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Beep beep beep

The unfamiliar sound is what I woke up to. But when my hearing adjusted properly, I knew it was the sound of a heart monitor, which told me I was in hospital.

Why was I even hooked up to this machine, my legs hurt, that's all. I know that I fell asleep, and didn't faint, on Gerard -

GERARD! Oh my god, where is he? Is he okay? Is he still alive? These questions kept running through my mind, it gave me a headache.

I think me panicing caused my heart rate to go up an awful lot, because three nurses came through my door, trying to calm me down.

"It's okay, you're fine, you're in a hospital Miss." The Scottish sounding woman said.

"I know I'm in a fucking hospital! Where's Gerard? Is he okay?"

"Miss, we'll go get Doctor Cox and he will explain everything to you." The nurses then left me alone.

Not long after they left, a tall middle aged man with brown [turning grey] hair. He must be pretty important, because he was wearing a white coat, whereas the others just wore their ordinary scrubs.

"Firstly, I need to know your name, and the boy who was with you."

"Krissy Walters, and Gerard Way." I muttered.

"Okay Krissy...your legs aren't broken, they are just incredibly numb and have swollen because you've been kept in the same room for two weeks straight, the reason why your arms aren't like that is because, you've moved them more often. You are hooked to a heart monitor because for some reason unknown, you almost died on the way here."

My eyes went wide. I nearly died? But right now I wasn't really worried about that.

"What about Gerard?" I asked softly.

The doctor sighed, "He's in a coma. He will live though, we got the bullet out. It didn't cause any real damage. It missed his lung by two inches. If he had been shot there...he would have died. He also lost quite a bit of blood but not enough to be on deaths door."

"W-when will he wake up?"

"Anything between now and...a year."

I nodded, "Can I see him?" The doctor nodded, providing I use a wheelchair, as my legs were still numb. I thanked him and he then left, but not before telling me the room he was in.

I left it a while before realising I really needed to see Gerard. It was killing me not seeing for myself how he was.

I slid out the bed, because I didn't want any nurses helping me, and fell into the wheelchair and went to Gerard's room.

It wasn't that far away from mine, about 20 rooms away. When I got there, I reached up for the handle and opened the door, wheeling myself in, and closing it behind me.

I didn't look at him until I got up right close to him. When I did see him, I wasn't shocked by what I saw. He looked so peaceful, like he was sleeping, only with IV's stuck in his arm, which I knew he wouldn't like one bit.

I didn't really know what to say, so I said the first thing that came to mind.

"Hey Gee, it's me. I don't know if you can hear me or anything, but I want you to know what I am here...I'm safe. You did your job, and I know I did mine by saving you. My legs aren't broken thank god. Just a little numb. I'm actually in a wheelchair right now." I laughed a little, thinking how he would tease me if he saw me in this thing.

"You need to wake up soon Gerard. The doctor said you could be out for a year. I don't know if I could live a how year without hearing those nasty comments. I won't have anyone to argue with, maybe except your brother. I should be out of here soon. I can feel my legs sort of now. Hopefully they'll transfer you to a hospital in Jersey, so I visit you when I get home from school. That's if your mom takes me in again, because I'm gonna need to call her, she'll be worried." I looked at the calander which was in this room and saw it was January 7th!

I remember it was December 14th when Gerard came for me. We missed christmas and New Years. "Yeah, I think your mom will most definetly be worried. We've both in our for three weeks. I had almost died on the way doctors say. They don't know why that happened though."

I was running out of things to say, not that anything said already was important.

"I'm stuck for words now. You've left me speechless." I laughed, "I'm gonna ring your mom in a minute, so I better get going. I'm sure if you can here me, you've had enough of my voice. Hell, I'm sure you were sick of it when you realised it was me that said 'Hey Gee.'" I let my hand find his, and I squeezed it lightly, before leaving to make that phone call.

Ring ring, ring ring -

"Gerard!?" The desperate woman at the other end asked.

I sighed, "No, Donna. It's me Krissy."

"Krissy? Oh my, it's good to hear from you. But I'm more worried about my son, have you heard from him?" She tried to keep her voice as normal as possible, but you still tell he was worried, "He's been gone three weeks. He said only a few days. He missed christmas! You don't think he's run away do you?"

I sighed again, "He hasn't run away. He's...and I'm in hospital. Don't say anything, let me explain...Todd wasn't my uncle. He was my abuser. I don't have an uncle, he died three years ago. Anyway, Gerard knew who he was, so he came to Canada to get me away from him. We were so close to leaving, and...Todd shot him. He's in a coma Donna."

