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Chapter 13: Questions Answered

By: Brynn Parker


Life in the present was just getting more and more like the Feudal Era every day: first Inuyasha got here, then people started getting killed by some crazy demon, and now a demon slayer had shown up on campus.

I blinked a few times, trying to swallow my shock.

"A demon slayer?" It took me a minute before I realized I'd spoken in Japanese, but that seemed to be more comfortable with her.

"It's probably best that we get inside, before he comes back," Yori told me in the same language, her dark blue eyes darting around as if she could see through the black curtain that had come over the small wooded area.

I nodded, finally realizing where I was. "Follow me."

Tiva probably wouldn't be too happy about this. More of my Japanese demon friends...

"Who are you?" Yori asked, obviously still alert and not really trusting of me, "And how did you know that guy was a demon?"

"My name's Kagome Higurashi," I said quickly, getting a little more conscious of the small noises around campus as I realized that if this girl hadn't shown up, I would probably be dead right now. "And I'll explain later...but you're right, we really need to get inside. Now that I know they exist..." I stopped myself before I said 'the present'. ", I'm a little freaked about being outside at night."

When we finally got to the dorm I slowed down, catching my breath a little. I'd gotten out of shape over the few months I'd been here; without chasing demons (or running away from them), I had no way to exercise. Yori seemed fine though, and I started to realize just how intimidating this girl looked. She was wearing a long sleeved, tight black shirt and some dark pants that looked easy to move in, letting others see how athletic her body was. When I finally caught my breath I continued up the stairs and to the dorm.

"So where'd you come from?" I asked, "Why are you here?"

"There's been a strong demonic aura coming from the city...and I think I've found out what it is."

My eyes widened as all the events of the past few days come rushing back to me...the shock of meeting a demon slayer in my time had jerked me away from reality...

Inuyasha was gone. Steve was a demon. He was serving a much more powerful demon that possessed the Shikon jewel...somehow...

"Silvana," I whispered. That was her name.

"What did you say?" Yori asked sharply, grabbing my shoulder and turning me around. Her blue eyes glared into mine, scaring me a little.

"I..." I began, but she backed away quickly, blushing and looking at the floor.

"I'm sorry," she said, looking back up at me, "But how do you know?"

I thought it would be better to go into the story about me being a miko later, and instead opened the door. Tiva immediately looked up and left her laptop on the bed as she got up. "Oh God, Kagome, I had no idea where you...who is that?"

"Yori Nagano," Yori said quickly.

"She's a demon slayer," I told Tiva.

Tiva stared at me. "I thought you said there were no demons in this time..."

Yori frowned at me. "Why did you think that?"

Why did I think that? Maybe because I'd never seen any demons...but I should have suspected they were still here. "Why haven't I ever seen any if they still exist?" I asked, "Wouldn't they be causing more trouble?" Yori started to explain but I motioned for everyone to sit down first.

Tiva and I sat down on my bed and Yori sat opposite us, on Tiva's bed. Being where Inuyasha had been just the past night made me remember that I needed to find him, but Yori quickly began her explanation. "Most have gone into hiding. With new technology like guns and such things, they've realized that most can't defeat humans anymore, and there's nothing driving them to attack, but now there's a very powerful source of energy..."

"The Shikon Jewel," I muttered

"How do you know all these things?" Yori asked, frowning. She was suspicious of me...and she had good reason to be. I knew all these things and she still had no idea how.

"I'm a miko," I explained. I gave Yori a minute to take all this in and then continued. "And I've traveled back to the Feudal Era of Japan." I ran through my story again, and finally got to Inuyasha. "That's why I was out there...Inuyasha brought the jewel to this time, and now he's missing. I was thinking you might be able to help me find him."

"He's probably been drawn to the source of the power: the demon, Silvana," she said matter-of-factly. I could tell I got pale then and her eyes widened when she realized what she said. "But she probably won't hurt him!" she said quickly, "She probably feels that he's partly responsible for bringing her here...and you too. It's your wishes that brought her to life here."

"I...I have to find him," I said, standing up. I suddenly realized how tired I was, and swayed a little where I stood, putting a hand on Tiva's shoulder to get my balance. She stood up as well and grabbed my arm securely before I could leave.

"You have to get some rest," she said simply, "Do you really think you can help him at all by going out like this?"

I looked over at Yori and she nodded. "I'll help you as much as I can in the morning."

Tears started to come to my eyes and I blinked them out hastily. Inuyasha was missing...and there was really nothing I could do. "All right," I said, "But I'm not sleeping for long."


I shook my head as the disorientation of my consciousness going into a dream came over me again. Whoa...what...SANGO!

I tried to look away but realized I couldn't; at the moment I was Sango's sword, leaned up against the wall in a little hut...where Sango and Miroku were doing some serious making out! I was happy for them at the same time that it completely freaked me out...I really felt like I was intruding on their personal space, but I couldn't help it!

Oh, Kami...please make it stop...

And it did pretty soon. A white light started to glow outside of the hut, seeping through the window and the cracks around the door, and Miroku immediately turned his face away from Sango, holding her protectively. They both frowned, and I knew what they were feeling; I could sense it, even from within the sword.

A strong demonic aura.

"You feel it too?" Sango asked him, a worried glare on her face. Miroku nodded.

"Strong...I want you to stay here while I go..."

Sango immediately got up, picking me - the sword - up from it's place on the wall, and walked towards the door. "Well, come on..." she said, motioning to Miroku. He sighed and followed.

I could tell it was Silvana, though her hair was a pale golden color and her skin was more peachy than the paper white that was her skin color in the present. Beside her stood Steve...Alec, I mean...and behind her was a small host of demons - aging before our eyes.

"The jewel," she said, her hair billowing out around her. Her aura was intimidating, and the blank look in her bluish silver eyes made the picture even more terrifying. "Where is the jewel?"

Miroku and Sango look at each other, mouthing Inuyasha's name. Of course...Inuyasha must have already wished the jewel to the present.

"We don't have it anymore," Miroku finally said cautiously. I noticed Sango looking around; the villagers were starting to come out of their huts.

"Leave this place, we do not have what you're looking for," Sango said, trying to mask her anxiety for the villagers. Silvana smiled when she saw the villagers.

"Oh...trying to protect your people, I see..." She laughed sinisterly and Alec did as well, his eyes cold and unfeeling. "I have no need for them...I have all the energy I need - for now."

And with that, she turned around, and...


"Come to me, my little miko...your darling hanyou is waiting."
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