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I felt the sun beaming through my window, heating up my rather cold face. I slowly opened my eyes and almost smiled at the sound of silence. No school. The weekend was finally here. I felt better already.

Since Tuesday evening, I had lied to my parents. It was a rare thing to do, lie to my parents. So because I never did it, I was worried they wouldn't believe me. I had lied and said I was unwell and asked for Wednesday off school. When I got away with that, I asked for Thursday, which then led me asking for Friday. I hadn't been in school since the incident. And I didn't really want to go in Monday, but I knew I had lied enough.

It was Thursday that Tom, Suzanne and Delilah came to see me. Delilah had given me some History homework and Tom had given me English. I was surprised that Delilah didn't bring me any Art. She had said that they got some, but that Mr Way hadn't asked - or ordered - to bring any to me. Of course, this left me rather confused, and wondered if it was his way of apologizing. But then I went against that thought.

I hadn't planned on doing anything today. Because I was actually feeling fine all week, except for feeling a little terrified whenever I heard a small sound in the house, I had completed all of my homework, therefore I had none to do over the weekend. Which was nice.

I looked over at my alarm clock and saw that it was only 9:30a.m. Why did I wake up so early? I didn't have to. I wasn't going anywhere. Though, it was only a few minutes later that two people were going to make that difficult for me.

It was 9:34a.m when there was a knock at the door. I knew my parents weren't home, yet again, so I had no other choice other than getting out of bed and answering the door. Sighing, I grabbed my robe and made my way downstairs, opening the door reluctantly and was met with two girls I had met before, but couldn't remember their names. They were Mikey and Frank's girlfriends.

They smiled sadly at me, and then the long dark haired girl spoke, "Hey Sam. We wanted to see how you were. Mikey said he hadn't seen you for a while." My heart skipped a beat at their kindness, and it felt nice to have some people care for you, but then I became confused, and it was evident on my face, "What's wrong?"

"How did you know where I live? Mikey and Frank have never been here." When I had been crying that night, I got a feeling that someone was watching me. Was it them?

The shorter girl spoke this time, "We tried to follow you home. You were so upset, we wanted to make sure you were okay. But when we got to the bottom of the street, you were already opening the door and decided it was best to leave you for now. We haven't had time to see you until now."

I nodded, understanding, and I was forced to ask the question, "Were you watching me? I had a feeling that someone was."

They exchanged confused and worried glances before the short girl spoke again, "No, we didn't come near your house. We just saw go in and went back to Mikey's."

I saw that they both looked seriously worried and wanted to get rid of that. I shook my head, "You know what? It's probably just me. I was all over the place that night, it's probably just my mind playing tricks on me." I tried to laugh it off, but I didn't think it convinced them. Hell, I wasn't even convinced. I knew there was someone watching me, and it creeped me out, a lot. I tried to shake it from my mind and distract myself with these two. I forced a smile, "I'm sorry, I've completely forgotten your names. Oh, and come in." I stepped aside and both came in, muttering a thanks.

They took their shoes off and followed me into the living room, "It's okay, I'm Jamia and this is Alicia." The short girl known as Jamia replied as we sat down, "We're all worried about you Sam. We heard you haven't been in school."

"I was unwell." I replied quickly, but then slowed down. "I, uh, ate something bad that night. Damn chicken." I laughed.

They didn't believe me. It was written all over their faces. I wanted so badly to tell them, but I couldn't. I'm sure they already knew anyway, but I would continue to deny it all. This stays with me.

I saw Alicia move closer to me and wrapped an arm around my shoulders, "Sam? Mikey thinks that Gerard did this. After hearing his reasons, we think so too. It's okay to tell us." I winced as she rubbed my arm and tears pricked my eyes. They were still so painful, "Sorry." She said and removed her arm, setting her hand back in her lap.

I turned to look at them both and tried to sound as convincing as possible, "I really appreciate you checking up on me. But I already told you what happened; I bumped into my locker and fell down some stairs. Gerard had nothing to do with this. Stop worrying about me, I'm fine. I'll be back in school Monday, and I'll carry on with my life."

"But Gerard hates you, right? That's what Frank said." Jamia asked, wanting answers.

I sighed and shrugged, "Hate is such a strong word... But he isn't fond of me. But just because he's not my biggest fan, doesn't mean he would hurt me. He didn't hurt me, it was my fault. Can we forget it now?" I pleaded. I didn't want to talk about it any more.

Every night I would cry myself to sleep, remembering what he did, the way he looked at me as he did it, and I remember wanting to see some regret, but it never came. I was having nightmares, which I thought was a little crazy, but I was. I was so terrified he would hurt me more, and each nightmare I have always ends with the same thing. Death.

Alicia nodded, "Okay, for now. But we will ask again, and we will keep asking until you tell us the truth."

Again, I sighed, "Why do you care if anything happens to me? You don't know me. Mikey and Frank don't know me. I'm just a stranger."

Jamia shook her said, "Honey, that doesn't matter. We care. Frank told me you met him at the mall last Saturday. If Gerard wasn't apart of this whole thing, you would've still made friends with him. But because Gerard is apart of this, he worries about you a lot more, same with Mikey... Frank told me what happened last Saturday. That's why we think Gerard did that to you, because of what he did to Frank."

Alicia cut in, "Frank and Gerard are really close.They see each other as brothers. So if Gerard can do that to him, what's to stop him from doing that to you?" I looked away, not being able to think of an answer. She was right. If he could do that to Frank, I knew that he could hurt me more if he wanted to.

I shook my head again, "I thought I said to stop talking about it. Please." They both nodded and stared at the ground, "There must have been something else that brought you here?"

Alicia nodded and a small smile came to her face, "We wanted to take you shopping, maybe see a movie. Wanted to cheer you up. And it's the weekend after all."

I smiled back at her and once again felt lucky that people cared about me. After a long silence, I nodded and told them I would take a shower and get dressed before going out. I stood up and left the room to go upstairs.

I felt happy. Those two were so nice, and the way I acted the other day made me feel bad. How I yelled out when Mikey tried to stop me from leaving. They must think I was crazy. But still they came here to see if I was okay.

I smiled as I opened the bathroom door, but it faded when I remembered that it wasn't Alicia and Jamia that were watching me.
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