"Oh my god! My baby!" I heard her cry into the phone, "Is he gonna be okay? Krissy, please tell me he'll be okay."

I nodded, although she couldn't see me, He'll be fine. But, he may not wake up until next year. The doctor said anytime between now and a year, he could wake up."

There was silence.

"You're coming back to live here sweetie."

"I can't leave Gerard!"

"We'll get him transferred, I'll call the hospital you're at after we finish talking." I said thank you, and gave her the name of the hospital, "Thank you, I'll talk to you soon Krissy, bye dear." And without another word she hung up.

I placed the phone back, and wheeled myself back to my room, and climbed back into bed.

About half an hour later, Doctor Cox and a police officer, came into my room.

"Miss, Mr Way's mother has called us, and tomorrow morning, you and Mr Way will be transferred to a Jersey hospital. Now Officer Bennett would like to talk to you." Then he left, leaving me with this 'Bennett' dude.

"Miss Walters? We have Mr Wilkons at the station right now. He is refusing to comment any questions we ask. So I'm afraid we will have to ask you what happened that night. Is that okay?" I nodded.

So, he asked me question, and I answered them as best I could, without crying. I had to mention the abortion. It wasn't just that night I had to talk about, it was the whole two years.

"Thank you for your time Miss, and have a safe journey back to Jersey tomorrow." I told him thanks, and he left with a smile.

When he left, I didn't know what else to do. I had been awake only an hour, and already, I was sick of this place. I sighed and layed down, hoping to go into the land of sleep.

The next morning...

We had been going for nearly nine hours now, In this ambulance, taking us back to Jersey. I had slept most of the ride, but I kept a firm grip on Gerard's pale, cold hand. I was wondering if his hands had always been this cold, or whether I had been to busy to actually notice.

"We're about an hour away Miss." The driver said.

"Thank you."

I tried going back to sleep, but I couldn't. It's like suddenly, all my attention was on this boy, not even that, young man, next to me. I was scared that if I fell asleep now, I would miss something huge, like him waking up. I wanna be awake, when he wakes.

When we arrived at the hospital, Donna, Don, Mikey and Frank were already there waiting for us. Well, Mikey would just be here for Gerard, he probably doesn't care if I'm okay.

Gerard on his gurney was taken out first, followed by me, in my wheelchair. Amazingly overnight, I could actually walk slightly now, but I stayed in the wheelchair, just so I don't embarress myself by falling.

Me, the Way's and Frank followed Gerard into hospital, until we were stopped because we couldn't go any further for now, so we waited in the waiting room. Oh yeah, I discharged myself this morning. There was no need for me to stay, they needed to help my hero.

"My poor baby. He shouldn't be hooked up to machines, or having needles injected into his skin. He hates needles. I would mush rather him bringing home sluts every night, like he used to, then be here." Poor Donna sobbed into her husbands shirt while he comforted her.

I feel so bad. This is all my fault, "I'm so sorry Donna, this is all my fault."

"Of course it's all your fault! If it wasn't for you, he wouldn't be here!" Mikey snapped at me. I held back my tears although my lip was quivering.

"Michael! Do not blame her! This is not her fault. The poor girl has been through hell!" Mikey rolled his eyes.

"Whatever." He mumbled. Donna just sighed, giving up with him, but by now I was more than pissed.

"Fuck you Michael Way! You have no idea what I've been through since I've moved here! If you don't call being beaten by your own parents for two years and being abused by a 43 year old man hell, then I'd like to know what you call hell!" I yelled at him. My words, must have gotten to him because him and Frank stared at me with their jaws dropped and eyes wide.

"Are you fucking serious?" Frank asked. I nodded, and hadn't noticed I was crying until I tasted the salted tear on my tongue, "Fuck. I'm so sorry Krissy."

"Well I don't fucking accept your fucking apology. You haven't spoken to me for weeks, and now you think everything will go back to how it was just because you know what happened, and you know why I changed like I did!?"

"Krissy, we're really sorry, what more do want us to say? That we know how you feel? I'm sorry but we don't." Mikey said.

"Well, you'll know how I'm fucking feeling when you've had an abortion." I hissed. They didn't say anything. I think they were most likely confused, angry with themselves, and just didn't know what to do.

What did they expect? That I'd happily take them back as my friends and forget how they treated me? No chance.

I was dragged out of my thoughts when a doctor came up to us.
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