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Mysteries of the Past, Part 2

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Mysteries of the Past, Part 2

By: Brynn Parker


Recap: After Inuyasha disappears, Kagome has a dream where Silvana tells her to go to the clearing again. Kagome is forced to obey, and ends up finding Inuyasha with the powerful demon. Kagome touches Silvana's face and is suddenly transported into someone else's body, in a completely different place. It turns out that she has become Nadia Anielka, a Russian girl who's lost in a blizzard. She soon finds the home of Duscha, the kindly spirit of shelter from the storm, who she stays with for a few days. A mysterious wind blows through on the fifth day, and we find out that Nadia is actually a half demon. As Nadia changes into a full demon, she absorbs Duscha's powers and then flees the house as it crumbles to the ground. At the end of the chapter, Kagome has completely forgotten who she is, and has assimilated her own mind with Nadia's.


I looked around, seeing the world with new eyes. Everything had an aura...a spiritual energy...the trees around me glowed slightly with a green aura, the stars...I knew each of their names, and how they came to be there. I was no longer Nadia Anielka...I was Duscha...or was I...what was that name...Kagome? I didn't know, and I didn't really care. The power coursing through my fingertips sparked a new interest in me, for all the power that wasn't already mine. I yearned to get out of the forest and find everything that should belong to me.

Duscha's power enabled me to find my way out of the forest, and I quickly did, asking the trees and the air around me. The trees were afraid...I had to promise them that I wouldn't take away their souls too. For one thing, my not-so-strong human mind was telling me that it was wrong, and for another, this new side of me didn't care for the weak trees.

I guess it had to do with my father. All my life I'd been shunned by the people of the village; they called me a sin, they believed that I was a flaw in their community. I was the outcast, and although my poor mother did everything she could to shield me from the criticism and insults, it did little to help. Everyone hated me...except for Dmitri.

Dmitri was the man I loved...his blue eyes and blonde hair flashed across my conscious and I smiled, knowing that I was almost back home to him.

When I emerged from the forest it was dark outside, and I walked to my home and opened it quietly. My mother, sitting by the fire, stood up abruptly and embraced me, beginning to sob my name, telling me that they'd thought I was dead and gone... "Five days..." she choked out, "Five days..."

For some reason, this didn't affect me at all. The new side of my mind was telling me that I didn't have time for this, that I should just get what I needed and get out of here. It seemed as if the human part of me was getting weaker and weaker...I pushed my mother away from me, staring at her. "Where is Dmitri?" I asked. Her eyes widened and she backed away from me.

"Dear God..." she murmured, "Nadia...your eyes..."

I was starting to get impatient; why was she acting like I was a monster?

"I don't have time for this," I announced. Where was I going? That power...that wave of power that had awakened my soul...I had to find it...had to go south.

I walked out of the door and out into the middle of the village, where some of the men had started a fire. Everyone was staring at me...and I didn't really care. I strangely felt proud and regal in my blue gown, and I knew that the men of the village probably regretted the days that they had all shunned me...I threw back my head, letting the cold bite at my skin, enjoying it in fact...

When I saw Dmitri I shrank back and wrapped my arms around me...he had such a hurt expression on his face, as if I was being unfaithful to him...wasn't I? Wearing this in front of all these other men...what was I thinking? Nadia...Duscha...Kagome...what was this creature I had become? "Dmitri..." I mumbled, getting closer to him and looking down at the snow around my feet. He surprised me by throwing his arms around me.

"Nadia..." he whispered, stroking my hair, "I didn't know whether to embrace you or to ask who you were..." He pulled away from me, holding my face close to his. "Your eyes Nadia...but you've been gone so long...come...come with me..."

He took my hand and led me away. The cold was getting to me, and I wondered what had made me be able to get through the forest without freezing to death. Something was wrong, and I was afraid...afraid that I would hurt the man I loved.

"You must be freezing!" he said, his voice cracking as he threw a blanket around my shoulders in front of the warm fire at his home. His parents had died from the sickness that had swept through the region just a few months ago, and he was alone now...the only reason he could marry me. "Where were you? Have you been to see your mother?"

I nodded to both questions as he took off his gloves and embraced me again, kissing me on the forehead.

