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To be or not to be

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"Oh, My God. My eyes my eyes my beautiful eyes." He screeched running into the bathroom

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Sorry guys, look I know some of you are still reading this but seriously I only got one review, so this story is dedicated to E-Jay the only person who reviewed. Love you E-Jay

Zacky's POV
"Erin, it's only me" I whispered, feeling her jump. I mean seriously, this girl would jump because everything. I closed he phone, I noticed that the caller was Megz, her best friend since god knows when. As the saying goes, from the cradle to the grave. Pftt yeah like that always happens, Jackie can be such a prick, but I still love her, like I mentioned before, from the cradle to the grave.
"What do you want?" she demanded
"Oh I was wondering if you could help me on something" I said hoping she would say yes before considering it.
"It depends" she said, like she always did. Only Megz could get her to say yes to anything.
"Look Bert and Jepha are in a really tight situation and they need all the help they can get. The whole fact about it is revenge of the best kind."
"You’re kind of best kind or my kind of best kind"
"Well mine"
"Sorry, I can't watch something like that fall into pieces, get Jackie, I'm sure she'll help"
"Yeah, I guess you are right, sorry I asked, it's just you are more reliable."
"I guess you are right, because seriously, she just took off on me once when I needed her most"
"Well, I got to go, I mean, am kind of late for a meeting with Bert"
"You and Jepha, would look cute together"
"You really think so" I was red in the face, by now.
"I know so"

Frank's POV
As Megz was trying to contact he friend Erin she left me alone with Gerard, and now this was going to be fun.
"Hey Gee," I muttered my lips right in his neck.
"Mmmm, yeah" he muttered, he was definitely enjoying it.
Instead of replying I nipped at his neck, and he let out a soft moan. Next I bit a little harder and had the metallic taste of blood in his mouth. I pulled away and licked my lips, "Erm... Gee, I accidently-" He cut me off in midsentence as he pulled me close and tight to his chest for a kiss and when we broke apart he muttered, "I know Frankie, I know" He slipped off my shirt for more and started kissing down my chest.
Then, Mikey came in hands and lips all over Ray. He pulled away and looked over as I had Gerard's shirt off and he was starting to make me moan like nobody's business.
"Oh, My God! My eyes my eyes my beautiful eyes." He screeched running into the bathroom, with Ray on his heels.
"Erm... Gee, we should probably clean up that bite" I say as I get up and go over to the first aid kit. Gerard started giggle, but one I put rubbing alcohol on the bite he was sucking air in through his teeth trying not to scream, I dabbed it then bandaged it. When I finished, it wasn't even two minutes before Mikey came back out of the bathroom.
"Hey, guys." He muttered then noticed Gerard's neck. "Gee, what happened to your neck, wait never mind."

After a bit Megz came back over.
"Any luck" I inquired, she shook her head.
"First she hung up but, I am afraid that something happened and now I keep getting her voicemail so, I don't even know what to think now."
"Megz, Hun" Ray said, "Look maybe someone should check, or give her an hour to call back."
Her phone rings then and she looks up. "It's Zacky"
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