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Chapter 5A

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When Danny and his father are away from Amity weaposn testing, a massive ghost outbreak hits the city. Maddie and the other women fight off this new crisis using some very familiar technology...

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Danny Phantom: Fanning the Flames Remix Prequel Chapter!

By Kairi Taylor

Writer's Note: Yeah, my lazy ass needs to work faster, I know. So here is something I've been working on the sides as I work on Chapter 6. And as for when that is being released, a little joke at the end of teh story will tell you.

As for this story...let's just say I have a healthy appreciation for the people Danny and company will meet in here. A 25 year appreciation to be exact.

Chapter 5A- Infestation

The following story takes place between the events of Chapters 4 and 5.

(Fade in to the basement of the Amity National Museum, where the curator is talking to two workers, both struggling to open a crate that has been delivered.)

Curator: Careful, gentlemen! I don't want anything to happen to the contents of that crate!
Worker 1: Believe me sir; the Sullivan Bros. would have our heads if anything were to happen to your package!
Worker: 2: Geez, this thing weighs a ton! What is it made of, granite?
Curator: No, not exactly, but the tests should come back soon...oh never mind, let's just hurry this up.

(The two workers finally pry away the final nails that keep the crate sealed and pull the sides off. Inside the crate is a rather large, obsidian obelisk with runes all over the sides.)

Worker 1: Wow...looks like a miniature Washington Monument!
Worker 2: Egyptian?
Curator: Well, one would assume. But this curious little stone idol was found deep within the dungeons of a Scottish castle a few months ago. Our sponsor is very eager to put it on display.
Worker 1: I never knew Vlad Masters was into museum stuff.
Curator: Yes, well anything to keep people from remembering the scandal with the Disasteroid. In any case, we need to get this ready for display!
Worker 2: We need to get some more equipment from our truck!
Worker 1: Right. This will take a while.
Curator: Do that. I'll be in my office if you need me.

(As the 3 men depart the basement, none of them notice that the obelisk is glowing red....The next day, in front of Fenton Works, we find Danny is helping York in carrying a rack full of Fenton gear onto the RV. Jack and Maddie have a conversation as they work.)

Maddie: All of the gear, dear?
Jack: Sorry Maddie, but you know how it is! I need to test every weapon to make sure it's at its best, and I can't do that here at the lab.
York: I think I remember you telling me about the last time you did a weapons check. You said something about accidently opening a gate into Valhalla.
Danny: Trust me, its best you don't ask.
York: I wasn't planning to.
Maddie: Well, alright, but just promise me that you three will take all the needed safety precautions.
Jack: Oh we'll be fine, hon. What’s the worse that can happen?
Danny: Please, don't tempt me with providing examples.
Jack: Besides, we haven't seen any serious ghost attacks in weeks, if you actually count that Box Ghost as serious. Don't forget, we still have those backup weapons that our friends gave us!
Maddie: Oh, sure we have those, but we haven't needed them ever since we built the majority of our weapons.
York: I wouldn't worry about that. That gear seems to have a very large half life, considering the principles that they are based on. I'm actually surprised they gave those to you.
Jack: Well, the basic design of our early weapons were based on that technology, until we used ecto energy to power the others. They should do just fine.

Danny: I can understand why Dad wants to do the checks, but why do you have to come along?
York: Well, since Maddie will be here, someone has to do all the fine tuning. And let's be honest Jack, fine tuning was never one of your strong points.
Jack: Oh sure, cause one core implosion and hold it against me. So it'll just be the 3 of us, huh?
Danny: Uh, dad, you mean 4. (Danny points to Dani wheeling in a smaller rack of weapons.)
Dani: Apparently, I can't be trusted in the kitchen.
Maddie: Well, all of you try to keep yourselves alive. I'm sure I'll do something to fight off the doldrums.
Jack: Hey, why not spend some time with Mrs. Manson? I hear she has a nice little Tupperware party this weekend.
Maddie: Ugh, I think I rather clean some Bunsen burners. (Maddie steps into the house.)
York: I always wondered what it that those two have against each other is.
Danny: Aside the professions, Sam's mom made a crack about jumpsuits my mom didn't take kindly to.
York: Say no more.

(A couple hours later, Sam and Valerie are on their way to Fenton Works.)

Valerie: How's the training going so far?
Sam: Swell, but I haven't been able to summon anything else stronger than the Will O’ The Wisps lately. I think I may have been pushing myself too hard.
Valerie: Well, no one said being a shaman would be easy. I still can't believe you can summon anything that easily out of the air.
Sam: I know. It's become second nature to me now. What about you? I hear you've been undergoing some unique training of your own.
Valerie: Ah, nothing too serious. I just made my own makeshift obstacle course in the backyards behind our apartment building. The neighbors don't seem to mind, since it actually makes the backyard useful.
Sam: That sounds pretty sweet. Speaking of sweet, check this out! (Sam hands over a newspaper article to Valerie.)
Valerie: Hey, what's this?
Sam: Today, the Amity Museum is displaying the Obelisk of McGurk! It's never been publically displayed in the United States until now! It’s to help promote the latest exhibit.
Valerie: The Obelisk of McGurk? I've heard of that somewhere before. I think York may have mentioned it in one of his lectures.

Sam: The Obelisk of McGurk was named after its discoverer, Angus McGurk. He unearthed it on his castle grounds, but kept it locked up in his castle until one of his descendents found it again some 300 years later. No one's ever seen it outside of the U.S. until now.
Valerie: Sounds interesting, but I don't see what the fuss about it is.
Sam: Aside from the fact that the design of an obelisk is Egyptian in origin? Well, there's legend that the Obelisk has some latent supernatural properties of it. When Angus first unearthed it, strange things happened to the town where he lived.
Valerie: How strange are we talking? Funny, ha ha strange or Silent Hill strange?
Sam: Somewhere in between. The townspeople formally requested that McGurk destroy it, but he couldn't no matter what he did to it. So he locked it in his dungeon and the town was peaceful ever since.
Valerie: Sounds like the thing's more trouble than it's worth. Wonder if Danny's up for a look at it.
Sam: Hope so. Hey, where's Star and Tucker?
Valerie: Star and her dad are off to the Rockies for a hiking trip with her uncle Aaron. Tucker somehow managed to get himself dragged to the annual Foley Family Snowboard Tournament.
Sam: Uh oh. No wonder I couldn't get in contact with him. I fully expect him to be in the hospital within a week.
Valerie: Ouch. Well, we're here. (The two knock on the front door, which opens to reveal Jazz.)
Jazz: Hey you two, long time no see!
Valerie: Hey Jazz!
Sam: How's college life treating you?
Jazz: Ah, slow! Especially if you take Dr. Crane's bonus lectures on bar psychology. That's why I'm here for the weekend!
Sam: Oh, crud.
Valerie: Well, we'll just be taking Danny and get out of your hair while you relax.
Jazz: Oh, they didn't tell you? Danny, Dad & the professor are gone for the day. They're testing all of dad's weapons and its better they do it as far away from civilization as possible.
Sam: I hear that.
Valerie: Well, that sucks. Even Ember went off to some gig. What are we supposed to do for the entire weekend?
Jazz: Leave that to me. (Jazz holds up a Monopoly board.)
Sam: If we play, promise me you won't get all megomaniacal with the property taxes.
Valerie: You're still thinking about what I did with Baltic Avenue, huh?

(Meanwhile at Amity High, the custodian is cleaning up in the cafeteria.)

Custodian: I swear, every time that Lunch Lady ghost comes around here, I get stuck cleaning up all of the spam from the floorboards. Why can't she attack with roast beef? Or turkey, is that too much to ask?

(As he leans down and carefully removes a crushed pot from the legs of a table, some loud thumps are heard from the interior of the kitchen.)

Custodian: Oh great, here we go again. Let's see what she's got against the menu now.

(Sighing, the custodian walks over to the kitchen door and pushes it open. He does not find the Lunch Lady in there, but something else: the door to one of the refrigerators is open, with foods all over the floor. A large, somewhat transparent wolf ghost is devouring the food inside. As the custodian looks on, the wolf ghost turns its head to see him and snarls.)

Custodian: You have no idea how badly I wish you were a dead food server right now. (The custodian runs for his life.)

(Back at Fenton Works, inside the living room, the 3 girls are sitting down, playing Monopoly.)

Sam: It's amazing just how seriously you take this game.
Jazz: I'm not that serious. You're just made because I negotiated a better deal for the railroads than you.
Sam: You traded away a perfectly good property for it!
Valerie: You have to admit, she is a pretty good negotiator. Now then, what do you want for your St. James Ave?
Sam: Oh that depends. What do you have to sacrifice?

(The phone rings and Maddie enters the room.)

Maddie: Ah, Monopoly. I've seen many a friendship ruined by that one.
Sam: My Nana is an expert at it. Dad's yet to even come close to beating her.
Maddie: Hello, this is the Fenton, I'm sorry. My husband's unavailable at the have a ghost attack? Well, I don't know if I can do much...ok, I'll look into it, see what we can do...yes, I understand. (Maddie hangs up the phone.) Hmm, that's odd. I just got a call from the supermarket. They say they have an aisle of fruits attacking people.
Sam: Thank God Tucker isn't here. He'd make it a point to tell me how this proves fruits and vegetables really are bad for you.
Jazz: An aisle of fruit though, that's unusual, even for this town.
Valerie: Well, why not just let one of those other goofball ghost hunters handle it? It doesn't sound too serious.
Maddie: I suppose you're right. (The phone rings.) Hello...what? Your stuffed moose attacked you? Ok, I'll make sure to drop by...Ok, a moose attack. Also odd.
Valerie: I wonder. (Valerie picks up the TV remote and turns the television on. A reporter is one the streets outside Town Hall.)
Reporter: Amity Park officials have yet to explain the sudden surge of paranormal activity that has spiked in the area. All over the city, there are reports of ghost and other entities popping up and harassing the local citizens, but this time, the ghosts involved are not the usual ghosts encountered. Local ghost hunters such as the infamous Master's Blasters have been called in to take on the spectral menace, with very limited results.

(Behind the reporter, the 3 teens, all armed, run away from a large, purple horned dog.)

Maddie: This is bad.
Valerie: What the hell was THAT?
Maddie: If I remember right... (Maddie reaches into her pocket and fishes out a palm pilot.) That is a terror dog! I've only remember one instance where two of them showed up. It wasn't pretty!
Sam: There's something different about this ghosts. It doesn't look like any ghost from the Ghost Zone we've seen.
Jazz: Yeah, it look so...I can't describe it, but it's just different.
Valerie: Whatever it is, I don't think we can let any other ghost hunter handle it themselves. Especially since the bulk of them are idiots.
Jazz: Why not have your dad handle it?
Valerie: Unfortunately, my dad's out of town. I can make a call to him, but I don't know what he can do.
Maddie: Looks like we'll get to try out that equipment my friends left for us after all. Come on girls, let's go to the lab.

(Within the walls of the lab. Maddie leads the group to a special safe, with a numeric lock.)

Maddie: I never thought we'd have to rely on this equipment, but it's amazing what happens when Jack's not around.
Jazz: I always wondered why you never let me or Danny in to this safe.
Sam: You said that most of your gear actually revolves around what's in that safe.
Valerie: How come you never used it before?
Maddie: Well, we both wanted to rely on using our own gear for our own business, so we decided that we would only use these items in an emergency. I'm sorry to put you 3 in such an awkward position, but I need all the help I can get here.
Sam: Sure, we'll be glad to help.
Jazz: I guess I can kiss my weekend goodbye.

(Maddie smiles and opens the safe. Inside, wrapped in clear plastic, are four proton packs. A set of ghost traps and a PKE meter are also inside.)

Sam: Wow, this looks killer!
Valerie: I swear, I've seen these before.
Maddie: Girls, these are the proton packs. My friends, Dr. Spengler and Dr. Stanz, came up with the design.