"No!" I suddenly yelped out, pushing him away. Oh Gods...the was this! It felt like there was a bloody battle going on in my soul. The confusion...the pain was unbearable!

The need to kiss him was suddenly so very strong that I leapt towards him and pressed my open mouth to his. He stared at me, his eyes wide for a moment, before he began to suck on my lips, as if he wanted to drink the blood right out of me...

A feeling similar to when I'd destroyed Duscha came over me and I pulled away from Dmitri, smiling at him. He must be feeling this triumphant, victorious...

'No!' one voice screamed in my head, but I laughed lightly at the picture I saw.

Everything was the same...except for his eyes. Cold and icy, as if his soul had been ripped out...which I now knew that it had. He was mine now...forever...

"Join me in eternity, my love," I said, putting out a hand. He took it and I could feel the electricity spark in my fingertips at his touch, remembering the rush of power that had swept through Duscha's house...south...we had to go south.

"You feel it too?" I asked him.

"Hunger..." he murmured, "I feel hunger..."

Ah, yes, the people outside; the people that had pushed me away, hurt me for so long...I had a way to hurt them too now...and I didn't care. "Go ahead."

He smiled and walked past me.

And I felt victorious when I heard the first person scream.


We headed was all a blur. All I knew was that I gained more and more power as I went along, devouring all the souls I could find and leaving the remains for my humble servant. In these short months I came to be known as Silvana of the Forest, and Dmitri was called Alec, my Protector. Nadia Anielka and Dmitri Miroslav were a thing of the past...and this was the future. A long, long future...

Or so I thought.

The massacres went on for days, until we finally reached the island in the south, where we went through many battles with a monk and demon slayer...we left, vowing to return when the power did as well...but when it did...we weren't expecting it.

"You will not hurt me or Inuyasha again," a familiar voice said...full of pain...I'd managed to hurt her...the last thing she said to me before the sacred arrow shot through my heart, binding me forever to the necklace, and Dmitri sank into the ground, to be reborn again and again...

"Kagome, are you alright!"

Kagome. Wait! I pulled away from Nadia's...Silvana's...soul, centering myself again and thinking of where I was. I was here. Wait. What was that? A priestess? Oh, long had I been out? Not long...that was Yori calling me back...


I opened my eyes to see the scene unchanged, an unpleasant look on Silvana's face. "Get away!" she shrieked, pushing me back. I stumbled, disoriented, but Yori calls my name to get me back up again. An unfamiliar power is surging through me...


She stared at me in horror as I lifted up my hands, examining them carefully before turning and putting my hands around Inuyasha's neck, where the necklace dropped to the ground from. He collapsed and I barely heard Silvana's whisper of "damn you" before all the lights went out.

I dropped to the ground, letting out a stifled sob, as I heard Yori digging through her bag. She finally pulled out a flashlight and swung it around quickly, letting me find Inuyasha and making sure that no demons were still around. I pulled my unconscious hanyou into my lap and stroked his hair...he seemed fine, but I was still scared to death. "Inuyasha, wake up!" I whispered, stroking his hair. His eyes popped open and he looked around, confused.

"Where am I?" He saw me and sat up, grabbing my arms. "Kagome, are you OK? Where's the demon?"

"She's gone," I reassured him, flinging myself into his arms. He warmly returned the hug, and I closed my eyes, trying to think of an explanation. "I think I took some of her powers," I said, "Somehow...I was in her mind..."

That made me think of the priestess again...that was...that was Kikyo's

Yori cleared her throat and I pulled away from Inuyasha. She looked at us for a minute before speaking. "I think you two should get out of here for a while."

"And go where?" I asked, "Yori, we have to - "

"I'm here to take care of it while you're gone!" she said, "Just get out of town...just a few hours away...while I figure out how I can make you two immune to her spell. I had to go through dozens of chants and rituals to build up the resistance, and I don't know how I'm supposed to make that work for you!"

I thought about it for a minute before nodding. "Yeah," I finally said, "You're right...let's just get out of this forest."

We made our way back out and to our cars. I gave my cell phone number to Yori, and, as if in a dream, simply took Inuyasha and drove away. I had no idea where we were going...but at least we were taking action in some way...right?

Or were we just running away?
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