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Everything was blurry when I reopened my eyes. I could see things, but they were so blurry. I could faintly hear voices, voices I didn't recognize.

People kept walking past me, and some people were crouching beside me. Had I fallen? Must be the reason for seeing blurry objects. I must have hit my head. As I thought that, a terrible headache came over me.

"Miss? Can you hear me?" A male voice asked. The voice became clearer with each word he spoke, "Are you okay? Can you tell me your name?"

I opened my mouth and replied hoarsly, "Lizzy... Simpson."

"Okay Lizzy, you've hit your head a little. How do you feel?"

Quite magically, the headache disappeared, and I sat up a little, "I'm feeling fine... What happened?"

The looks on his face suddenly brought everything back to me. My dad. He was dead. I had no parents now, I was on my own.

I felt my face scrunch up as I started crying in front of this stranger, which by the uniform I knew was someone from the hospital, coming to take my dad away. I cried harder as I remembered what I had saw before I passed out.

The man tried to calm me down, but it was no use.

I looked around me, trying to find my dad, hoping this was some sort of nightmare. I knew that it wasn't when I saw two people pushing a gurney with a body on top in a thick black body bag.

I started screaming as I tried getting to my feet, I slipped a few times. The man grabbed me, trying to keep me away from the scene, I tried to fight, but I was feeling too weak.

"Please let me see him! Let me SEE HIM!" I screamed, but he still didn't let me go.

"Lizzy, I think it would be better if you stayed here. You wouldn't want to see your dad in his condition." The man said.

I collapsed on the floor, sobbing harder. The man was desperate to calm me down, but I just wouldn't listen to him. I wanted my dad back.

I tried getting up again, but the man held on tighter, "LET GO!" I screamed. He wouldn't, so I bit down on his hand. He yelped in pain and finally let me go.

I ran out the front door, trying to get to the ambulance before it drove away.

I noticed that my group of friends; Gerard, Mikey, Ray, Bob, Eliza and even Frank were talking to another man, a police officer. I ignored them when they called my name.

I had to get to my dad. I wanted to see him, just one last time.

More tears ran down my face as I got nearer to the ambulance. I thought I was going to make it, but I was wrong.

The ambulance drove away as I was just inches away from it. I screamed wanting it to stop, but I knew whoever was driving couldn't hear me.

I heard footsteps running towards me just as I collapsed once more in the middle of the street. A pair of arms wrapped around my waist, steadying me.

"Ssh. I've got you." The voice I wanted to hear said.

He sat us down in the street. I placed my hands on his chest and sobbed. He ran his hand up and down my back, hoping in some way it would calm me down, and it did a little.

The last thing I remember was a pair of lips being pressed to my forehead before I slowly fell asleep in Frank's arms.
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