Sam: These look more like flamethrowers than anything.
Maddie: Well, actually, these release positive charged protons into a constant stream in order to entrap a ghost, which has a negative charge. When they are in the stream, someone can entrap them in one of these handy traps and we can contain them within.
Jazz: I didn't know that ghosts were negatively charged beings.
Maddie: Spengler's research was quite thorough.
Valerie: Wait, I've heard that name before. Dr. Egon Spengler, my dad said he met him while on a business trip to New York a few years ago. I didn't know you met him too.
Maddie: We were researching a haunting up in Kentucky in my freshman year. After he and Dr. Stanz created the proton packs, he sent me one of the prototypes for analysis. I was able to create at least 4 before he perfected it. He also sent us samples of ectoplasm so we could use them to develop our own weapons.
Sam: You know, I could have sworn they were involved in something else.
Valerie: Yeah, me too.
Maddie: You mean the Gozer incident.
Sam: Whoa, Gozer? I thought he was just a legend.
Valerie: What?
Sam: Gozer the Gozerian, he...
Maddie: Or she.
Sam: Yeah, Gozer is the god of destruction in Sumerian legends. I didn't think someone like that would pop up.
Maddie: Blame the building architect. Someone wanted to destroy the world in the worst way, so he built the apartment building where Gozer showed up to act as a conduit to collect enough ghost energy to open a portal and summon Gazer in order to destroy the world. Thankfully that was adverted.
Jazz: How come I don't remember any of it?
Maddie: You were just a baby when it happened dear. Danny wasn't even born when the Vigo incident happened.
Sam: Geez, Vigo the Carpathian? Is there anyone your friends didn't fight?
Maddie: You'd be surprised. In any case, we'll have to use these in order to fight the ghosts showing up here in town. I have a few spare suits in the back.
Jazz: I call dibs on the goggles!
Valerie: So much for Monopoly.
Sam: So much for a quiet weekend.

(Later on, in front of the school.)

Ishiyama: What do you mean Jack Fenton is not in town?
Lancer: That's what Mrs. Fenton told me. We're just fortunate she is actually capable of handling this.
Ishiyama: No argument there.
Lancer: Ah, here she comes now!

(A car pulls up to the front of the school. All four women step out: Maddie has on her light blue suit, holding the PKE meter. Jazz has on a beige jumpsuit with a pair of goggles on her forehead. Valerie has a grey jumpsuit and Sam has a brown jumpsuit. All of them strap on their proton packs.)

Sam: I still can't believe you didn't have one in black.
Valerie: I don't think it will kill you to have on a primary color other than black, purple or grey.

Maddie: Principal Ishiyama, what's the problem?
Ishiyama: A few of our staff members were attacked by a ghost some time ago.
Valerie: Let me guess, the Lunch Lady. Nothing we can't handle.
Lancer: Actually, it wasn't the Lunch Lady ghost this time. It seems it was a rather large wolf ghost. We think there may be other ghosts around, but we can't be too sure.
Maddie: Sounds nasty. Let me see. (Maddie holds up the PKE meter and switches it on.) Oh my.
Sam: I take it we have our work cut out for us.
Maddie: Looks that way. The PKE meter's ratings are off the charts. We'll have to split up. Valerie & I will take the east side of the school, you and Jazz look in the west side. And Sam, try to call York. He may be able to get some info for us.

(Meanwhile, in the middle of the woods nearby, Danny hoists up a very large bazooka as Jack sits at a bench, a soldering tool in hand, working on a small circuit board. York stands nearby, clipboard in hand.)

York: Ok, Fenton Ecto Bazooka tested. The kickback is pretty minimal, and the range is 500 meters at optimal performance.
Danny: You could also note that it weighs as much as a rottweiler.
York: Duly noted. Dani, how is the ecto rifle?

(One large explosion later, Dani walks towards them, the barrel to the ecto rifle smoking.)

Dani: It's good.
York: I don't wanna know how that happened. Let's test the melee weapons next. (York's cell phone goes off.)
Jack: Uh oh, looks like the company needs it's leader again.
York: Actually, it's Sam. Wonder why she's calling on me? (York opens his cell phone...uh huh...WHAT?...infestation...ok, did Maddie...good, good. Ok, I'll look into it. In the meantime, Sam, let Valerie & Jazz know, whatever happens, NEVER cross the streams...just trust me, it's in your best interest to never let that happen!.
Jack: What's up?
York: Looks like there is a sudden outbreak of ghost activity in Amity. Maddie and the others are using the proton packs to clean it up, but Sam asked me to monitor it for us. Good thing I have access to the surveillance equipment in my company’s lab from here.
Danny: Proton packs?
Jack: A little souveniur from old friends of ours. It happened before you were born.
Dani: Ok, but what was that about crossing the streams?
Jack: Well, the best technical term to describe it would be 'total protonic reversal'.
Danny: Still confused.
York: Ok, how's this? Remember what happened at the end of ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ when the Nazis opened the Ark of the Covenant?
Danny: Yeah?
York: Not even CLOSE.

(Back at the school, Sam and Jazz are searching the kitchen where the custodian was attacked.)

Jazz: These goggles are amazing. I can see a huge ecto signature leftover in this place. And man, this guy was a messy eater.
Sam: I'm not sensing a lot of spectral energy myself. Whatever it was, it was here, and it was fairly recent.
Jazz: Wow, I didn't know you had an ability like that.
Sam: Well, it's something I picked up during my training. It's kind of different from Danny's. I'm able to not only sense it, but I can tell you just how powerful a ghost is.
Jazz: That sounds like it can come in handy.
Sam: Oh, it does, believe me.
Jazz: Oh, and how are things between you and Danny?
Sam: Oh just...fine. Fine as it can get for two best friends.
Jazz: Oh really?
Sam: Oh no, not you two.
Jazz: I didn't say anything.
Sam: Look, something like this with me and's complicated. I mean, I know how I feel about him and all, but it's just...
Jazz: You're waiting to tell him at the right time just how much you care about him without messing it up. Believe me, I know what you're going through.
Sam: You could kind of say that.
Jazz: But now that Ember's your partner, it kind of complicates things because you think she's starting to feel the same thing about him.
Sam: Yeah...wait, NO!!! That's not it! Geez, did York say that to you.
Jazz: He kind of joked about it last time we met.
Sam: Well it's kind of weird. I mean, yeah, the two of them want to settle things after all of this is over, but they seem to be getting along much better than before. Seriously, I don't know what to make of those two.
Jazz: I think it'll be just fine. The two of them just like competing with one another. Those sort of personalities, they tend to find common ground. I'm sure that--whoa!!!
Sam: Something's coming!
Jazz: And it's HUGE!!!

(The wall literally explodes in a cloud of dust as a large, black wolf ghost bursts in and howls.)

Jazz: Wow that is one huge puppy!
Sam: Uh, may I suggest we, I dunno, FIRE!

(Jazz fires a stream at the ghost, knocking her back slightly, but ensnaring the spirit. As the ghost struggles to get free, Sam unlatches the ghost trap she has from her back and rolls it underneath.)

Sam: I hope this thing works as well as the Thermos!
Jazz: It better! This guy's a fighter!

(Sam stomps down on the switch. The ghost wolf is sucked down into the trap as Sam and Jazz look away. A second later, the ghost trap shuts.)

Sam: Wow...that was pretty fun!
Jazz: Yeah, but the kickback on this, whoa! My shoulder’s sore! But what was that ghost? (The Lunch Lady appears in front of them.)
Lunch L.: That was a Warg, dearie.

Jazz: GAH!!! The Lunch Lady! (Jazz raises her particle thrower, but Sam grabs her shoulder.)
Sam: Whoa whoa whoa, hold on there Tex! She ain't attacking us.
Jazz: How do you know that for sure?
L. Lady: I've been having weekly sessions with that professor friend of yours. Seems I have a whole slew of unexplained rage issues to overcome. I must admit, the therapy is helping.
Jazz: oh. Well, good, good...
Sam: You said that the thing we just caught was a Warg.
L. Lady: Yes, it's not native to our region of the world, but it's appearance here is a bit of a bother. I'd have taken care of it myself, but I'm busy in the Ghost Zone with my own side project. I call it the Lunch Box! (The Lunch Lady holds up a blueprint of a small diner.)
Sam: Wow, that looks pretty interesting. I don't suppose...
L. Lady: No, a vegetarian menu hasn't been drafted yet.
Jazz: In any case, the information you just gave us is helpful. But how do you know about Wargs?
L. Lady: Well, for ghosts from the Ghost Zone, it is expected for us to have working knowledge of the many types of ghosts from the Human World, in case any of them give us trouble.
Jazz: That's right, I heard not all ghosts are from the Ghost Zone.
Sam: But it doesn't explain why a Warg is here.
L. Lady: You may have to ask the Warg's companions, if you can get them.
Sam: Uh, sure. Just how many are we dealing with?

(At the Assembly Hall, Valerie has a pair of Wargs trapped in her proton stream, struggling to keep them at bay. Maddie sets up a ghost trap nearby)

Valerie: What the hell are these things, wolves?
Maddie: They are called Wargs actually. In Norse mythology, they are linked to Fenir and Skoll. They occasional serve as a mount for a rider and--
Valerie: Yeah, that's great, we can have the mythology lesson later when we finish trapping these rabies magnets!
Maddie: Oh, sure, of course! (Maddie stomps down on the lever and the Wargs are all sucked into the trap.)
Valerie: I hope that was the last of them.
Maddie: I doubt it. Wolves tend to hunt in packs, and the PKE meter is still picking up a presence nearby. And if it's right, it's a particularly large one.
Valerie: These guys were the size of Saint Bernard’s! I doubt they can get any bigger!

(The wall across from them explodes. In the hole that is left is a large Warg, about the size of a buffalo. Atop of the Warg is a large Viking, whose armor is rusted. His face is completely skeletal.)

Valerie: I really should learn never to say such things.
Viking Ghost: VALHALLA!!! (With eyes glowing, the ghost raises his axe and charges towards them both, with the Warg's fangs glistening as it goes forward.)
Maddie: Sorry, but you are WAY off course, buddy! (Maddie aims and fires, knocking the Viking Ghost off of the Warg and trapping him in her stream. The Warg he was riding continues it's charge at Valerie, who ducks down in the nick of time as it passes by her. Raising her particle thrower, she aims and traps the Warg in her own stream before it has a chance to turn around.)
Maddie: Great dodge!
Valerie: Thanks! But how are we going to get these two in the trap? One of us will have to let the other ghost go! (At that moment, Sam and Jazz appear besides them.)
Sam: Uh, I think that's our cue!
Jazz: Allow us.

(Jazz & Sam take the ghost traps from the back of Valerie and Maddie's packs and wheel them under the ghosts. A few seconds later, both of their quarries are entrapped.)

Sam: Well, that was fun.
Valerie: A gal could get used to wielding a big ol' gun like this!
Jazz: Yeah, but we have no place to store them. And we can't just stick these in the Ghost Zone, they're not even from there.
Maddie: Well, it's not just containment we'll have a problem with, we’re also going to need more traps. I don't have the plans to build any more, but...
Jazz: Let me guess, York does.
Maddie: Right. Come on, we all need to take a little trip downtown.

(Meanwhile, back in the woods...)

