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Reason 12

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A drabble series focusing on 25 of the reasons why guys like girls.

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Why Guys Like Girls

12) How cute they are when they sleep.

Kurama studied his girlfriend carefully.

Her eyes were shut with her thick lashes gently brushing her cheekbones. Her lips, a natural coral pink, were slightly parted and upturned into a soft, subtle smile. The fair skin of her face was dusted with a light, rosy blush. He took in every rise and fall of her chest, every tiny movement that she made in her sleep.

He reached out to brush a stray ebony lock behind her ear. “Kurama…” she mumbled before snuggling deeper into her pillow.

Kurama just couldn’t bring himself to wake her when she looked so peaceful.

Though she’d probably be angry when she found out that she was late for work.


Length: 114 words


AN: This is a later than I anticipated, but here it is! I hope you enjoyed, and I’m exhausted. Goodnight everybody!!
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