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This time when I next woke up, I knew where I was. I was still in Frank's room, but it was much lighter in here. I must have slept the whole night. I thought. I glanced at the clock and it read 10:45a.m. I sighed, I should get up, everyone must be worried.

I threw the bed sheets over the side of the bed for me to get up. I let my legs hang over the bed as I wiped my eyes, trying to wake myself up a little bit more. I then stood up and exited the messy bedroom.

I was going to go downstairs, but decided that I really needed to go to the bathroom. I pushed open the door to the bathroom and saw it was empty. I sighed and locked the door behind me.

After I was done, I stood in front of the mirror, seeing my pale face I barely recognized myself. My skin was a pale white, dark purple circles sat under my dark eyes, which was weird as I had slept a lot. My eyes were bloodshot from all the crying. My hair was stuck up in many places. I looked hungover or something.

I ran the cold water and cupped my hands underneath it. I then splashed the water on my face. I didn't realize until then that I was actually very hot, and the water had cooled me down a lot.

I grabbed a towel and dried off my face. I looked in the mirror once more, but nothing had changed.

I unlocked and opened the door, stepping out. I listened out for anything. Nobody was upstairs, all the sound was coming from downstairs. I sighed again and proceeded downstairs. I wasn't really sure what I was meant to be doing. How long could I stay here? Does Frank really want me here? What happens now? I guess those questions would be answered in time.

When I got downstairs, I twisted the doorknob and entered the living room. I stood in place when I saw the number of people in there. Linda, Frank, Gerard, Mikey, Ray, Bob, Eliza and a couple that looked familiar, but I couldn't quite place them.

"Hi Lizzy. It's good to see your awake." Linda said with a small smile. Everyone then turned their attention to me. They all had sympathetic looks on their faces. Why? I didn't want their sympathy.

I was about to tell them to stop staring when Linda spoke again, "Lizzy? Do you recognize these people here?" She pointed to the man and woman, both I believe, in their forties.

I didn't say anything, instead I raised my hand and shaked it, as if saying 'sort of.' Linda smiled again, "This is your dad's sister Julia and her husband Joseph, your Aunt and Uncle. They're hoping to take you back with them to Los Angeles after the funeral."

"What?" I asked, shocked.

Linda looked panicked, "What?" She didn't understand.

"You said after the funeral. The funeral can't be held here." My voice was cracking, but I didn't care, "No, he needs to go back to L.A. I want him next to my mom. He will not stay here."

Frank and Linda got to their feet. I noticed Eliza had started crying and Gerard was comforting her. Why was she crying? It's not like her dad died.

Linda tried to take hold of my hand, but I wouldn't let her, "Lizzy please, be reasonible. With the state that your dad is in, I think it's best if he stays here." She half-whispered.

"NO!" I screamed, "He's not staying here! Why won't anyone listen to me!?" Frank grabbed hold of my arms and tried to calm me down, but it didn't work, "Let go of me!"

"Lizzy please calm down." The other guys got to their feet too. My Aunt and Uncle stayed put on the couch as Julia cried into her husband's shirt. Wouldn't Julia want her brother back in L.A?

Eliza appeared to be crying with me, but I couldn't understand why.

It was starting to feel a little overcrowed in here. I didn't like it. I just wanted people to leave me alone. Everyone's comments and questions was starting to give me a headache. Yeah, I get it, they care. But for just a minute I wish they didn't. I just wanted to be left alone for one fucking minute.

I finally had enough. I took a deep breath and opened my mouth, releasing an ear-piercing scream. Everyone stopped their little whispers and covered their ears. Frank let go of my arms to covered his. I stopped screaming, saw the look of horror on their faces, and ran upstairs crying.

I heard Gerard and Frank call after me, but all I answered back was 'fucking leave me alone!' Didn't they understand? I needed to be left alone.

I continued running up the stairs until I got to the bathroom. I slammed it shut and locked it. Only a few seconds later, I heard banging on the other side, "Lizzy, please open up." Frank's voice said, "Please, we're worried about you."

"Leave me alone!" I hit the door with the palm of my hand and started sobbing some more.

I heard him sigh, and he voice calmed down. I heard him move to the floor, as he sat himself, "Lizzy... please. We just want to know if you're okay. We've been so worried about you these last few days." His voice was cracking, and it broke my heart.

I sniffled before answering, "I just want to be left alone for a little while. Y'know? Awake. Give me time to process all that's happened by myself."

"Okay. I understand that. But can you open the door anyway?" He pleaded.


There was some silence before he answered, "I just wanna see you." My heart fluttered at his words.

I stood up and slowly unlocked the door, opening it a little. Frank had already stood up too. He smiled slightly when he saw me, and I smiled back. He pushed the door open some more and then pulled me into a hug. I didn't do anything for a second, but then I wrapped my arms around his neck, hugging him back. I breathed in his scent and almost collapsed. I loved his smell.

I felt Frank move and was shocked when he kissed my cheek. I felt my cheeks heat up and he chuckled, obviously noticing, "If I leave you in this bathroom alone, you promise me you won't do anything stupid?"

I breathed his scent in again before answering, "I promise. I wouldn't do that, I'm not like that. Besides, if I've been out of it for a few days, I'm in serious need of a shower." I laughed lightly.

He did too, "Oh is that what I can smell?" He joked and I slapped his arm. He laughed again, "I'm sorry, I'm kidding." I smiled up at him and finally let go of him.

His hands, however, lingered on my hips. I was about to ask what he was doing, but I found his eyes took over my senses. I had never really taken notice of his eyes, though I thought they were amazing. They shone green when he was happy, and a light brown when he was sad. At the moment, they were a slight green, though some brown was seen.

Frank stepped closer to me, and leaned forward. I turned my body to face him and moved closer to him, stretching my legs to reach him.

Our noses touched before our lips met. I know we had done this before, a long time ago, but it felt like it was the first time.

His lips were so soft on mine, and I could feel the cold metal ring in his lip. I felt him snake his arms around my waist, pulling me closer. I slid my arms up his chest and round his neck as our lips moved together.

This kiss didn't last long, but it was special. We pulled away together and he leant his forehead against mine. Neither of us said anything for a minute or two, but then I broke the silence, "I should really have my shower now."

He smiled, "Okay. I'll leave you to it." I smiled back and removed my arms from him, as he did the same. Before I could turn back, Frank pressed his lips to mine again quickly, then my cheek. With a wink from him, he went back downstairs.

My felt my face heat up as I locked the bathroom door again. After all that's happened these past few days, Frank Iero can leave a permanant smile on my face.

I turned on the shower, and waited for the water to get to the right temperature. As I waited, I looked in the mirror again.

Though the hair was still a mess, the circles were still under my eyes, my eyes were still bloodshot... but my face wasn't a pale white, it was flashing with red, and my eyes... they looked a lot more happier. The smile on my face made me look more human than I had ten minutes ago.

I took off my clothes and climbed into the shower. As I let the water warm up my body, I laughed quietly to myself as I realized one thing.

After only knowing him for three months, I knew I was in love with Frank, the guy I'm currently having a strange friendship with. There was no denying it. I loved to be around him, he always makes me smile and happy when I'm sad. I feel lost without him.

The only thing that I was trying to dampen my happy mood was a question: What would happen now?
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