York: Ok, these are done! Danny, how is the ecto-Gatling gun coming along? (Danny wheels out a large black Gatling gun on a wheelbarrow.)
Danny: I think my dad may have gone overboard when he developed this one.
York: Well, that one was designed for large groups of ghosts. Also, it's probably best that you don't ever touch the barrel like you're about to, unless you like a cute little burn mark.
Danny: Oops. Thanks for the heads up. (Dani arrives with a cell phone.)
Dani: Heads up. The others are checking in. (Dani tosses the phone to York.)
York: Hope everything is ok. (Jack joins in, two ecto blasters on his shoulder.)
Jack: Well, with the rate we're going we'll be done by mid evening. We may be able to get back to town to lend a hand.
Dani: Geez, I thought we'd just chill out for a bit, let the gals handle things.
Jack: Yes, that would be kind of a change of pace, but I'm more worried if they get overwhelmed. This sort of thing rarely happens, but when it does it needs to be dealt with as soon as possible.
York: Uh huh...yeah, don't worry, I already made the call. He'll be more than a huge help.
Jack: So, what's the word?
York: Well Jack and I got a small research lab set up in the downtown area of Amity. They're headed there now to get some more equipment. I have an assistant of mine there looking after the lab, so he's pretty familiar with what the girls need.
Danny: You have a research lab downtown?
Jack: Well, sort of a research lab. It's more of a archive really for the stuff the two of us have made from time to time.
Danny: Well, it's good to know you actually took the initiative to place some of your stuff down there.
Jack: I had to. The city made us do it after the Avalon Incident.
Danny: Oh, of course.
York: I don't want to know about why you so casually remember that. In any case, I think that we need to hurry. According to my readings, the level of ecto energy in Amity is increasing.
Jack: Increasing? How fast?
York: Fast.

(Somewhere in downtown Amity, The girls arrive in Maddie's car at a large, 3 story warehouse, with a sign on the front that reads 'York R & D LMTD' over the doors.)

Maddie: Ah, here we are.
Sam: This place looks more like a depot than a laboratory.
Valerie: I'm surprised anyone actually wants to keep a place like this.
Jazz: Well, after the Avalon Incident, we kind of had no choice. Prof. York was more than happy to help us out though.
Sam: Ah yes, I remember. Not the fondest of experiences.

(The four of them exit the car and knock on the doors. A few seconds later, they fly open and a man with a beard, a baseball cap and glasses appears in front of them. He has on a denim shirt and black jeans, but wears a lab coat.)

Man: Sorry, we're not expecting the Orkin Man for another 5 days.
Maddie: Excuse me, I'm Maddie Fenton. I'm sure your boss called ahead...
Man: Wait, Maddie? Oh, sorry, we don't see too many visitors. Yeah, I've been expecting you. Come on in, get the car too. Wow, never thought I'd see a real live proton pack up front again. What's it like to use it?
Sam: Every time I fire this thing, it feels like I could dislocate my shoulder.
Man: Oh good. That means it's working perfectly.
Valerie: Uh, ok. Who are you anyway?
Man: My name is Kyle Travis, but people call me KT. I transferred from York's NYC branch to maintain the shop here. I thought I'd never see one of these bad boys in use in Amity though.
Jazz: So, you’re familiar with it?
KT: Yup. Spent a whole semester in NYU studying the designs. Of course, that idiot from the EPA tried to get the class shut down, what was his name, Pecker, Pluck...
Maddie: Oh, Walter Peck. Yeah, I know him.
KT: Really? How?
Maddie: He came here trying to get us shut down too a couple of years ago. He said that our weapons were an environmental hazard due to their energy signature.
KT: what happened to him?
Jazz: He had a run in with a ghost named Skulker. I never saw a man run so fast in my life.
KT: Whoa. Ok, I got to show you to the ECU. Ladies, walk this way.

(Downstairs in the basement, the group comes across a large, red cylinder unit. Built into it is a keyboard and a hatch with a retractable unit.)

KT: Ok, this is the ECU, Ecto Containment Unit. Can you hand me one of the traps please?
Sam: Here you go. (Sam unhooks one of the traps from her pack and hands it over.
KT: Right. Real simple. All you need to do is stick the trap here, pull the switch and viola! Ghost is now incarcerated in Club Spook until we can figure out what to do with them!
Valerie: How long has this been here?
Maddie: Oh, it was built sometime after 1991, but we haven't really had to use it. I mean, we have the Fenton Portal, so we could just use that to send the ghosts we caught back there.
Jazz: The problem though is that the ghosts we have coming in aren't from the Ghost Zone.
Maddie: Yes, so that is not an option.
Sam: What worries me is why these ghosts are coming up around the town. I mean, we always had ghost problems, but not these kind. Why would they show up now?
KT: I was thinking that too. Check this out. (KT leads them to a laptop on a nearby table with a radar display) This is the current level of ecto-kinetic energy in Amity. The table on the left shows the normal levels. This table here shows the current spike in levels.
Sam: That is not pretty.
Valerie: This means the place is swarming.
KT: Yes. Not only are we getting ghosts that had been dormant for a long time, but we seem to be getting an influx of spirits as well.
Maddie: I see. It's like there is something that is drawing all of the ghosts in to Amity. Like a beacon of some sort.
Sam: I'll wager a guess and say that if we continue what we're doing, we'll find some clues as to what's drawing them in.
Maddie: No doubt. But we're going to need a lot of traps!
KT: That's why I'm here. I have enough materials to build additional traps and fix the proton packs, plus I may be able to help you narrow down the source of all of this.
Maddie: Good. I don't think this will be too difficult...

(3 hours later, an exhausted Sam and Jazz report in, both with an armful of traps.)

Sam: Wow...never thought a poltergeist would be so damn ugly.
Jazz: Tell me about it. And the imps in the old factory. Those were some mean little bastards. (They both set their traps in the table as KT hands over a couple of papers.)
KT: Maddie and Valerie are in the middle of a job at the Botanical Gardens. Seems like they found themselves a couple of Class 5 Free Roaming Vapors running amuck.
Sam: Lucky them. Here, have a trap!
KT: Thanks.
Jazz: What bugs me is that we haven't seen any of the other usual ghosts running around. You'd think ghosts like Technus or Skulker would be taking advantage of this.
Sam: I thought so too. Maybe whatever it is that's drawing these other ghosts are keeping them away.
KT: Maybe, but I'm not so sure. Look at this. (KT flips a TV screen on. Desiree is shown in floating about at the Amity Museum.) This ghost hasn't actually tried to attack anyone. I think if we intercept that one, we may get some answers.
Sam: Well, looks like I get my wish to visit the museum after all. I'll get the camera!

(At the museum, the duo arrives to find a large gathering of vehicles, mostly marked with giant 'V' symbol. Assorted boxes are being wheeled into the building.)

Jazz: Wow, even with all of the activity happening around town, I’m suprised these guys are still around.
Sam: Must be a union thing.
Jazz: Well, let's see what we got. (Jazz holds up her own PKE meter.) Hmm, pretty normal so far. If anything would be considered quiet.
Sam: I'd still like to know what Desiree is doing in the museum of all places. Think there's something here she wants?
Jazz: Wouldn't be the first time. Wait, is that who I think it is? (Jazz points to Vlad Masters, talking with Maddie and Valerie.)
Vlad: Honestly, Maddie, you’ll have to take my word at face value. I have no idea why it's starting up myself. I do have a crew working on it, but my priorities lie elsewhere at the moment.
Maddie: It's kind of hard for me to believe that, especially after the asteroid.
Vlad: Oh come on, even Jack thought it was best to let bygones be bygones.
Valerie: Only because he actually thinks of you as his best friend. A less than nicer guy probably would have hauled off on you.
Vlad: Well yes, but Jack does have an innate ability to believe in the better aspects of humanity. Now believe me, I’m curious myself as to the reasons behind this surge in paranormal attacks myself. And I'm dying to know just how did you manage to duplicate Dr. Spengler's designs so well.
Sam: Vlad Masters. Well, my day is complete. So, what's Amity's most reclusive billionaire doing today?
Valerie: You know that museum exhibit you want to see? Vlad's funding it. We decided to pay a visit to the museum when we saw a report of it on the news while we were at the docks.
Maddie: By the way, ghost pirates don't believe in parlay.
Vlad: Yes, well I suppose I do understand why you might be suspicious, given my past actions and the 'Mysteries of the Ethereal' exhibit we have here. But it's all a coincidence. That's the hope.
Jazz: I would think that the needed precautions were taken in order to make sure there were nothing remotely dangerous among your collection.
Vlad: Yes, there were. You're more than free to check for yourself to make sure. If anything, there's only mild spiritual residue from the artifacts.
Maddie: Let me see the list. (Vlad hands over a clipboard to Maddie.) Interesting. Girls, go on ahead and do a check. I need to talk to Vlad about something.
Valerie: I sense a riot act about to be read.
Sam: Same here. Let’s get out of ear range and check this out. (Sam, Valerie and Jazz head inside as Maddie reads the list.)
Vlad: Look, Maddie, I know I can be a bit, well, stubborn. Oh and vindictive, but really, I do regret what I almost put you and Jack through...
Maddie: Vlad, it's not the fact that you almost got all of us killed in some bid to humiliate the man I loved that I'm upset about. It's your inability to cope.
Vlad: I can cope. Really, I am a man of patience and understanding.
Maddie: You had sent 100 pizzas sent to our physics professor when he gave you a D+.
Vlad: Ok, I'll give you that, but he wasn't called 'The Hun' for nothing. Even York tries to be social with me.
Maddie: I attribute that to the fact that he knows what isolation feels like.
Vlad: I don't doubt that. But really, I am making an effort here.
Maddie: Then you won't mind if I sign you up with the Billionaire Matchmaker. She works wonders.
Vlad: Oh not her, please not her. I watch enough of her on Bravo!
Maddie: You watch Bravo?
Vlad: I like Top Chef, I'll have you know.
Maddie: Now what's this...The Obelisk of McGurk? I didn't even know you had that.
Vlad: Actually, I was quite lucky in getting that. The McGurk family was very glad to be rid of it, since they've been down on their luck themselves for some time.
Maddie: This is odd. I've heard quite a bit about this thing.
Vlad: So have I. I've been doing research on it, but I can't uncover much of anything. Even the writing on it is a mystery.
Maddie: I'll take a look at it myself. I've always wanted to look at something like that. (A man in a suit approaches Vlad.)
Man: Excuse me, Mr. Masters, we've got a situation. One of the teams that we have working downtown is being overwhelmed downtown.
Vlad: How bad is it?
Man: Molten cheese is involved.
Vlad: Indeed. Uh, pardon me Maddie. I think this requires a direct approach. Feel free to send any details you find to my cell phone. (Vlad gets into a waiting limo and drives off.)
Maddie: Now then...let's see what we find here.

(In the museum, Sam, Jazz and Valerie enter the Middle Eastern section, where they find Desiree floating around a large display case with a statue of a Roc inside.)

Desiree: You know, I never understood just how genies could have originated from these guys. On second thought, maybe it's best I don't ask.
Sam: I never imagined you to be the museum type. (Desiree turns to face the group.)
Desiree: Oh great, Goth Gal & company!
Valerie: What brings you to the museum? We'd figure you'd be robbing it or something.
Desiree: Well, first off, there's nothing in the museum I'd actually want. The last thing I need are any reminders of why I'm in the position I'm in now. Although I do admit I have a fondness for rugs. Second, I've got nothing to do with what's going on in town, in case you are curious.
Jazz: We know. The Lunch Lady said that ghosts from our world were congregating around this town. We're trying to figure out why.
Sam: We were hoping maybe you'd like to fill in some of the blanks. Someone with your history may have heard of something.
Desiree: Hey now, I'm not that old. And I look hot for someone in my age bracket.
Valerie: Noted.
Desiree: As for answers, I'm not too sure. But I do have to admit, there's something about this place that makes me quite uneasy.
Jazz: Go on.
Desiree: Ghosts from your world can sense things that we can't. Whatever supernatural artifacts exist here, we can't really interact with, but we can sort of sense them. This museum has something here that may be what you're looking for.
Sam: Say guys, remember what I told you about the Obelisk? I have this funny feeling that we may have to take a closer look at it.
Desiree: You mean that huge honking phallic symbol in the next hall? Yeah, I think your friend here is right.
Jazz: Sam, I think you're right. We should see what is up with that thing.

(In the next hall over, Maddie looks over the Obelisk as the girls enter.)

Maddie: Strange...very strange indeed.
Jazz: Wow, take a look at that.
Sam: These runes look familiar. I could have sworn I've seen them before...
Valerie: I don't suppose you have a handy guide to translating them, do you?
Sam: Well, let me see. (Sam pulls out 'The Goth Pocket Guide to Assorted Runes'.)
Maddie: The PKE levels are pretty odd; they seem to fluctuate on and off. I can't get a definite reading, but it's very high.
Valerie: I'll wager a guess and say that could be bad news.

