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Chapter 8: Explanations

By: Brynn Parker


Tiva immediately got up and started screaming at me when Inuyasha and I came back in through the window. "Damn it Kagome, you scared the shit out of me, what the hell are you doing!" She quickly pulled me away from Inuyasha and the broken glass on the floor, glaring back at my hanyou.

"Sorry Tiva," I said, blushing, "'ve met Inuyasha?"

"This is no time for introduction!" Tiva yelled, "How are we going to explain this broken glass? And where is he going to live? And I'm late for class and so are you, what are we going to do about that?"

I frowned. How was this supposed to work?

"What's she saying," Inuyasha complained in Japanese, crossing his arms.

I carefully pulled Inuyasha away from the broken glass, ignoring Tiva as she continued yelling at me. "You should get some rest," I said, pulling him over to my bed. He smirked at me when he saw where I was taking him.

"Inuyasha!" I said, laughing and pushing him back, "I have to get ready and then go to class, OK?"

He yawned, his ears twitching, and I smiled as he lay back and closed his eyes peacefully. Tiva glared over at me. "We'll talk more about this later," she said, getting a blanket out of the closet and covering up the window with it, then grabbing the vacuum in the closet and picking up the glass with it. I walked into the bathroom and changed into a pair of jeans and tanktop with a light gray sweater.

When I walked out, Inuyasha cracked an eye open at me. It made me feel so happy just to see those amber eyes again. "Why do you look so different?" he asked me calmly.

"You have no idea how long it seemed I was away from you," I said.

"Yes I do," he said, frowning a little and sitting up.

I walked over to the door. "I'll be back in a few hours," I said, "Please get some rest."

My heart skipped a beat when he wrapped his arms around me from behind, kissing the top of my head lightly. "Do you have to go?" he whined.

Things had changed so much. He never would have been this open with me before...what had happened? I didn't want to just know what I'd seen from the Goshinboku...I wanted to know everything.

"I have to," I said, turning and kissing him tenderly. I was so in love, it felt like I was ripping myself apart to leave him again. "But I'll be back soon." I pulled away, tapping him on the nose. "And don't let anyone see you. OK?"

"OK," he said. His ears drooped in a really cute way and I tweaked them, smiling, before I spun around and walked out the door.


My classes had never seemed so long. The need to get back to Inuyasha was overwhelming, and I kept on finding myself drifting off and missing some important notes or something. What was I supposed to do? He always had such a strong effect on was so hard to concentrate when he was around. And now that I was truly an adult, a woman, and he had admitted his feelings for me...

Things were completely different now.

Of course, I'd always had my (mostly) innocent teenage fantasies about him, but those fantasies could possibly become reality now. Was I ready for that?

It also happened that I hadn't gotten much sleep that morning, and the girl sitting next to me nudged me awake when I decided to take a nap in my History class.

"Huh?" I said, blinking the sleep from my eyes. I noticed some of the people around me staring and I looked over at the girl that sat next to me, Casey. She raised her eyebrows, leaning closer to me and telling me that I had been muttering some weird Japanese word.

Of course, I knew what I'd been saying.

I blushed and tried to pick up on what was going on in the class. Casey lent me her notes so that I could study them and give them back to her later. I didn't really care...this was my last class of the day, and I got to go back to Inuyasha now.


Tiva was already there, going about her business and glaring at him, when I got to our dorm. I closed the door quietly behind me, and Inuyasha's ears twitched, his eyes glancing over at me. Tiva followed suit. When she saw me, she immediately got up and picked up her bag, telling me that she was going out before opening the door and slamming it behind her.

This was going to be rough.

"I'm hungry," Inuyasha declared, "Got any ramen?"

I rolled my eyes. "Sorry, but the dorm doesn't come with a kitchen," I said, walking over to the mini fridge, "You'll have to make do with this." I tossed him a yogurt and he caught it easily.

"What's a dorm?" Inuyasha asked, "And what's this?"

I sighed. "Just eat it."

He opened it and gobbled it down quickly. "Still hungry Kagome," he stated, looking up at me and crossing his arms.

I walked over to him and sat down next to me, surprised when he instantly pulled me into his arms. "We're going to have to go and get you some modern clothes," I complained. He didn't respond, but simply held me to him. I looked up at his face and realized that the small cuts that were there this morning were almost completely healed. It was amazing how fast he recovered as a demon.

"You know I would never hurt you, right?" he said finally, quietly.

I frowned. "Of course I do," I said, "I trust you with my life."

"Your friend thinks I would hurt you. I can tell," he said. He laughed bitterly. "Sometimes I think you trust me more than I trust myself."

I didn't know what to say. I knew he could never hurt me, but if he didn't know...what was I supposed to think?

"I love you Inuyasha," I said, hoping that that was enough. When he didn't speak, I continued. "Tell me the whole story please."

"What do ya mean?" he asked. I looked up at him.

"I want to know everything about what happened after I left. Please."

He took a deep breath. "I didn't want to tell you."

I looked at him, hoping to convey how I felt with my eyes. There was nothing left that I could say.

"Alright," he said, scowling and gazing at the wall.


"After you left, I thought I was going to be fine. I knew that I...I really missed you, but I also knew that I had to let you go, and it should have happened sooner rather than later. Everyone was really angry with me, so I had to spend a few days sleeping in the Goshinboku, but I was fine with that except that Shippo kept on whining at me... Eventually, I decided that I'd had enough of the brat's squealing and tried to get through the well so I could get you back where you belong and make everybody happy again.

"The thing is, I couldn't get through. I tried so many times that I hurt myself, and I had to go spend some time in Kaede's hut 'cause I hurt myself so bad. And then Sango and Miroku...well...they started getting real friendly with each other, and"

He blushed and I took his hand. "I get it. Continue."

"So that was annoying me, and making me miss you more. And Shippo kept on asking me where you were, which made me real mad too...and I thought that I just had to get back to you, and I hadn't eaten so I was sick in bed...and my demon side took over.

"We'd all been thinking of what we were going to use the jewel's wish for, and then it hit me that of course I could use it to change into a full demon. So I got up and I took it from Kaede...and I think I might have hurt she and Shippo...but I can't remember...and I was going to wish to be a demon...and then I thought of you...and I was here."

My eyes widened when he finished his story and I tried to think of something I could say. "You would never hurt Kaede and Shippo," I blurted out, "Just like you would never hurt me."

He looked at me and I could tell that my words had comforted him a little.

Even if I didn't know that they were true anymore.

After a long time just sitting there in his arms, I heard his stomach growl. He smirked at me half-heartedly. "I'm still hungry."

I stood, walking across the room and grabbing my purse. "I'm taking you shopping and then we'll go to dinner," I declared, pulling him up off of the bed. " am I supposed to take you out unless you have a good set of clothes..."

He shrugged. "I don't know why these aren't fine," he said.

I wished that Tiva were here to get Inuyasha some modern clothes, because I knew that the only alternatives were taking him into public in what he was wearing...

Or calling Steve.
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