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The Conclusion

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The end.

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Harry Potter and Merlin’s Reaper

Chapter Twenty-eight – The Conclusion

Much has been written about those final dark days that culminated in the Fall of the Wizards. Everyone who was alive at that time recalls precisely what they were doing when the Golden Mist rolled over us.

The Golden Mist was perhaps the most unifying event in human history. Nothing before it or since has ever affected every living soul so profoundly, and it is unlikely that anything ever will again. Moreover, what is odd about this unifying event is that no one seems to have the slightest idea what it was. Theories abound, everything from a neurochemical cascade setup in the atmosphere by some unknown genius working in solitude to a literal act of God to punish the Wizards for their presumption.

As ridiculous as it may sound, there are even stories of the Golden Mist being the product of a final battle to the death between a ‘good’ Wizard and the Emperor of the World.

What we do know about the Golden Mist is irrefutable. It originated somewhere in England in the early evening hours of July 31st 1998, and propagated outward in every direction taking a total of seventeen days to cover the entire world. Wherever the Golden Mist passed, magic stopped working. Magical creatures, such as the slave race known as ‘House Elves’, literally disappeared and haven’t been seen since. Magical devices stopped working. Wizard’s brooms simply fell from the sky for example.

The passing of the Golden Mist allowed a bloody revolution to take place as the enslaved mass of humanity rose up against their former masters and took their revenge.

As the nations of the world slowly rebuild in the memories of what existed before the Rise of the Wizards, many people wish to ignore what happened in the almost fifteen years that magic users ruled us all. With our populations depleted, our industries destroyed, and much of our knowledge lost, we face a long uphill slog toward civilization.

Rueben Vogel, the author of this carefully researched book disagrees, and I, for one am on his side.

Without the knowledge of where we came from and how we got to this point, we are threatened with the possibility of it all happening again.

Vogel spent most of the last decade carefully documenting the fall of the Wizards and the aftermath of that fall. From the emergence of hidden ‘Shadow Governments’ starting with the revelation that the grandson of Elizabeth the Second had survived and had been fighting as a ‘Warrior King’ in Wizard control Britain from childhood and ending with the rise of the feudal warlords of Eastern Europe, Vogel details mankind’s return to the rule of law.

This scholarly works also springs a few surprises on us, detailing the existence of ‘rebel’ groups of Wizards fighting the forces of the Emperor of the World wanting nothing more than a return to the way things were prior to 1983, when Magic users lived lives separate and hidden from the population at large. These groups were spread out worldwide and accounted for a sizable percentage of the Wizard population. Vogel interviewed survivors of these groups and gained a keen insight into their goals as a people.

Vogel even found his way into a Bio-medical research facility hidden in the Swiss Alps where a dedicated group of scientists and rebel Wizards gathered to try and find a weapon to use against the magic users. It is entirely possible that the Golden Mist was a product of this facility, though no one at the hidden laboratory would admit to producing it.

The Wizards are gone, from all indications, never to return. Future generations will thank Vogel for his work toward explaining this dark time, as I thank him now. A decade has past since the Fall of the Wizards, and we are a decade closer to understanding just what happened and what we must do to prevent it from ever happening again.

- Michael St. John
- Chairman History Department
- New Yale University
- May 2007

Preface from the book The Day the Magic Died


“Hello, the house!”

Twenty nine year old Susan Potter looked up from her washing to find a pair of riders approaching her home. At first, she was on guard, but her apprehension diminished when she recognized the uniform of the King’s own Regiment. Then the ornate carriage came into view. The young woman rose from her work, wiping her hand on her apron.

The lead rider nodded to the young woman respectfully. He was a young man, far too young to have been involved in the fall of the Wizards, but the Regiment’s histories told stories of this young woman and her husband. Stories that were almost unbelievable.

The carriage came to a stop before the stone walkway that led to the house, the footman dismounting before the horses had come to a complete stop. The uniformed man opened the Carriage’s door and lowered the steps. Jeffrey Llewellyn disembarked from the carriage and paused as he reached the ground before offering his hand to the woman in the doorway.

“Welcome to our home,” Susan said with a small curtsey.

“Hello Susan.” The well dressed woman said with a smile. “Since when do you curtsey to me?”

“Since you became the consort Hermione.” Susan laughed leading her friend and her escort into the house.

“Please sit.” Susan said gesturing toward the sofa in the great room. She moved to the range on the far side of the room. “I’ll put the kettle on.”

“Yes, do that, but first, a little present for you.” Hermione took a small metal box from Llewellyn and presented it to Susan.

Susan carefully opened the container, her face lighting up in amazement when she saw what it contained. “Tea?”

“We still don’t have a reliable source of fuel, but a few sailing ships have been repaired to the point that a few trade routes have opened up.” Hermione explained. “This came from the first shipment. William insisted that you and Harry get a fair share of it.”

“Oh, please thank him for me.” Susan emptied and cleaned the pot she had been using for her herbal brew and began the very English ritual for making tea.

“Where are your children?” Jeffrey Llewellyn asked.

“Gabby and James are at the Weasley’s for lessons.” Susan answered as she set the kettle to boil. “Edgar is in the fields with Harry.”