Maddie: In many ways, yes it could be. I need a definite reading in order to properly assess just how powerful this artifact is. In the meantime, I'll just take some photos. We can send them through the spectrographer and see if we get anything.
Jazz: And what about these runes?
Sam: Well, I've got some good news and some bad news.
Valerie: Let's get the bad news out of the way.
Sam: These runes are from a very ancient civilization, lost for thousands of years. My guide has nothing on it.
Jazz: That's not what we needed to hear.
Sam: That's where the good news kicks in. There is one book that has a complete translation of all of the runes. I just need to get to a computer to track it down.
Maddie: Right, back to the lab then.

(A short time later, back at the lab, Sam & Valerie are busy at the computer.)

Valerie: I'm surprised that any information about these runes still exists out there.
Sam: Unfortunately, with these runes there are only a handful of stones in existence that are still out there. No one knows the full origin quite yet, but it's said to have it's origins in eastern Europe.
Valerie: And it also says here that the earliest known stone tablet containing these runes were discovered in Wales. Say, I wonder...
Sam: It looks like there may be a connection with these tablets and the Obelisk. Ah, here we go.
Valerie: Let's see...'Runes of the Damned' by Professor H.P.L. Radford. The only known copy of this book is located in the archives of the Olde Amity City Library.
Sam: Catchy title.
Valerie: I've heard rumors about that place. Bad rumors.
Sam: If you mean 'haunted' it's no different than what we encounter everyday.
Valerie: I mean bad as in 'entire library staff disappeared in one day so they closed it down' bad.
Sam: Are you serious?
Valerie: Straight from my dad's mouth. That was one of the first cases he worked.
Sam: Looks like we got our work cut out for us then. (Maddie and Jazz enter the room with KT.)
Maddie: Found our book?
Sam: Yeah, at the Olde Amity Library.
Maddie: I didn't need to hear that.
KT: In that case, I think it'd be best to make that a short a trip as possible. I'll finish scanning these picks.

Some time later, in the upper section of Amity, the crew drive into Amity Heights.)

Jazz: Well, here we are.
Sam: I don't see it.
Valerie: Look straight ahead. There it is.

(Valerie points to a large, Victorian era building that, for all intents or purposes, looks as if came straight out of an Stephen King novel; the windows are all boarded up or missing, the outside looks worn from years of neglect and weather and the plant life seems to have overgrown, especially the vines that cover the rusted gates. The location is troubling enough: it's located on a small island in the middle of a lake in the center of Amity Heights, with a wooden bridge being the only link to the island)

Sam: Wow. How could I have missed THAT? Looks like we can't take the car.
Maddie: It'd be suicide if we did.
Jazz: You mentioned that this was one of your dad's first cases.
Valerie: Yeah. A rare book was on display there one summer. A day later, everyone who worked there just up and vanished. My dad never could figure out what caused the disappearance, and ever since then the place was plagued by all sorts of ghosts. So, the book was sealed in the vault and the library was shut down. No one's been in there ever since.
Sam: Great. Just what I needed to hear.
Maddie: Well, no one had access to a particle thrower back then.
Sam: True. And lucky for us, we have the plans to said library on us.

(The girls cross the bridge and enter the interior of the library. Inside, the place is a large, dusty mess: Various shelves and books are overturned or on their sides. Various books and magazines are strewn about on the floors and tables. For the most part, many of the book carts remain untouched. The librarian's desk is covered in cobwebs and dust, which Maddie brushes off as she takes a look at the computer.)

Maddie: Wow, I'm surprised. The computer here is rather old, but it's still functional.
Jazz: And it's a Mac no less. I'd had figured these people to be used to Linux.
Sam: I don't think a superior operating system was of any concern to these people. I'm kind of surprised though. You'd think since we're here, any ghosts that were hiding here would have been making their presence felt.
Valerie: I agree.
Maddie: Hmm, let me see. (Maddie holds up her PKE meter.) Well, I've got nothing so far.
Jazz: Ah, here we go. (The computer screen lights up.) Let's see. A quick search of the catalog should give us a general idea of the location of that book.
Maddie: Are we sure the book is here?
Valerie: I'm fairly positive. The books here were never moved, they just left everything as it was.
Sam: Yeah, they probably were afraid that there were curses or something on these books.
Valerie: Wouldn’t be the first time.
Jazz: I've got good news and bad news.
Sam: Let me guess- the good news is that the book is here after all. The bad news is the location of said book.
Jazz: Yup. The book is in the basement, right next to the vault.
Sam: I called it. And knowing our luck, the minute we open the door to that basement, that PKE meter is gonna spike.
Maddie: Well, I don't know...

(Valerie shrugs, walks over to the nearby double doors leading to the basement and pushes them open. Maddie's PKE meter goes haywire.)

Maddie: Sam, are you sure you're not psychic?
Sam: Positive.

(Meanwhile, back at the lab, Vlad knocks on the door.)

Vlad: Well, at least he has enough sense to keep it in this area. (The door opens and KT, with a soldering iron in hand, peeks out.)
KT: Masters? This is a surprise!
Vlad: Yes, well, I've got a bit of an emergency on my hands, what with a ghost outbreak and all.
KT: Yeah, I hear your team's having some issues. Why do you even employ those 3?
Vlad: I signed them for an ironclad 3 year contract unfortunately. They only took the job because I promised them college scholarships.
KT: Ah. Well, on the upside, they are far more effective than those other guys out there. But if you're looking for my boss, he's out of town.
Vlad: I know, Maddie told me while she was tearing me a new one. But that's not why I'm here; it's about the museum.
KT: What about it?
Vlad: I think you know about the display I've recently funded. No doubt, Maddie has decided to do some research on the Obelisk.
KT: Yes, she also took some pictures of the Obelisk. I'm about to run them through the spectrographer now. Did something happen to the Obelisk?
Vlad: See, that's the problem. We don't know. The room has just been sealed off.
KT: Sealed off? That doesn’t sound right.
Vlad: Tell me about it. Some kind of force field seems to have surrounded the room where we kept it. I have a team looking into it right now, but I suspect there's more to it.
KT: Uh oh...I wonder.

(Back inside the lab, Vlad and KT go to where the spectrographer is. A series of photo copies are ejected and KT takes a look.)

KT: This is not good. So not good. Vlad, take a look at this. (Vlad is handed an extra photo.)
Vlad: That's strange. This runes were not here when I examined the Obelisk.
KT: No, they weren't. These runes were only visible after I did a few tests here. Whatever it means, it's more than likely got something to do with our problems here. I sent York a copy of it through his cell phone, so he should---(the lights begin to flicker on and off.)
Vlad: KT, we seem to have visitors.
KT: Perfect. What else could go wrong?

(As if on cue, all of the doors slam shut, and a series of ghostly green shackles ensnare the two.)

Vlad: That's something you should NEVER say in cases like this.

(In the woods, Danny and his father enter the Fenton RV, where York and Dani are looking at the nearby computer screen.)

Jack: Ok, we're all done...Yorkie, you don't look too happy.
York: With what we have on our hands, no, I am not.
Danny: Ok, out with it.
York: I just received a very troubling fax from one of my employees. If I am correct, we have an omega level supernatural entity getting ready to awaken in the middle of Amity.
Danny: Well, that's nothing new. We'll just get our gear and blast it back to kingdom come!
Dani: Yeah, that WOULD be nice. That brings us to our bigger problem.
York: There is a highly concentrated mass of ectoplasmic energy forming. And it's coming right for us!
Jack: Uh...that is a problem.

Dani: No, problem would be the algebra homework I got last week. This is beyond 'problem'.
York: These photos were taken by Maddie at the museum a time ago. My lab technician ran the photos through the spectrographer and found something quite disturbing. (Jack gets handed the photos.)
Jack: That's funny...what are these runes here?
York: The runes I circled are only visible after the photos were put through. They are Sumerian, not the same as the ones that were on the Obelisk originally. But they warn of the coming of Rha'aan.
Danny: Let me take a stab at this: Rha'aan is an ancient entity spoken of in legends, who will take steps to ensure the destruction of the world should he either be awoken, brought to this dimension or summoned in any way.
Jack: Yeah, sure does look like it.
Dani: Geez, why can't it be an PUPPY? How come no one ever wants to summon puppies?
York: Whoever or whatever is summoning Rha’aan, they seem to have enough foresight to send a sizable ghost force towards us.
Jack: No worries then. All the weapons are functional, right? Then we'll just have to make sure those ghosts regret they ever crossed paths with us. (Jack picks up a nearby rifle and shoulders it.) I have a plan!

(Meanwhile in the old library, Maddie and crew carefully make their way into the basement. The only light inside comes from their flashlights mounted on their shoulder straps.)

Sam: I've seen horror movies that start out like this. And usually the next person will say...
Maddie: Let's split up...
Sam: Yup.
Maddie: something only a complete idiot would say. We need to stick together.
Valerie: The vault should be this way. And man, it is COLD.
Jazz: Yeah, tell me about it. I could literally see the ice on my nose.

(As they cautiously make their way down the aisle, Sam sees a small mist creep past them near the bookshelf across from her.)

Sam: I think I saw someone over there.
Valerie: Me too. Looked like a woman. (At the next corner, they see someone huddled over a book cart, back to them, with a bundle of books in arms.)
Maddie: Girls, be careful.
Jazz: Ok, but what do we do? Do we blast her or make contact?
Sam: Uh, let's try to do that second one first. Excuse me, ma'am...
Old Woman: ...get...ouuttt...
Valerie: Ok, raspy voice, creepy old lady, telling us to vacate the premises, that is a sure sign we need to back away.
Old Woman: ...get...OUUUUTTTT!!!!!

(The old woman quickly turns to face them, but her face is skeletal, with skin peeling away, and fire erupting from her eye sockets. She screeches horribly as she lunges for them, but Sam and Maddie immediately fire their proton streams at it, knocking the ghost back. A few seconds later, it hovers backwards and up into the ceiling, disappearing.)

Maddie: I know her! That was Sara Rawlings!
Jazz: Who?
Maddie: She was someone I met back when I moved here to Amity! I never knew she was one of the staff members who disappeared! Poor woman. (It is at this moment that the lights in the basement flicker on and off violently.)
Jazz: Something tells me we have company.

Valerie: A suggestion. KEEP MOVING!!
Sam: Agreed!

(The group makes a mad dash for the vault as the rumbling in the room gets noticeably worse. At one point, hands seem to shoot up from the floor and grasp at their ankles, but the women are able to keep them at bay. Eventually, they make their way to a large steel door with a combination lock. On either side of the vault's doors are book racks.)

Sam: Hey, I think I found it! (Sam points to a leather bound book, located on the second shelf of the left book rack.)
Maddie: Good! Grab it, and let's get the hell out of here!
????: I'm sorry ladies, but I just can't have that!

(From out of the ground, various corpses emerge, all of them looking very similar to the Rawlings ghost. They encircle the women, who each level their particle throwers at them. A couple of seconds later, in front of the vault door, Penelope Spectra appears.)

