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Chapter 7: Wish

By: Brynn Parker


I jerked awake and sat up; it was dark in the room, and when I looked at the digital clock I saw that it was about three in the morning. I looked over at Tiva's bed and saw a lump under the covers where she was sleeping. Everything was as it should be, but my dream unnerved me. I looked around the room and when I finally looked towards the wall and my bed, I saw it: a pair of glowing teal pupils.

I moved over a little to turn on the lamp and a growling noise emanated from the same place when I switched on the lamp.

Tiva rubbed her eyes and sat up as a swirl of emotions spread through me.

He had wished to be with me.

He was here.

"Kagome, what are you-" Tiva stopped dead in her tracks when she saw the demon standing next to my bed, and Inuyasha wrapped his arms around me, growling at her. He was being so careful with me that it amazed me. It must have appeared very rough to Tiva though, because she jumped out of bed and moved slowly towards the phone.

"I'm calling the police," she said to me slowly.

"No!" I said, stopping her as I looked over, trying to move while I was wrapped up in Inuyasha's arms. "He just needs to calm down," I explained, "Don't you recognize him? Inuyasha?"

"No way!" she said abruptly, moving back towards us a little.

That drove Inuyasha over the edge. He quickly threw me over his shoulder and used his claws to break the window, jumping through into the dark as Tiva started screaming. By the time she got to the window I could barely hear her; Inuyasha was running across campus and soon started jumping onto rooftops, working his way around the city. I silently thanked whatever god there was that it was the middle of the night and not some time when lots of people would be around; here I was, slung over a crazed demon's shoulder in nothing but some pajama bottoms and a tanktop, flying through a crowded city. If anyone saw us, it was bound to be in the paper the next day.

He eventually stopped in the wooded hills around the city, setting me down against a tree and staggering back, clutching his head and screaming. I just stared at him in shock for a minute. This was a little hard to register...Inuyasha was here, and at the moment he was clawing at his own face and ripping his hair out.

"Inu...Inuyasha?" I asked him, carefully standing up and walking slowly towards him.

"Kagome..." he said in that strangled voice from my dream, staring up at me from the place where he was on his knees with his head in his hands. His eyes were golden again, and I knew that his hanyou side was battling with his demon side for dominance. "Don't come closer...I don't want to hurt you..."

He started screaming again but I didn't move, continuing my slow walk towards him. "Inuyasha...I love you just the way you are..."

It had worked before, right?

He stopped moving again with his head bent towards the ground, eyes closed. For all I knew, he could be a demon right now, but I took a chance and wrapped my arms around him, holding him close to me and falling to my knees in front of him.

"Kagome..." he said. He sounded so sad... "What's happening to me?"

"I don't know," I said, "But we're going to find out...I'm here now...shh..."

I didn't know what to do so I just tightened my grip on him and rocked him like a child as he did something that I'd never seen him do: cry. If anything, it was pulling me even farther away from reality than I already was; first, Inuyasha shows up in my dorm room, takes me out into the hills with no cell phone or any way to contact anyone, and then cries on my shoulder.

What had I done?

He finally got a grip on himself and tried to pull away, but I just held him tighter, knowing that he was much stronger and could get away from me if he wanted to. He didn't though, and instead he awkwardly returned the embrace. "I've missed you so much," I said, starting to cry a little. I wanted to be strong for him after his ordeal that morning, but I just couldn't; everything was just now catching up to me. The sun was beginning to rise above the hills as I finally looked into his pure, golden eyes. He smiled at me and it was like nothing existed except for Inuyasha and I.

"You have no idea how much I've missed you," I said.

"Don't cry Kagome," he said, wiping my tears from my cheeks gently. He smirked at me a little. "Why are you crying if you're so happy to see me?"

I laughed at him, sniffling a bit and then wrapping my arms tightly around him again, pressing my forehead to his chest. He put his chin on my head and leaned back against a tree, turning me around so that I was leaning back on him as he sun rose. I used the time to fully process what had just happened and get a grip on myself, as I was sure he was doing too.

When I looked back I realized that he had claw marks all over his face, and his hair was ragged and dirty. I immediately turned around and touched my hand delicately to one of the cuts. "Oh Inuyasha..." I said as he winced slightly, "What have you done to yourself?"

"Just..." he hesitantly put his hands on either side of my face and guided my lips to his, kissing me softly. I kissed him back, carefully because of his wounds, although I wanted to release all of the passion that had been building up for the past month. He pulled away from me and looked at me with his warm, golden eyes. "Just heal me," he said, closing his eyes. I smiled, knowing what he meant, and gently pressed soft kisses to every cut on his face, head, and neck.

When I pulled away he smiled at me and I continued to touch the cuts tenderly. His eyes stayed closed and he let me kiss and caress his face without stopping me. He opened his eyes and then kissed me again, this time more passionately, and I returned the kiss. At that moment I realized that I'd been waiting for Inuyasha my whole life. I was meant for him, and he was meant for me, and it was almost like I had broken some unwritten law when I'd left him for so long. How I'd managed to survive a month without him astounded me and made me kiss him with even more ferocity, both of us forgetting his cut face.

Soon my arms were wrapped around him and I was sitting in his lap, kissing him with all of the love that had built up for all the years we'd hunted the jewel shards added to our absences from each other's lives for the past month. My heart was racing, my breathing was quick, and it seemed as if my soul had caught fire, burning my stomach in an almost too delightful way.

This is what it felt like to be loved.

Running my hands through his silver hair, I could feel clumps of blood at his scalp from fighting the demon in him, and I stopped kissing him, leaning my head against his shoulder and catching my breath before I started to speak. "I'm so sorry," I said quietly in his ear.

He chuckled, kissing my neck. "Why?"

I pulled back and stared at him, frowning. "I did this to you," I said, touching one of the cuts on his face.

I could tell he knew what I meant, but he shook is head defiantly. "I did that to myself, Kagome," he said matter-of-factly.

I smiled a little. "You know what I mean," I said, rolling my eyes.

He surprised me by pulling me back towards him abruptly, wrapping his arms around my back and starting to trail kisses along my jaw line up to my ear. He stopped his kisses for just a moment to whisper something in my ear. "I forgive you."

I melted into his embrace for only a few seconds before I pulled away from him abruptly. He stared at me, his eyes wide.

"What is it?" he asked.

"I have to get to class!" I said, "Can you take me back-"

He pushed me against a tree and kissed me again before pulling me up onto his back and jumping out of the hills in a matter of seconds. People were bound to see us now...but I didn't really care.

Inuyasha and I were together again and nothing in the whole world mattered except for that.

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