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The Other Side of the Night

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Chapter 14: The Other Side of the Night

By: Brynn Parker


Again, I had that euphoric feeling; even though I knew that it was probably too dangerous for me to go up against Silvana on my own, my legs pulled me out of bed and towards the door at the demon's whim, my throat constricting to where I couldn't cry for help. My eyes glazed over, making my vision blurry, as I grabbed my keys and left the room...the building...

The drive to the forested hills was quick and programmed. I wanted so badly to go back and get Yori to help me fight, but at the same time I knew that She was expecting me and wanted me there alone. Funny, how I knew exactly where to find Her. It was as if the place had been ingrained in my mind: the clearing. That's where I would find Silvana.

That's where I would find Inuyasha.

Feeling as if I were still dreaming, I began my walk into the woods. I could soon hear Her singing, drawing me and other unfortunate people to her lethal dance. Without Inuyasha there with me, it was worst; his familiar presence had grounded me somewhat when we'd first encountered her the previous night. In my rational mind, it shocked me to think that it had only been one day since much had happened. But the dazed part of me was only wondering how it had been so long since I'd last heard Her voice.

Meanwhile, my rational mind continued to think: who as She? Where had She come from? Her song promised that I would find out soon, bringing me closer and closer to the white light and Inuyasha.

It seemed like too long and too short at the same time when I finally got to the clearing. After the initial shock of the scene before me, which I'd experienced last night, I started to get a familiar feeling with this light, like I'd seen it before.

And then I realized that it was the same feeling I got when I would go through the well.

"Come closer..." Silvana said, and my rational thoughts quickly disappeared. Any control I had left was gone, and I obeyed her, walking through the circle of people and animals and closer to her. "You see..." she said, looking down. I looked down and saw Inuyasha at her feet, unconscious. Steve...or Alec...stood in the shadows behind her, looking at nothing in particular. "I called him to me and he came to me last night..." she said. The vague predatory instinct that I'd had since Inuyasha had shown up took over for a minute and my eyes narrowed. Silvana just laughed. "Nothing like that, don't worry. I would never betray my Alec..." It surprised me to see the actual loving look in her eyes when she glanced back at the blonde. He simply stared blankly at her, and I realized that there was something not quite right about him.

"What do you wish of me?" my voice said, though my mind was still protesting.

"I want you to know why I'm here...I've had a special fate planned out for you and your hanyou ever since I came here..."

"Why am I so special?" I asked. Being so close to Inuyasha was making me a little more stable again, even if I wasn't in control of my movement.

Silvana smiled knowingly, like an enemy who knows something you don't...and that's really what she was. "I guess you'll never find out why," she said innocently, baring her pearly white fangs, "Let's just say I knew you in...another time." Being closer to her allowed me to get a better view, and I noticed that she obviously was not Japanese...maybe European? She was wearing a silver gown that pooled around her feet, with long, flowing sleeves. Her silver hair went at least to her ankles; I remembered the demon that Sango and Miroku had met in the Feudal Era, with white blonde hair just past her waist. Silvana's eyes were pink, giving off the same glow as the jewel, and the light that would always surround me when I would travel through the well. Although I'd seen her in my dream, I couldn't remember meeting her in person in the Feudal Era.

She stared at me for a moment while I worked things out and then motioned to Alec to watch me and his cold blue eyes took her place as she walked around me, keeping me in my current frozen state. "I know that by now you've probably got back the use of your mind; being with the hanyou will do that do you. I really don't understand this bond..." She seemed to be talking to herself now, but I listened intently. "You're obviously not mated to the don't have the mark...yet your souls are still tied..." She turned towards me, a confused frown on her face, but shrugged it off quickly, smiling. "Meant to be, I guess."

Now I was starting to get worried. In movies, villains always gave their victims big lectures before doing something really horrible to them. And I figured that's what she was about to do.

"Inuyasha, go ahead," Silvana said. His eyes popped open and I wanted to jump back, but couldn't move...they were silver, with teal centers.

He got up and moved towards me, smirking. Silvana and Alec watched with the same expression on their faces, and that's when it hit me what she was doing.

She was going to have Inuyasha kill me.

"Sit!" I yelled, "SIT SIT SIT!"

Silvana laughed and held up her hand, swinging something on her finger.

The beads of submission.

"Inuyasha, no!" I said, starting to panic and backing away. Wait...what was this? Why was I in control, and he wasn't? That's when I saw it: a new necklace. A blue necklace in place of the beads I'd put on him so many years ago. "Please stop!" I yelled again.

At that moment, all hell broke loose.

Yori jumped out in front of me, pulling out her sword. I hadn't even known she was there...but I thanked her quickly anyway. "Get Silvana, and don't look either her or Alec in the eyes," she muttered back to me, fending off Inuyasha. I was reminded again of Sango before I walked towards Silvana, a strange feeling starting at my fingertips and spreading up my arms and soon all over my body. As powers! My hands glowed with pink light, mimicking the jewel, and I walked towards Silvana. Alec staggered away and Silvana backed up, muttering a no before I put my hands on either side of her face.

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