Sam: Spectra!
Maddie: So, you're behind what's going on?
Spectra: Well, actually, I've been hired by a third party. Normally I don't like to share the spoils but they made a very tempting offer. It's not everyday that a gal like me gets an offer from a servant of a demi-god.
Valerie: Demi-god? Why would a demi god wanna hire you?
Spectra: Funny story really; one of the things about higher spiritual entities is that they have a bit of a hard time coming into your world, especially when there are so many restrictions that bind them. Fortunately, there are free agents like me who like to bend the rules when they need to. Are you familiar with a fellow called Rha'aan?
Sam: Very.
Jazz: A little background please, some of us haven't brushed up on ancient legends.
Sam: Rha'aan is like Gozer, an ancient primal god. He was banished thousands of years ago when he tried to destroy all of the other gods into another realm and kept there for all of time, or so the story goes.
Spectra: Yes, that is part of the story. But, as fate would have it, there is a way to get him back into our world. His servants were left a very special handy little souvenir to look after shortly before he got sent to his room; a relic that can keep him here as long as it stays intact. Also, it needs to be filled with sufficient spectral energy.
Maddie: You must mean...the Obelisk!
Spectra: Bingo! We have a winner! Of course, the followers of Rha'aan slowly began dying out, so they left little reminders about the Obelisk and its wonderful little uses. The little slab they found was one such reminder. And then there's the contents of this vault. My employer donated the rare book to this library years ago in anticipation for the coming out party! Poor library staff, all they wanted to do was bring some much needed life to their pathetic little book house. Who'd have thought it would have come to this? Well, aside from me of course.
Maddie: Of course...that book. The one that was donated. It's one of the relics needed to help jumpstart the Obelisk. And it needed souls to get it started.
Valerie: I think the word I'm looking for is 'horrible'. And the Obelisk, I'm fairly certain that it didn't wind up in Vlad's hands by accident.
Spectra: Nope. He had no idea just what he was getting into, Vlad's just too eager to be the darling in the public's eye. We was played right from the start. Of course, we had expected Amity's own resident ghost boy to take a shot at stopping us, so I had found out that the only book that was capable of telling you what was written on the Obelisk is here, right next to our handy little soul collector. I decided, of course, that we couldn't have that, so I set this little trap. Then again, when you 4 showed up with proton packs, I had to make a few adjustments.
Sam: What do you mean?
Spectra: The level of ghost activity is going to increase soon. With that much energy being out there, the Obelisk will gain strength and Rha'aan will be more than powerful enough to break through and come! But why wait? I figure opening the vault here and releasing the full power of the book, and breaching your little ghost prison should seal the deal.
Valerie: Oh crap.
Sam: And we caught a LOT of ghosts.

(Meanwhile at the city's police department, the phones are going crazy.)

Operator 1: Ok calm down ma'am! What did you say attacked your cat?...your stuffed DOG attacked your cat?
Operator 2: Let me understand this, the painting came to life and attacked you?! Was it the soldier or the horse?! BOTH?!
Operator 3: What do you mean the statue of Atlas came to life and wrecked your garage?
Police Officer: Excuse me...wait a second, let me transfer you. Sarge, you may want to handle this one!
Police Sgt: What is it? I got a SWAT Team dealing with ghosts of terrorists!
Police Officer: It's an air marshal down at the airport. He says the Hindenburg just landed!

(Over at Amity Airport, a crew of technicians watch as the ethereal remains of the Hindenburg hovers on the tarmac, with various ghost passengers walking off and into the airport.)

Technician: Well... What do we do?
Manager: Just don't mention the war if they ask.

(Meanwhile, back at the lab, Vlad and KT are struggling with the chains they are ensnared in.)

Vlad: Well this is really inconvenient.
KT: Tell me about it. I got a wicked itch on my nose and I really need to scratch it.
Vlad: I probably should have guessed that we may have been monitored all this time.
KT: I think the only good that will come out of our being caught like this is we'll be able to find out who is behind all of this. (A few seconds later, Bertram appears before the two.) Ok, I always assumed that the bad guys would look a lot more imposing.
Bertram: We can't all look like Sloars you know! I trust you boys are enjoying your accommodations. My employer really wants to thank you, Vlad, for your recent purchase.
Vlad: Your don't mean...
Bertram: Oh, where are my manners, your friend here hasn't been properly introduced. (The door to the upper lab opens and a tall, red haired man with a thin beard and rimmed glasses steps down.)
KT: Rory McGurk. I should have guessed.
Rory: Vlad, so glad to see you! I trust you find the item you purchased is more than you expected.
Vlad: You lousy stinking cur!! You DARE to try to manipulate me?!
Rory: Try? I already did. It's easy to make a man who wants to redeem his image do almost anything. and if it wasn't for your need to do something to stimulate the culture of this living void of a ectoplasmic sinkhole, we wouldn't be where we are today.
KT: I think this is a bad time to mention that the McGurk family is secretly a part of the Rha'aan cult.
Vlad: Thank you, but I don't think it would have been that hard to figure out.
Rory: Well, the Obelisk is already gathering a fairly large amount of energy on its own, but I think we need to kick the collection up a notch.
Bertram: On indeed! And when I shut down this little containment unit here, we'll have more than enough to get Rha'aan over to this world.
KT: Yeah, uh I don't think you want to do that.
Vlad: Really, what he said.
Rory: Hah, you think I fear what's inside that ECU? I'm the one who's been using the energy of the Obelisk and a certain book to get the ghosts here in the first place.
Vlad: Oh no, that means that Maddie and the girls...
KT: Are in trouble, I know. Just trust me when I say you can't shut that down.
Bertram: Oh really? What if I do THIS? (Bertram pulls down the power switch. The lights go out, but the ECU is still operational.)
KT: You didn't REALLY think I would not have some sort of backup plan do you? The concept of backup generators should have popped up in that brain of yours.

Bertram: What's going on here?
KT: After the incident with Gozer in New York, plus what happened in 1991, some safety precautions had to be taken to ensure something like that would never happen. So, there are at least 3 backup generators on standby in case someone tries an unauthorized ECU shutdown.
Rory: No matter. Bertram will just find these generators and destroy them.
Bertram: Oh goody, I've been meaning to try this bad boy out! (Bertram produces a huge drill from his pockets.)
KT: No good. Each is fortified not only with a metal that would repel any ghost attack, but they also have a second shield protecting them. Only by my voice and code can they be deactivated.
Rory: My, this is more trifling than I imagined. Very well, then we do this as you Americans say, the hard way. (Rory raises his hand. Several spears materialize and are aimed at Vlad's head.) Now then, be a nice lad and deactivate the grid or Vlad here gets introduced to the Scottish version of acupuncture!
Vlad: HEY!
KT: Look, it's either you or the free world. And if I recall you are not exactly man of the year at the moment!
Vlad: True, but you didn't have to respond so quickly.
KT: On the other hand, my employer frowns upon any unauthorized killing on your end.
Rory: Ah, then we have an agreement.
KT:, I am activating protocol 6-8-84 as of right now.
Computer's Voice: Are you certain?
KT: I am certain.
Bertram: Oh, this ought to be fun! Sir, I suggest you get as far away from here as possible. The explosion will get a bit messy!
Rory: In a wee bit. I want to make sure I savor this moment.
Computer: Authorized: activating the ECU Emergency Protocol Program-now proceeding to ensnare and capture all ectoplasmic entities!
Bertram: Say what now?

(Several beams of light flash all around the lab. A pair hone in on Bertram, and seconds later, a proton stream entraps him. As Rory's attention is diverted, the chains around Vlad and KT are released. KT dives toward a panel nearby.)

KT: Seriously, I can't believe you walked right into that!
Bertram: No fair, that's CHEATING!
Vlad: Send my regards to all the other ghosts inside the ECU! (KT pulls a lever and Bertram in sucked in.)
KT: Computer, shut down the security program!
Computer: As you wish!
Vlad: Wait, why did you do that?
KT: Because if I didn't, the system would have hit you with a proton blast. Unless, of course, you wish to engage your friend here as your current human guise?
Vlad: that case...(Vlad smiles and transforms into Vlad Plasmius.) Ok Rory, I have a few complaints about the product you sold me.
Rory: Looks like I need to beat a hasty retreat! I'll see you all later. (Rory quickly dematerializes.)
Vlad: So, you knew all along that I was Vlad Plasmius?
KT: Of course. It's our business to know.
Vlad: So, how many people in York's company have this info?
KT: Uh, none. York and the Ghostbusters are not the only other people I work for. I believe you may be familiar with this. (KT holds up a strange looking badge.) I am a sleeper agent for Shinigami.

Vlad: You're an Shinigami agent?
KT: Yeah, we've got quite a few guys around the country. We're mostly a sleeper cell, but we're quite effective. I was recruited specifically because of my knowledge of the original proton pack designs.
Vlad: I did hear of a Ghostbusters franchise in certain cities. And just how long have you known about my dual persona?
KT: We knew about it ever since the incident with Pariah Dark, but we decided to merely observe. It seemed like you were busy with Danny.
Vlad: Yes, busy, we'll go with that. (Vlad reverts back to his human form.) In any case, we have a dilemma on our hands. Maddie and the others are in danger and we have a Scottish lord with control over spectral energies holed up in the museum trying to summon a demi god in order to trigger the apocalypse.
KT: Yeah, that brings me back too. I'll try to contact Jack and the others. In the meantime, can you get down to the Olde Amity Library?
Vlad: Consider it done.

(Meanwhile in the library, Maddie and the group keep the ghosts of the library staff at bay as Spectra works on the lock of the safe.)

Spectra: Just a little more time. Then, I can access the full power of the book and really turn some heads!
Sam: Ok, I'm open to suggestions. anything right now that can get us out of here.
Valerie: I doubt we have enough room to trap all of them. And then there's still Miss Sunshine to deal with. Plus we gotta get that book!
Maddie: Well, there is one thing I can do. But our timing has to be perfect.
Sam: I'm all ears.
Maddie: When I give the signal, close your eyes for at least 5 seconds. Then, fire your streams full power at anything without a pulse.
Spectra: Ah, still clinging on to that last glimmer of hope, I see. I don't think I need to remind you of just how hopeless your situation is. Oh wait, maybe I should. That's always fun!
Maddie: A barrel of laughs, I'm sure. (Maddie quickly reaches into her pocket and tosses a large black sphere onto the floor.) GIRLS, CLOSE YOUR EYES!!!

(The group closes their eyes as seconds later, the room is bathed in a tremendously bright green light. All of the ghosts, including Spectra, are blinded as the light dies down.)

Maddie: Jazz, Valerie, do it!!! Sam, get the book!!!
Sam: Don't have to tell me twice!

(Sam dashes towards the safe and grabs the book as Jazz and Valerie fire, trapping as many ghosts as they can in a capture stream. Maddie nimbly grabs traps from their packs and hers, then slides them out underneath them and, with great dexterity, activates all three of them at once. Several ghosts are quickly captured as Spectra quickly regains her sight.)

Spectra: How dare you...I will--(A stray proton blast is fired right next to her as Sam holds up her particle thrower.)
Sam: If you're gonna go into one of those 'make us pay for interfering' speeches, I suggest you save it!
Spectra: Fine then! If that's the game you wanna play...

(Suddenly, an even bigger sphere is dropped on the floor.)

Maddie: Allow me to introduce to you my other secret weapon. It's called the Maddie Ecto Detonator.
Jazz: Uh, Mom? Is that the one that releases a highly potent blast of ecto energy in a designated area?
Maddie: Yes, it is as a matter of fact.
Jazz: Oh, good. I just hope you got the issues you had with the delayed timer worked out.
Maddie: I knew I forgot something.
Valerie: I guess now would be a good time for all of us to start running.
Sam: Agreed! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!

(Outside the library, Vlad's limo drives up to the bridge. Vlad, armed to the teeth with ecto rifles and other gear, steps out.)

Vlad: Ok Masters, time for your Big Damn Hero moment! This is where I start to make amends to my friend! (At that moment, the door to the library opens up and Maddie and the others run out.)
Maddie: VLAD!!! GET DOWN!!!
Vlad: Uh, did I miss something? (The group all dive down behind the limo)
Sam: No time to explain, old library go boom in 3 seconds.!
Vlad: That can't be good!

(Vlad ducks down as a massive explosion rips through the library, collapsing it into a fiery heap.)

