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Reason 11

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A drabble series focusing on 25 of the reasons why guys like girls.

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Why Guys Like Girls

11) The way her hand always finds yours.

Kurama would never understand how someone as smart and worldly as Kagome was friends with these three women. And he had spent a lot of time contemplating this during these “group dates” her friends convinced her to participate in.

He would never tell her how much he despised these days, because they made her happy. But he was able to take solace in the fact that the other males in the group were just as miserable.

The women would chat while the men sighed silently.

Kurama’s thoughts were detoured when he felt something brush his hand. Glancing down, he watched her fingers lace with his and she hadn’t even noticed that she was doing it.

Looking around he smiled…they were the only ones holding hands, consciously or unconsciously.


Length: 129 words


AN: It’s great when you’ve been with someone so long that you don’t even notice you do little things like that anymore. When you first start dating, holding hands is one of the first ‘steps’ but as time goes on it just becomes a given and you just reach for their hand without even thinking. I’m feeling a little sappy today. Hope you all enjoyed!
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