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Naruto fell into the Uchiha’s arms, seeking for comfort. Lately, he had been the only person Naruto could trust and although deep inside he knew it was wrong, he felt it was right. Maybe it was his loneliness speaking, but the sensation of his warm arms was enough for him.

“Last night you said you didn’t want to see me again,” he whispered in Naruto’s ear, his voice as soothing as always.

“I don’t,” Naruto cried. “But I have no one else!”

The Uchiha caressed his whiskered cheek with his pale hand. It was wet from tears; this made him feel a little bad for the kid. He had suffered too much for someone his age. He deserved better. After all, Naruto was smart, kind and outgoing. He should be living his life to the fullest, fulfilling his dream. Instead, he laid there in his chest, crying over the past, blaming himself when it wasn’t his fault. What he had done was the correct thing, but love is too tricky and now his has turned to sorrow.

“When are you taking me away?” Naruto asked as he cleared his tears. His eyes were focused on the Uchiha’s dark eyes.

“Leader told me to take you a long time ago, but you’re not ready, not yet,” he answered. His arms were still wrapped around him as they both lay in bed. He wasn’t sure when Naruto was going to be ready, but now was not a good time.

“Itachi, I think I’m going to die…”

“Don’t say that,” Itachi stated, looking directly into Naruto’s blue eyes. He leaned his forehead against the blonde boy and smiled. “Please, don’t say that.”

“Without Sasuke, I feel empty. I want to die,” Naruto continued.

Itachi hated to admit it, but he had fallen for the younger kid. Yes, he knew it was sick, not only because Naruto was younger than him but also because this kid was his brother’s ex-lover. “Naruto, I know you love him but, I love you.”

Naruto was already used to listen to Itachi express his feelings. He was glad somebody still loved him, but he also felt bad because he could never love Itachi. In fact, he could never love anyone other than Sasuke. It seemed too stupid how he had fallen sickly in love with a guy he knew almost nothing about. It really made him sick.

“We’re going to find Sasuke,” Itachi said. Maybe if Naruto could see Sasuke one more time, his real smile will come back. And then he could finally take him to his leader.

“Itachi, I love you…” Naruto whispered.

Itachi knew this wasn’t true and it hurt. Before he could stop him, Naruto kissed his lips. It was hard to endure the temptation but he managed to stop it. He looked at Naruto with angry eyes, knowing he would understand the message, but today Naruto had other plans.

“Why not?!” Naruto complained. “And don’t start with that Sasuke crap again! If we were really meant to be, he would be here with me!”

Itachi placed his hand on his mouth. Naruto talked and cursed a lot when he was angry. But what Itachi didn’t realize was that Naruto wasn’t as dumb as he looked. He had plans of his own.

“Hello Naruto,” Sakura answered her red cell phone. She was playing her guitar when it rang, and the I.D. really surprised her since Naruto wasn’t the type who remembered a cell phone existed.

“Can you come over, please?” Naruto said, in a hurting voice.

“Sure, I’ll be right over!” Sakura answered quickly.

“Thanks, Sakura-chan!”
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