Sam: Well, so much for preserving old history.
Maddie: Vlad? What are you doing here?
Valerie: More importantly, what's with all the gear?
Vlad: We have a huge problem.
Sam: Let me guess, the disciples of Rha'aan are on the move.
Vlad: That, and the museum is sealed off from the rest of the world

Maddie: What do you mean the museum is sealed off?
Vlad: It’s exactly as it sounds. The previous owner of the Obelisk, Mr. McGurk, was the one responsible for all of the nasty little things that has inflicted our town.
Sam: Yeah, Spectra kind of gave us the heads up on that. She also tried to 86 us and open the vault.
Vlad: I know. Bertram made a house call there. We caught him, but I’m afraid that McGurk got away.
Jazz: I’ll bet he’s holed up in the museum. That’s the only other place I can think of for him to be at.
Valerie: You’re probably right. What I don’t get is how they were controlling some of the energy of that book that was supposed to be in the vault.
Vlad: That also worries me. (Vlad’s cell phone goes off.) Uh oh. That’s the mayor. If he’s calling me, this really can’t be pleasant.

(A few hours later, everyone is meeting in the mayor’s office. The mayor is accompanied by the chief of police and one of his aides. Sitting down at a desk is KT, who is busy setting up a laptop.)

Mayor: Ok, someone, anyone tell me what the hell is going on?
Sam: Well, here’s the short form of it: an ancient Sumerian deity called Rha’aan is about to be summoned to our world and cause the apocalypse to occur. Hope I didn’t leave anything out.
Chief: I will assume that this is related to our current crisis.
Vlad: Sadly it is.
Maddie: Let me explain; the current level of ghost activity in Amity has been increasing thanks in part to a surge in psycho-kinetic energy. This surge is not only making long dormant ghosts come out, but it’ pulling in all sorts of spectral entities from elsewhere.
Jazz: What this means is that we’re going to see even more ghosts coming here in greater numbers until this Rha’aan has enough energy to come to our world.
Mayor: Oh, perfect, just what I needed, the end of humanity on my shoulders.
Valerie: To be fair, they did try to warn you that this town has a history of hosting world ending phenomenon now and again.
Mayor: Yeah, but I thought it was a joke!
Aide: But what can we do to stop the surge? All of our manpower is almost depleted.
Chief: I’ve got SWAT teams pushing back the undead in a mall and meter maids being pestered by glowing squirrels in the park. At this rate, we’re open to any suggestions.
Maddie: Our only option is to get into the museum. Whatever happens, that is our priority.
KT: Yes, otherwise we’re in for a world of hurt. Ah, got him! (KT presses a button on the laptop. A second screen on it pops up and Jack appears on screen with York.)
Jack: So, how’s my hair?
York: Uh, a bit limp on that end. Oops, we’re on!
Jack: Hey, you guys ok?
Vlad: All things considered Jack, we’re far from OK! You picked a fine time to go weapons testing!
Jack: I wouldn’t call what we’re doing right now ‘testing’. (In the background, stray blasts can be heard.)
Danny’s Voice: Holy SMOKES, is that what a Banshee looks like?!
Dani’s Voice: Less talking, more blasting!
Maddie: Dear, what’s going on?
Jack: We’re in the middle of repelling a massive ghost attack. Nothing we can’t handle!
York: Meantime, we can discuss what’s up with the museum. The translation on the Obelisk, what did you find?
Sam: Basically, all the typical warnings that come with it. “This is the gateway for the coming of Rha’aan, Acolyte of Death. Destruction shall drape the land in sorrow” and all such nonsense.
Vlad: Oh, goody.
Jack: It’s always some kind of doom and gloom metaphor with these types.
York: There were other unseen runes on that Obelisk when KT showed me the other pictures. Roughly translated they say that the Obelisk can grant control over any and all artifacts connected to Rha’aan as long as someone with enough spectral energy is nearby, and also it is the only link that can keep Rha’aan in this world. If we destroy it, Rha’aan gets sent back.
Jazz: But the key problem here is getting inside to the museum.
Maddie: That’s where I come in. I’ve been working on this handy little device on the sides. (Maddie holds up a pair of gloves.)
Sam: You knit some of the weirdest things, Mrs. Fenton.
Maddie: Oh these aren’t just any type of gloves. These are PKE Disruptors. They can provide a wave of energy to disrupt anything emitting any sort of PKE energy. I was working on a pair that disrupted ecto energy, but this works just as well.
Valerie: That’s good to hear. We got another problem though- those ghosts won’t simply just let us walk up to the museum and let us touch it.
Sam: She’s right. We’ll need a distraction.
Vlad: I guess that’s where my team comes in. It’s about time they make themselves useful.
Maddie: But that means someone will have to disrupt the shield and let us in.
KT: Well, looks like I get some field work in.
York: Are you sure about that? What about the ECU?
KT: It’s secure. Believe me, whoever tries to breach that system is in for a nasty surprise! (In the background where Jack and York are, a large explosion is heard..)
Jack: That is not a sound I like.
York: We’ll leave the rest of the plan to you. We got our own disaster to deal with! (The screen is cut off.)
Mayor: All right…what do you need from me?

(Back at the campsite, Jack and York exit the Fenton RV, weapons drawn. They find Danny and Dani looking up at a large, floating apparition that resembles a huge bull.)

Jack: WHOA!!! Imagine the burgers that we could make with that!
York: I doubt the quality of the meat would be worth it.
Danny: Uh, the good news, this is pretty much the last ghost we have to fight.
Dani: Bad news is that he’s a bit tougher than we expected. I think our weapons just tickle it.
York: That’s something we didn’t need to hear.
Jack: I’m open to suggestions.
York: We blast this thing with everything we have and pray we don’t become a part of the dirt.
Danny: I’m all for it. (Everyone raises their weapons)
Jack: On my mark---

(Suddenly, a pair of proton streams entrap the ghost. A trap is quickly tossed underneath it. From the trees.)

???: I’m opening the trap!! CLOSE YOUR EYES!!!
York: Jack, is that—
Jack: You heard the man! Shut ‘em!!

(Everyone shuts their eyes as the trap opens, sucking the bull ghost in.)

Danny: Ok what just happened? And who just saved our bacon?
Jack: Some old friends!
York: A pleasure seeing you guys out here!!

(Two figures step out from the tree lines: Dr. Ray Stanz and Winston Zeddemore.)

Ray: Hey!! Fancy meeting you guys out here!
Jack: We were gonna say the same thing! Ray, how long it's been man?
Ray: Oh, quite a long time!
Winston: And it looks like we came here just in a nick of time. The woods here are crawling with ghosts!
Danny: Don't need to tell us twice! We've been up to our necks in them for the past couple of hours.
Dani: We're just lucky you guys came here.
Winston: well, you can thank Egon for that.
Ray: Yeah, we were on our way back from a case involving 3 ghosts I encountered a few years ago in a abandoned mansion. Real nasty set too. The fat one was a bit on the slow side...anyway, Egon contacted us on the way back. He detected a huge mass of psychokinetic energy gathering in your neck of the woods, so to speak, and asked us to take a look into it.
York: Wow, Egon was monitoring this area too?
Winston: Yeah, Peter's idea really. He wanted to branch the business out a bit more and decided we could try a few locations to see what business we can drum up.
Danny: I assure you, you guys would probably make a mint in our hometown.
Ray: Oh, no need to worry. I'm sure your dad and ol' York here have it under control.
Jack: Well, more or less.
Dani: Yeah, we kind of have a real bad situation on our hands.
Winston: Trust us, we've seen a lot of bad stuff. Ever here of Cthulhu?
York: I am amazed you guys actually survived that encounter with your sanity intact! But yeah, this problem of ours, it's that bad.
Danny: Does the name Rha'aan ring any bells?
Ray: Rha'aan? Oh man, you've got a real heavy hitter there.
Jack: Yeah, and someone's looking to bring him to our world in the middle of Amity Park right now.
Danny: I don't suppose you could help us out here?
Ray: Of course! We handle this sort of thing almost daily.
Winston: And that doesn't faze you in any way?
Ray: We handled a Sumerian Primal God, a Carpathian warlock, a 100 foot marshmallow monster twice, an Eldritch level horror and Tiamat. That isn't a whole lot that surprises me anymore.
Winston: Good point. I'll warm up the car!

(Back at Amity Park, a large platoon of soldiers accompany Maddie and the others as they make their way to the museum.)

Maddie: A military escort?
Sam: Well, he did say he could give us all the help we could get if we ask. Why not?

Valerie: Wow, take a look at that!
Jazz: That is one seriously large dome.

(The girls look at the Amity Museum, which is surrounded by a red glowing dome all around. Vlad and KT are at the steps leading to the museum, Vlad armed to the teeth with ecto weapons and KT with a pair of goggles.)

Vlad: Well, here we are! Now what?
KT: I believe this is where Maddie's plan comes into play. Maddie, the gloves.
Maddie: I should tell you right now, I have no idea what will happen when you try these gloves out, nothing like this has ever been attempted before...
KT: Relax. I've had plenty of experience with testing stuff like this out. Of course, there was that one incident that rendered me hairless underneath my armpits for a year.
Sam: No details, please. I just ate. (Maddie hands over the gloves to KT, who slips them on.)
Vlad: It's better than nothing.
KT: Alright, stand back.

(KT sighs, raises his arms and touches the force field. A massive shock sends him back, but a large hole quickly opens up in the field.)

Vlad: Here's your chance! GO!!
Jazz: We're on it!! (The girls all dash into the museum just as the hole closes up behind them. Vlad turns to KT, who struggles to get up to his feet.)
KT: Man, I won't be tasting things right for a day.
Vlad: I think we got bigger problems. Look. (Vlad points to the sky, which is darkening overhead. In the horizon, several ghosts come forth towards their location.)
KT: Not good. Not at all. In that case...(KT walks over to his car and pulls out a proton pack of his own.)

(Inside the museum, the girls enter the grand exhibition hall, where the Obelisk is on display. Standing next to it, with a large beam of bright red light connecting him to it, is Rory.)

Rory: Ah, so good of you to make it here The whole lot of ya are just in time.

Maddie: Let me guess, you must be the poor deluded soul who's trying to summon Rha'aan.
Rory: Aye, that I am lassie! But I'm not deluded, I can assure you of that! All I want to do is restore a little order in this world.
Sam: Order he says. Uh, maybe it's me, but I don't exactly think you can restore order by summoning a demigod to wipe out all life.
Rory: No no, you misunderstand. Not all life. Goodness knows we need to repopulate. And believe me, there are many who Rha’aan shall deem worthy to carry on his vision of a better world.
Jazz: There's a clinical term to describe people like you.
Valerie: Yeah, I believe the clinical term is batshit insane.
Jazz: Exactly.
Sam: What's say you step away from that glowing ancient artifact and surrender peacefully. Or, we can do this the hard way.
Maddie: And believe me, I like the hard way.
Rory: I don't think so, ladies. In fact, I'd say there is one other person who may be taking offense to what you have planned.

(The Obelisk suddenly shudders as a pale green light shoots out and enters Rory's body. A few seconds later, his eyes glow red and he floats higher.)

Sam: Yeah, this is bad.
Valerie: Just what happened?
Maddie: Roughly speaking, Rha'aan has taken control over that guy's body. It's the only other way he can manifest himself in this plane of existence.
Sam: In short, he's become a time share for a demon.
Rha'aan: Ah, it seems I have some opposition. I heard Gozer had trouble with some humans a while ago, be you those people?
Maddie: Actually, they're friends of mine. Pretty nice fellows.
Jazz: Now if you don't mind, we, the designated deputies of the city of Amity Park order you to cease all actions against our world and return to your imprisonment.
Valerie: Uh huh. You know that we're not gods and he's not gonna listen to us.
Jazz: Well, he knows NOW we're not gods!
Valerie: Sorry.
Rha'aan: I shall deal with you momentarily, humans. It seems you have allies on the outside who are trying to get in here.

(Outside the museum, Vlad and KT are containing the ghosts that are attacking them as a technician uses one of Vlad's inventions to try to break the shield.)

Vlad: I think we got them on the run.
KT: You better hope so. I'm running out of traps! Hey, do you hear that?
Vlad: Sounds like a couple of cars coming this that...

(Quite suddenly, the Fenton RV slams into Vlad's limo, denting the front bumper, followed by Ecto-1, which skids to a halt right in front of KT.)