“Ah, we saw your husband working in the fields on our way here.”

“William stopped to speak with him, while he sent us on to you.” Hermione added.

“Those two always seem to wander off alone whenever they meet.” Susan said as she settled down to wait for the water to boil.


“How can I help you Your Majesty?”

“To the point as always.” William smiled. It was good to get out into the countryside again. The constant meetings and documents that required his signature made life so needlessly dull… Dull to the point that he sometimes looked back to his youth on the run with a certain fondness. “We are simply here to thank you once again for everything you do.”

“I’m just a farmer Your Majesty.”

William sighed. “Must we do this dance every time we meet Harry?” The two crested the hill to look out upon the land tilled by the sweat of Harry’s brow and the pair of horses he owned. William’s escorts were busy answering eleven-year-old Edgar Potter’s questions about life in London. “Too many very odd unexplained things happen where ever you happen to be Harry. A poorly constructed building remains standing just long enough for everyone to get clear. Highwaymen find themselves stripped naked and tied to a tree in front of the local sheriff’s office. Just last week a fire broke out in the East wing of my home. We were busy with Parliament and were not home for the event, but Hermione swore that the wing appeared to be fully involved, but suddenly the fire was out and when people finally entered the area that was burning they found absolutely no damage. My wife suggested that it looked quite like someone had repaired the damage with magic.”

“There is no more magic Your Majesty.” Harry said with a grin.

“Of course there isn’t. That is why We will not be naming you the King’s Wizard. Have you found anyone else?”


“Good.” William gestured at the tilled land. “How goes your farming?”

“Good. Enough to feed us all and enough to trade for what is available.”

“Excellent. You will be happy to know that the first of the old trade routes have reopened. A shipment of tea from India arrived just before we left for this tour of our Kingdom.”

“Tea? That will make a lot of people happy. What do you hear of the outside world?”

“The Americans and Canadians have reformed their old governments, reportedly. They are calling for a conference of world leaders.”


“Yes. They do not seem to understand that it is not a matter of just climbing aboard an airplane anymore. Of course the fact that they want to hold the meeting in New York, so it is not much of a trip for them. China is all for a meeting, but they want it held in Beijing, their position being that they are the bulk of the world population so the meeting should come to them. India is making similar claims of importance.” William frowned for a moment. “We do not believe that such a meeting will actually take place for several years yet.”

“Probably just as well.” Harry turned to watch his son with the uniformed guards. “How are you and Hermione?”

“Well, speaking for myself, happier than I’ve ever been.” William said, dropping his formal speech pattern as he usually did when with Harry. “As far as Hermione goes, she tells me she loves me. Beyond that, who knows the mind of a woman?”

Harry smiled remembering some of the things that had caused conflict between Susan and himself over the years. “It’s good to know that some things are universal I suppose.”

William joined Harry in looking down at the three uniformed men and the barefoot boy. “I’ve never asked before, but I think I’d best. Has Edgar shown any… talents?”

“Yes,” Harry admitted. “Very strong talents. He and I have been working on them together. He knows his responsibilities and that he needs to maintain our secrets.”

William nodded. “Perhaps we should arrange for Edgar to get to know Charles. I think perhaps it would be a good thing for our sons to know and trust one another.”

Harry smiled. “A very good idea Your Majesty. Perhaps taking the long view is the best thing we could possibly do.”


“Why do you request an audience Myrddin?

“Lord Chaos, I have a report on the Agent of Chaos transferred to a reality overrun by violent order has successfully completed his mission, though in a most unexpected manner.”

The aspect of Chaos seemed to ponder that for a moment. “I am unused to be surprised Myrddin. Explain.”

“He engaged in a physical contest with the leader of the sect of Violent Order in that reality, the conflict between the two of them caused almost all the chaotic energy in that reality to be pushed to another realm. This energy was harvested and is of sufficient quantity to double our energy budget for the next minor cycle.

“This is the servant who had already neutralized the violent order of his original reality?”

“Indeed he is Lady Order.” Myrddin answered.

“You said ‘almost all’ of that reality’s chaotic energy was harvested. What of the remainder?” Chaos interrupted.

“Our Agent has seeded the reality with his own Chaos. His power will breed true.”

“I see,” the Aspect of Chaos said thoughtfully. “Excellent initiative on the harvesting of the Chaos Energy Myrddin. Good job.”

“You will monitor this Agent carefully Myrddin,” the Aspect of Order instructed. “If he becomes an agent of Violent Order, he will need to be dealt with.”

“Of course Lady Order.” Recognizing his dismissal Myrddin backed away.

The boy had done well. Very well. The being who had been the Man called Merlin carefully set the monitoring on the newly purged reality, and then turned his attention to another trouble spot. There he shook his head. Oh, dear, he thought. Time travel, that never ends well.


A/N2: Ok, the story that started in August of 2007 finally is finished in January of 2010. My most profound apologies for how long this one dragged out. Quite frankly I lost interest in the story, mostly due to the horrible little world I had created, but enough people seemed to like it and asked that it be finished I just gritted my teeth and did it. Looking back at the story, I really don’t like it, but at least it’s finished.

For everyone who has been reading this from the beginning, thanks and sorry it took so long to finish.
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