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"Hey, sorry I took so long. My hair wouldn't work with me today." I lied as I walked into my living room where Alicia and Jamia were still waiting patiently for me. The reason I lied was because I was having second thoughts about going out. I knew that there was someone watching me the other night. What if they followed me? Or what if I see Gerard? He could quite easily lash out like he did before. I was scared, but I tried not to show it.

They both stood up and smiled at me, "Don't worry about it, you're ready now so we can go. Did you have a movie in mind?" Jamia asked as she took her car keys from her purse.

I shook my head, but then stopped, "Oh, I heard that In The Bedroom is a pretty good movie. I don't know what's it about or anything, but I've heard good things about it." They both nodded and said they had been a preview for it and thought it looked pretty good. So we decided on seeing In The Bedroom.

It was silent in Jamia's car except for the low tune of a song I didn't recognize on her radio. Alicia and Jamia didn't make conversation with each other or me the whole way to the mall. I knew they were still thinking about what happened, and was blaming Mikey's brother for it. I knew there was no way of convincing them that he didn't do it, but it didn't mean I would stop trying. I wouldn't stop trying.

The first place we went to in the mall was Hot Topic. I felt a little uneasy going in the store because of my last visit here. The clothes I bought that weren't really me at all. Why did I buy them? I felt as if I was under Gerard's control, but thinking back on it, I wasn't. It was that moment, I wanted nothing more than his approval of me.

"Sam are you okay? You're really quiet." Alicia asked, placing her hand on my shoulder lightly. I turned to look at her, and she and Jamia were watching me closely, as if I would snap at them or something.

I shook my head of any thoughts I had and forced a smile, "I'm fine. It's just that I get nervous with people I don't really know. I'll be fine when I know you better." I lied once again, though it wasn't a complete lie. I do get nervous with new people.

Luckily, they believed me and smiled, "Yeah I guess that's true. Come on, let's get something to eat and we'll get to know each other. It's not breakfast, but it's not lunch." Alicia said whist walking out of Hot Topic.

"It's brunch." Jamia whispered to me as she rolled her eyes. I stifled a giggle and continued walking with them until we stopped at a small cafe not too far away from the entrance to the mall, "Man, I'm starving. I haven't had anything to eat all morning." Jamia spoke as she picked up the menu.

Alicia and I picked up ours and began looking for something to eat, "So Sam, what do you want to know about us?"

I shrugged and looked up, placing the menu back on the table, "I don't really know. Your names, age, where you come from, how long have you been seeing Frank and Mikey, that sort of stuff." I shrugged again.

From Alicia, I found out that she was a year younger than Mikey, making her twenty. She grew up in a small town in Missouri before moving to New York after college for a job. She met Mikey in New York with Gerard in a comic book store almost three years ago. After three dates they were officially together, and have been ever since. She also owns a cat named Bunny.

From Jamia, I found that she was the same age as Frank, making her twenty also. She grew up in New Jersey, but not in Belleville. Her and Frank went to the same college which is where they met and have been together since then. That was about a year and a half ago. They have plans to move in together soon, but aren't sure when.

I thought it was sweet how they've found someone who they love more than anything. I was a sucker for romance, or anything to do with love. I wish I had a little love in my life. I don't mean from a boyfriend or anything, but mostly from my family. I knew I had Harry that cared about me, but it wasn't the same.

Now that has reminded me, I would have to call him soon. I haven't heard from him in a long time. Not since the day before I started school. I was starting to wonder if he was avoiding me or just spending time with his new girlfriend.

After we had eaten and after I had found out more about Jamia and Alicia, we went to look in other stores, though I didn't buy anything. I wasn't really a fan of shopping and only did it when I was in desperate need for new clothes, or when my mom wasn't too busy to force me shopping.

It wasn't until we had left the last store that Alicia commented on the clothes I was wearing. I wore a pair of blue jeans and a white long sleeved shirt with my converses. She said my style of clothing was different from yesterday, different from the dress I wore. I replied with yet another lie. I said that my style changes, and that I liked to try out different things. She and Jamia didn't need to know that this was my normal style and that I only changed it to make a horrible man happy, which didn't even work anyway.

After that, we decided that it was time we bought our ticket for the movie. It would be starting soon. We left the mall and made our way back to Jamia's car. As we went over to it, I heard a rustle in a bush nearby. I quickly turned my head, but saw nothing there. I stared at the place for a second longer before turning away.

Who ever it was watching me the other night, was watching me now.
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