KT: Ok, I just saw my life pass before my eyes. (Everyone gets out of their respective vehicles.)
Jack: Sorry, we were in a hurry.
Danny: What's going on?
Vlad: Oh you know, the summoning of Rha'aan, the near end of life, that sort of thing.
Danny: so, all normal then.
Ray: Yeah, looks like it. Oh, sorry about that.
KT: Uh, sure, no prob, Dr. Stanz!
Jack: We got here as fast as we could.
York: So, let's see. Hmm, that's a tricky looking shield. I think we can breach it.
Rha'aan's Voice: Oh no, we can't have that!
Winston: Uh oh, looks like the guest of honor is here.
Rha'aan's Voice: I'm busy enough as it is with the people inside of here trying to stop me. I can't have extra guests trying to stop me as I begin to reshape the world. I need to keep you all busy. Now let's see...hmm, why don't I pick your brains and see what I can come with?
Jack: Ugh, sounds gross.
Ray: Oh no...oh NO!!! QUICK, EMPTY YOUR HEADS!!!
Vlad: What?
Winston: He means stop thinking!
York: It's spiritual imaging! Whoever we have on our mind, he'll create that being and it'll come to attack us!
Rha'aan's Voice: Ah, that will do!
Danny: Hold on!! Wait a sec!
Rha'aan's Voice: It is too late. The engine of your destruction shall join you momentarily.
Jack: I didn't think of anything, you guys?
KT: No!
Danny: Nothing!
Ray: My mind's clear as crystal!
Winston: I'm blank!
Vlad: Then who did?!
York: : Uhh...what are you doing here?! (York turns to Dash, who has a paper bag in hand.)
Dash: I was just walking by, eating m snacks and ran into you guys.
Dani: And yet you completely ignore the ghosts we are fighting.
Dash: It's not my fault that I don't notice things when I'm snacking!
York: Nevertheless, Dash, you gotta get home and...wait, what are you eating?
Dash: Oh, my favorite snack, marshmallows!
Ray: Oh no...not that, ANYTHING but that.
Winston: Kid, this is very important. What brand are you eating?
Dash: Stay Puft!
Jack: Uh, is this important? (Ray and Winston look at each other)
Winston: You thinking what I'm thinking?
Ray: The odds of the same thing happening a third time is astronomical! It couldn't be!
Vlad: Gentlemen, what are you talking about? (A sudden thumping is heard.)
Jack: Oh...not good, not good at all.
Danny: What did you do Dash?!
Dash: All I was doing was eating and thinking about--
Ray: LOOK!!!
Dani: Holy SHIT!!!
York: Hey, there's no need for that sort of---holy SHIT indeed!

(Several cars are tossed away a few blocks down. Vlad's lackeys, Master's Blasters, as well as the army, run towards them as coming into view is a 100 foot figure that Ray and Winston know all too well.)

Ray: It's the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.
Danny: WHAT?!
Vlad: What were the odds that we would wake up today to be killed by a 100 foot confectionary mascot?
Danny: Uh, low. And I'm open for suggestions.
Dash: I don't suppose Aruba is a good start.
Winston: No, it's not.

Dani: If anyone has any ideas, now would be a good time to share them!!
York: I don't exactly plan for days when something like THAT is attacking a city.
Jack: Usually, we just deal with giant plant ghosts or giant dogs. This is a little bit out of our league.
Winston: Ray, we still have that trap that Egon built into Ecto 1, right?
Ray: Hey yeah, we do! We never got to use it much after the last time we fought Stay Puft.
Vlad: Just out of curiosity, HOW did you stop him the last time?
Ray: Oh, we shot him off of a skyscraper.
Jack: You know, I could have sworn that was how you stopped him the first time around.
Ray: Technically, we blew him up. The second time, a rookie shot him down and he landed all over Times Square. Let's just say cleanup was a hassle.
Danny: In any case, I suggest we do something fast. Tubby's just spotted us and--DUCK!! (Everyone dives down as Stay Puft hurls a large van towards them.)
Ray: Right! We need to get his attention, and get it in the worst way possible. That way, while he's distracted, Winston and I can get him in the trap.
Vlad: Jack, you're good at irritating people, what have you got?
Jack: Guns. Big guns. (Jack hoists up the Ecto Gatling Gun as he tosses Vlad the keys to the Fenton RV.) I hope you can drive stick!
Ray: Danny, I need you and the kid to ride with Winston and me in Ecto 1. We all need to draw Stay Puft away from the museum.
KT: Uh, what do we do?
York: We're going to continue working on the shield. We need to hurry!
Danny: Uh does that mean that we---
Ray: Come on, let's move.

(Vlad and Jack jump into the Fenton RV, as Ray, Winston, Danny and Danny get into Ecto 1. The back to the Fenton RV opens as Jack hoists the Ecto GG up and aims it at Stay Puft.)


(Jack pulls the trigger and a steady burst of fire nails Stay Puft in the chest. Enraged, Stay Puft turns his attention towards the path of fire and makes his way towards them. As the two vehicles speed off, York turns to the museum.)

York: I hope they're alright.
KT: I still have my radio com link on, let me see if I can get in touch with them.

(KT adjusts his headset and tunes in to their frequency.)

KT: Hey, can anyone here me?
Maddie's Voice: Oh good, glad to see you're still out there.
KT: Yeah, we've got a pretty big problem out here.
Maddie's Voice: How big of a problem?
KT: Uh, 100 feet tall and made of marshmallow bad.
Sam's Voice: Please tell me that is a joke.
KT: I rarely joke about these sort of things. How about you?
Sam's Voice: I'll give you three guesses how bad we've got it.

(Back inside the museum, Maddie and Sam are crouched behind a overturned display case as Valerie and Maddie are holding off possessed suits of armor.)

Sam: I remember saying to Danny “it wouldn’t kill you to go and visit the museum every once in a while”. Man, is the irony deep!
Maddie: I hope you guys have better luck out there than we are having!
KT’S Voice: Define better.
Jazz: Uh, a little help here! We’ve got flying stone gargoyles coming from the European Gothic Wing closing in.
Sam: Sorry! (Sam pops up and fires a proton stream at the incoming gargoyles in question.)
Valerie: If I didn’t know any better, I’d say the ghosts in here are increasing!
Jazz: Me too!
Maddie: He’s getting stronger by the minute. And if he gets any stronger than he is now, I don’t know what any of us can do.
Jazz: In that case, let’s go full stream on the redhead!
Valerie: I’m with you!!

(Valerie, Sam and Jazz concentrate all of their fire on the possessed Rory. As the streams hit, he catches them in his hand and manages to hold them back.)

Rha’aan: I still see you humans have some fight left in you! Good, I want to enjoy this as much as possible. (Rha’aan lets out a shockwave, knocking the 4 back onto the floor.)

Maddie: Yeah, this is going to be a problem.
York’s Voice: Maddie! I think we’ll be able to breach the field, but it’ll take 5 minutes!
Valerie: Professor, we don’t have 5 minutes! We need a plan! And fast!
Maddie: Wait, where are Jack and the others?!
York’s Voice: They’ve got more pressing issues.

(On the streets of Amity, Ecto 1 stops right in front of the Amity Arms Hotel, as Danny and Dani, with proton packs, rush out.)

Danny: I still think this plan is crazy!
Ray: That’s what makes it work!
Dani: And besides, we really don’t have much of a choice.
Danny: Ok, so we’re to get to the top of the hotel and distract Stay Puft long enough for you to prime the trap and get the car under him. No, nothing crazy about it.
Winston: And you better hustle, kid! I don’t think your dad’s got any more snappy one liners to scream at our friend here. (Winston points to the RV headed their direction, as Jack is continuing his assault on Stay Puft.)
Jack: I’m gonna make the world’s biggest S’more out of your tanned and roasted ass!
Danny: Got it!
Ray: Good luck kid, and make sure you make full use of the upgrades! Gun it Winston! (Ecto 1 drives off.)
Dani: Man, we’ve got quite a climb ahead of us.
Danny: Yeah…we could run 20 something stories to the top of this hotel. Or we could, you know, fly.
Dani: That works too. (The two revert to their ghost powered personas and fly quickly to the top of the roof.)
Danny: Well, here we comes. How should we get his attention?
Dani: Good question. How about we do this? (Dani levels her weapon and fires, hitting Stay Puft in the side of his head. Stay Puft turns and looks at them, enraged.)
Danny: Yeah, that will do the trick. I can only guess how he’ll respond,

(Seemingly, as if to answer the challenge, Stay Puft picks up a nearby car and heaves it at their location. The two narrowly duck out of the way as the truck smashes into the building.)

Dani: Any more questions?
Danny: Yeah, let’s see how he likes a nice Boson Dart attack!! (Danny fires a proton stream at Stay Puft and immediately activates and fires a Boson Dart into Stay Puft’s chest. The giant is knocked down, hard, into a department store.)
Dani: Hmmm, that was easy! (At that point, Stay Puft gets up.)
Danny: Danielle, a question. Say you were a 100 foot marshmallow man…
Dani: Yeah….
Danny: And two kids with particle accelerators fired some shots at you and knocked you on your ass. Just strictly speaking, on a scale of 1 to ten, how angry would you be?
Dani: I’d say 20.

(Back at the museum, Sam and the others duck behind some pillars as Rha'aan continues to gain more and more power.)

Sam: This does not look good.
Jazz: At the rate that Rha'aan's power is growing in Rory, he'll be fully realized in a matter of minutes!
Valerie: Ok, so what, do we kill Rory?
Jazz: Well, I'd hate to say it, but that may be what we have to do.
Maddie: I have a idea. The Obelisk works like a transmitter, correct? Its purpose is to not only attract psycho-kinetic energy, but it's used to transfer Rha'aan from one plane of existence to another. If I'm right, once we sever the connection, Rha'aan will be forced back.
Jazz: How do we do that?
Maddie: We'll have to give that Obelisk more energy than it can handle. Basically, we need to blow it up with an opposite proton flow.
York's Voice: Maddie, are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Maddie: Yes. The proton packs have a built in Limiter in them. If we disable them, we can go beyond full stream and overload the Obelisk with enough energy to destroy it. The problem is that we run the risk of overloading the proton packs and self destructing them.
Jazz: But it may not be fast enough to destroy it.
York's Voice: Well, in that case, if it comes down to it there's one other option you have.
Jazz: Don't tell me...
Maddie: If we have to, we'll cross the streams.
Sam: Uh excuse me, I was told that was a bad thing!
Jazz: It WOULD have to be that option.
Sam: We're putting ourselves in very huge danger.
Valerie: I don't see any other options, kiddo.
Maddie: And the odds that we survive are considerably slim. But they are still there.
Sam: ...Oh, what the hell? I was getting bored anyway. Let's do it!!
Jazz: This is NOT what I had in mind when I came here for a vacation!

(Sam and Maddie disable the Limiters on their proton packs.)

Sam: Uh, Mrs. Fenton, about me and Danny...(turns on her proton pack.)
Maddie: I know dear. I think you'd make a perfect couple. (Maddie switches hers on.)
Rha'aan: What do you think you're doing?!
Jazz: Full stream, NOW!!!

(Sam and Maddie fire a full red blast at the Obelisk as Jazz and Valerie fire their streams at Rha'aan. The Obelisk slowly glows red as the assault continues.)

Rha'aan: No, you fools!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?
Valerie: Sending your prehistoric ass back where it belongs!!
Sam: Come on, blow up already!!!

(Rha'aan tries to dive at them, but as he does so, a huge surge goes thorough the Obelisk. A few seconds later it glows blue and explodes, bathing the entire area in a bright blue light. Outside the museum, York and KT watch as the shield quickly disappears.)

KT: OK. Should this be a good thing or a bad thing?
York: I don’t know. We were cut off from the team so quickly. (Suddenly, a flash of light erupts from the doors and windows of the museum and just as quickly dies down.)
KT: I guess that answers our question.
York: More or less. Let’s just hope they were able to get the job done in time. Otherwise, we’re in for a Sumerian flavored world of pain.

