoyed with me being so 'depressed'. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have yelled at you."

His cold stare didn't drop. Was he seriously gonna end our friendship over something so small? It was stupid.

"Maybe it wasn't such a good idea, us two being friends. I guess we were just meant to hate each other. We just couldn't go longer than a month before we had a fight."

By now I was angry. Why was he being like this? He was the one overreacting now.

"Frank, look I've apologized. It was a minor fight, nothing huge, why are you being like this?" I kept my voice low, I didn't want people staring.

I chewed on his lip ring. Something he did a lot, but didn't know why, "After today... we can't be just friends okay? I'm sorry." And he turned away from me, walking back up the aisle.

So there I was, just standing in the middle of the dairy aisle holding two tubs of double chocolate fudge ice-cream, feeling completely rejected and heart broken. Tears welled up in my eyes, but I refused to let them fall.

I had just lost the one person I thought I could really be close with, and maybe have something more with. I didn't know what it was like to lose someone you're with close to except from my mom, and I didn't like the feeling, not at all.


When I got home with my bag of ice-cream, I sensed a bad atmosphere in the house.

"Dad?" I called out. I got no answer. If dad was going somewhere, he would have left a note on the table by the door, but there wasn't one.

I was getting worried. If my dad wasn't here, then where was he?

"Dad." I called again, and still getting no answer.

I searched the living room first, as it was the room closest to me, and saw it was empty, so I went to the kitchen, and instantly regretted it.

Tears ran down my face, and I felt physically sick at the sight.

There was blood everywhere. On the floor, on the table, and some dripping from the walls.

And there on the floor, was my dad's body.

"Dad?" I squeaked. I knew I wasn't gonna get an answer from him, but I just wanted to check.

All of could see of him, were his legs, the rest was hiding behind the table. I had to see if there was a pulse, but I knew there was no hope.

I walked slowly over to his body, hoping to just see him as if he just fell asleep on the floor.

But what I saw wasn't what I was expecting at all. It was like something out of a horror movie.

Quickly, I ran to the sink and spilt my contents down it. I cried harder, and started banging the cabinets. I sank to the floor. How was it possible to lose both parents so early in life?

I looked back at my dead father and sobbed harder. Who would do such a thing to him, to me?

My dad was laying on the floor on his back. His clothes and body covered in blood... and his head was... gone. Missing.

"DADDY!" I screamed, looking away. I couldn't bare it.

I had to cover his body, or at least the top part of him before calling the police.

With shaky hands, I reached for the handle to open the door to one of the cabinets, and then really wished I didn't.

I opened the door and saw my dad's head roll out, his eyes still open and full of horror.

A scream passed my lips, and then everything started fading to black.
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