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IHOP. More like IBlush.

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Well. The band finds out about... well... just read.

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I woke up in the morning naked, cold, and feeling like I had a hangover. I groaned and rolled over, realizing I wasn't alone and toppling off Brendon's bare chest. He'd hogged the blanket all right, he had all the blankets he needed. Wait. Hold Up. Why were we... HOLY SHIT! It took me a while to remember that I'd lost my fucking virginity. I hopped quickly out of bed, frantically looked for a towel. Brendon yawned, rolled to face me, and chuckled. I was standing right in front of him, butt naked, and bright red. I smiled nervously and shuffled to my closet for my robe.

"Did we...?" I asked, stopping as he nodded slowly.

"Yeah, we did," he said. I tied my robe and tossed him a towel, sparing myself the guilt that I'd just had sex less than 10 hours before, and turned, giving him some privacy. He chuckled as I heard him slip on the towel, and I shyly said, "I'm going to take a shower." I felt him come up behind me and breath a hot breath down my back. "Mind if I join you?" He asked seductively. I whirled around to face him and gave him a teasing grin.

"Clearly, you're still horny and I'm not. So how about you make like a fat boy and go eat something. Better yet, how about you make me some breakfast too while you're at it," I said and walked to my bathroom door. "And don't try to sneak in. The doors are locked, and if you break in you'll be met by booby traps," I could see a sly smile stretch across Brendon's face. "Not that kind you perv!" I said before walking into the bathroom and locking the door behind me.


I walked down the stairs and the smell of bacon hit me. He actually took me seriously! He made me breakfast. "You're so cute when you listen," I said, pinching his cheek and walking to sit on the stool next to him at the breakfast bar. I took a big bite of egg and chewed rather loudly, my mouth full and half open.

"You really should learn some manners," he said pinching my lips closed, or I'll have you watching Barney all day," he threatened jokingly. I swallowed and retorted,

"What makes you think I'd cooperate?"

"Duct Tape and I have an arrangement," he said simply and smiled. I scowled at him and scarfed down my eggs. I looked at the clock. 8:30. As if on que my cell phone vibrated in my pocket. I flipped it open and pressed it to my ear.


"Hey Lex It's Molly." said a familiar voice.

"No duh," I replied. "Tell me something new for a change,"

"Whatever." she said, "Wanna come to IHOP with us?" She asked, clearly annoyed.

"Um..." I turned to Brendon and told him what Molly told me. He gave me an easy yes and I put the phone back to my ear. "Yup!" I said, and Brendon echoed me.

"Who- WHY IS BRENDON AT YOUR FUCKING HOUSE THIS EARLY?! Did you...? Oh Lexi!" Molly said, clearly freaking out.

"Calm down," I said and waited a few seconds, "I'm a legal adult, remember?" I finished simply, saying a quick, "Kay thanks bye meet you there," and then hanging up. Then a thought hit me. "Brendon?"


"Last night, did you use a...?"

"Yes. You don't have and STD and you aren't pregnant." he reassured me, smiling swwetly, yet responsibly.

"Okay, Well, let's go!" I said, slipping on my fuzzy green North Face and walking out the door, sure he was following, because I could hear him tossing his jingly keys.


"Hey guys!" I said, looking at everyone and smiled. The waiter came by and I thought about passing but decided to order some good old fashioned pancakes.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't Mrs. Big News her self." Molly teased, making my face turn pink. As the waiter brought my pancakes, I drowned them in about 3 cubs of syrup and dug in.

"Lex, that's absolutely disgusting!" Ryan said, making a disgusted face at me. I spat back with a mouth full of pancakes, "Your face!" And broke into laughter.

"Well, anyway, Lexi has some big news to tell us," Molly interrupted. Every one looked at me and I turned bright pink.

"Um... uh... we... well..." Brendon started to stutter out before I interrupted.

"Well, we aren't virgins anymore!" I yelled before burying my face in Brendon's shirt.

"Gee Lex thanks for helping me out..." Brendon muttered.

"Not that Brendon was a virgin before," Ryan said quietly.

"Dude? Really!?" Brendon yelled, "Shut up!" he said. I heard Ryan chuckle quietly. Spencer apparently found that hilarious, and unfortunately had just taken a big sip of water. I looked up just as that water sprayed Molly square in the face. That's when her face got red, and my syrup kicked in. I was on a full on sugar high.

"And the- and he- on her face- and her- red faced!!!!!!" I said, cutting off in between because of my violent laughter. But that just made it worse, seeing as Spencer took another sip and saw me spazzing, he spit it out at Molly again. Now she was pissed.

"I'm. Going. To. Kill. You!" She said slowly as he got up.

"Catch me first!" Spencer laughed and ran away.

"Maybe we should go," Lou suggested, "One more ounce of sugar will send her over the edge," She commented after looking at me.

"Like a sugar orgasm?!" Jon yelled. Brendon sent him a death glare while I laughed my ass off, looking like I was a hobo on crack. Brendon hoisted me up and We all went home, all unknowing of what retarded act we were going to do next.
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