(As smoke exists from the interior of the museum, Maddie, Sam, Jazz and Valerie all exit the museum, with a unconscious Rory in the hands of Valerie, or rather being dragged by his collar.)

Sam: Hmm, what words suit this situation best?
Maddie: How about ‘we came, we saw, we KICKED DEMI GOD ASS!!’ Yeah, that seems appropriate!
Jazz: We’re just lucky that the Obelisk shattered when it did. Otherwise, we’d have been at the mercy of a very annoyed deity.
Valerie: And when ol’ Rha’aan was sent packing, we were left with this lug! The jerk’s out like a busted light
Jazz: He won’t be feeling so rosy when he wakes up.
York: Especially when it’s in Amity Penitentiary.
Sam: Hey, where are Danny and the others?
Jazz: Yeah, you mentioned that they had some problems outside.
KT: Yeah, about that…

(At the Amity Arms Hotel, Danny and Dani continue to fend off an advancing Stay Puft as it climbs the hotel, partially on fire.)

Danny: Damn it, how many more darts am I gonna have to fire into this guy?
Dani: You think you’ve got it bad? Try being downwind of roasted marshmallow!
Danny: I swear, if we survive this, I’m gonna stuff Dash’s locker full of marshmallows!
Dani: I’d have gone with Fluff!

(Meanwhile, downstairs, Ecto-1 is parked directly underneath the location of Stay Puft as Ray switches on the power to the trap.)

Ray: Wow, those kids are naturals at this!
Winston: You can admire their handling of the proton packs later, Ray. Right now, we got a giant marshmallow to catch.
Ray: Right. I figure Egon’s gonna be happy we finally had a chance to catch him with this.
Winston: Yeah, he’s been upgrading this thing for years now. You’d think it’d had worked on Cthulhu?
Ray: Doubtful. A giant like this guy’s way different from someone who makes Gozer look like a petulant child. Watch your eyes!

(Ray, adjusting his goggles, flips a switch on the dashboard. Immediately, a large shaft of light shoots up in the sky and wraps itself around Stay Puft. Danny and Dani, leap and duck behind stray pillars as the light continues to shoot upwards, before Stay Puft is completely sucked down and into the waiting trap onboard Ecto 1.)

Ray: Wow. Now THAT is one hell of a trap!
Winston: Guess that means it gets the Dr. Stanz Seal of Approval.
Ray: I can’t believe it! We actually caught Stay Puft! No fuss, no muss and no marshmallow exploding all over the city streets!
Winston: Hey, there’s a first time for everything! Say, where’s Jack and Vlad? (On cue, the Fenton RV crashes next to them into someone’s limo.)
Ray: Right on time. (Vlad slowly gets out of the RV.)
Vlad: Well, I learned something important today. I can’t drive stick!

(Later on back at Fenton Works, everyone, sans Vlad, has gathered for a victory celebration of sorts.)

York: Wow, so you got a doctorate? Congratulations!

Winston: Hey thanks! I don’t suppose it would be a bad idea if the company can get a grant from you? We could use the extra funds.

Maddie: I’m guessing you’ve still racked up a lot of collateral damage.
Jack: I just want to say, it's been an honor working with you guys today! I never thought we'd actually work together like this!
Ray: Neither did I! Who'd have thought it'd take a Class 7 specter to do it, huh? By the way, nice RV!
Jack: Thanks, but the thing is a constant magnet for destruction! I must have rebuilt it 9 times last year alone.
Winston: Maybe you should let Ray take a look at it. He works wonders on Ecto 1.
Jack: Thanks, but I've already got York to start an overhaul on it.
York: Yeah, all I need to do is reinforce the armor, replace the brakes, work on the suspension, swap out engines, recalibrate the weapons system, add new shields, and install the experimental A.I. mind...
Ray: Wow, he's got quite the workload.
Maddie: Tell me about it. So, what about all the ghosts we captured?
Winston: Well, after we get back home to New York, we'll have Egon drop by and take a look at the ECU. I think it'll be ok to leave them here in Amity.
Ray: Just as long as the unit is safe, you have nothing to worry about. But what impresses me more are your kids. (Ray points over to the couch where Danny and the others are talking about their experiences.)
Sam: You should have seen it! I swear, it was 8 feet tall and drooling carrot juice! It was the biggest rabbit I seen in my life!
Jazz: That's nothing! Valerie and I had to clear out a whole room full of Confederate ghosts in the old Bayville mansion!! You should have seen the looks on their faces when Valerie dove in the room, firing proton streams at them.
Valerie: Ah, those are looks I will never forget for the rest of my like. I rather like those looks.
Danny: At least you didn't have to contend with a whole forest full of ghosts.
Dani: Yeah, I never thought barrow wights would be so ugly!
Ray: Whoa, barrow wights out here? This town really is interesting.
Maddie: Yes, but now that the Obelisk is destroyed, I doubt we'll be seeing any of those types of ghosts here for a while.
Jack: Darn it, I was just enjoying myself too.
York: Well, if it helps any, not only did Maddie and the others get well paid by the city for their services, Vlad, believe it or not, has restored some of his credibility. The exhibit will go on, just not with that pesky little ghost transmitter. (The phone rings and Danny picks it up.)
Danny: Hello, Fenton residence? Yeah...what? Uh, sure, we can take care of it.
Jack: Who was that?
Danny: That was the Amity Arms Hotel. We got a bit of a situation on our hands.
Ray: Well, spill it junior. What's the problem?
Danny: When we were battling Stay Puft at the hotel on the roof, he chucked a car at us. We kinda didn't notice at the time, but when he did that, he hit and broke a large stone tablet. Which also happened to hold a rather large number of ghosts. A hundred to be exact.
Winston: You'd think that they'd learn not to hold tablets like that in there.
Jack: So, who's up for a trip to the hotel? (Maddie, Sam, Jazz and Valerie look at each other, then promptly sit down on the couch.)
Jazz: I'm beat!
Maddie: Ditto!
Sam: I think we'll continue our game of Monopoly if you don't mind.
Valerie: You heard them!
Jack: Oh well, more for me! Grab a proton pack, York! We're on the case!
York: much for a quiet weekend.
Dani: Sure beats grading papers!
York: Ok, that I will agree to. And yeah, you can come along too!
Ray: Hey, Danny, you in?
Winston: It's a pretty big job! We an use all the help we can get.
Danny: Hell, if it means working side by side with the original Ghostbusters, I'm in.
Dani: Wait I thought that there were 3 other guys who--
Ray: That's a LONG story. See, it turns out that--

(A terrified streak comes from outside as KT opens the front door.)

KT: Uh, Ray, I think you may wanna look at this. (KT points to where Ecto 1 is parked. Outside, Dash is on the ground, covered in green slime as floating over him is Slimer, devouring what's left of Dash's bag of marshmallows.)
Ray: Wow. Slimer must have hitched a ride with us when we were on the road.
Dash: Gah, HE SLIMED ME!!!
Winston: At least it wasn't Peter.
Danny: And now, I have the perfect pic to add to my MySpace page! (Danny takes a photo.)


Epilogue 1: Report

(KT is sitting at his desk in the lab, working on the proton packs that Maddie and the others used.)

KT: WHEW!!! Those 4 were really pushing it. At least the primary functions are still good. I'll just swap the vent systems out and it'll be good as new if they ever need it again. (KT then takes a swing from his mug of tea.) Ok, what do you want?

(From out of the corner of the room, holding a file folder is Hayate.)

Hayate: Geez, I could never fool you, could I?
KT: Detecting the unseeable has always been my specialty. But I doubt a high ranking Shinigami member just drops by unannounced.
Hayate: Yeah, the higher ups, they wanted to see if everything worked out as it should have. A guy like Rha'aan running around is bad enough.
KT: Oh, it's cool. But I'm afraid Vlad has become aware of us.
Hayate: Yeah, we figured he would be by now. But if he is aware, it also means that if he ever did get into any of his old habits he'd try to do so only if we're out of the way. And York already warned him against pursuing any old grudges.
KT: Good to know. But, just to be on the safe side, I think we should tell the other two sleeper agents we have to keep an eye out.
Hayate: No prob. Hey, there's one other favor I need from you.
KT: Let me guess, it has something to do with your sister, right?
Hayate: You know me better than anyone.

Epilogue 2: Vendetta

(Somewhere on the outskirts of Amity, Spectra sits down in a cafe, angrily sipping from a can of diet soda.)

Spectra: Damn it!! I was so close two. If it hadn't been for that Fenton woman and her gang of teen goofs, I'd have access to omnipotence.
???: I seriously doubt that, my dear. Trying to steal the power of a deity is tricky, believe me.

(Sitting down across the table is a young man with long blonde hair in a ponytail, wearing a back suit.)

Spectra: Lucius! Where has a fine upstanding Wraith as you been?
Lucius: Oh, the elders called me in for a pow wow. Standard droll business as always. I see our idea for bringing Rha'aan into the world was a bust.
Spectra: Yes. I guess we failed to take into consideration that these folks had access to other weapons that were not proton packs. What irks me though is the fact that Maddie flipping Fenton of all people led the way! How can she actually have beaten me?
Lucius: I find that these 'Fentons', despite their rather ill perceived reputation among the other ghost hunters, are far more effective than they appear to be. I've gone through their records and, despite the collateral damage they tend to cause, they are very successful.
Spectra: Well, that's no good to me.
Lucius: I agree. We were not even considering them a threat, even if they seem to have some connection to York, but I think we should take care of them, now, before the plan can proceed.
Spectra: Won't your other Wraith associates be peeved you went against their plan?
Lucius: What they don't know won't hurt them. The class that her son is a member of is having a trip to Japan. Care to take a little holiday? There are some people who would love to meet with you...

And now for a Bonus Filler Spotlight Theater, with special guest Kisuke Urahara!!!

Urahara: Hey folks! You're probably wondering 'where is that lazy author at today and where is Chapter 6?' I have it on good authority he is in seclusion and the next chapter will be ready in 2 weeks minimum!
Danny: How can you be so sure?
Urahara: Oh, a man by the name of Kenpachi Zaraki asked him personally.
Danny: Whoa. Never mind.
Urahara: So today, we'll be looking at one of sci-fi's greatest movie weapons of all time: the proton pack. A unique weapon designed by 4 human scientists, the purpose of the proton pack is to throw a positively charged particle stream at a ghost, who has a negative charge. The stream is used to weaken and entrap the ghost until the nasty can be encased in this here ghost trap. (Urahara holds up a ghost trap in his hands.)
Danny: You know I always wondered, Hollows are kind of like ghosts, right? So would a particle stream work on them?
Urahara: That is an interesting question. So, that's why I prepared a little demonstration. (Ururu steps into the room, a proton pack strapped on.) Where's gonna have Ururu test this one out on a random Hollow.
Danny: Now all we need is to find one.

(At that moment, Box Ghost runs by, with a large Hollow that looks like a boar in pursuit.)

Danny: Ah, right on time.
Urahara: and here we go. (Ururu fires a particle stream at the Hollow entrapping it inside the stream until Urahara wheels the ghost trap underneath it and activates it, sucking it inside.)
Danny: So much for that theory. Guess that means it can work.
Urahara: Of course, just where a Hollow lies on the classification of spirits in the Ghostbuster mythos is hard to determine. Maybe a Class 6. (Mayuri Kurotsuchi appears.)
Mayuri: what are you doing tinkering around with such an odd human contraption? A particle stream, how utilitarian. Allow me to show the audience a real breakthrough in ghost hunting technology! Behold the--

(Suddenly, Mayuri is sucked into a ghost trap.)

Danny: So much for his cameo.
Urahara: Who did that? (Uryu Ishida walks in, the switch for the ghost trap in hand.)
Uryu: So, I guess a Soul Reaper could fit in there. Good to know.

Theme Songs for 'Infestation'

'Pretty much ANYTHING from Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II, but if we are gonna be specific here:

Library and Title Theme- Elmer Bernstein
Cleaning Up The Town- The Bus Boys
Saving the Day- The Alessi Brothers
Spirit- Doug E. Fresh
Flip City- Glenn Frey
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