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Chapter 17: Relax

By: Brynn Parker


Recap: Kagome, as Silvana, travels back to her village to take her lover, Alec, away with her. After massacring the people in the village, they head south, towards the power of the jewel, but Silvana is slain by a miko. When Kagome wakes up, she has somehow taken some of Silvana's power, and uses it to free Inuyasha. Silvana flees with Alec, and Kagome and Inuyasha take Yori's advice to leave town for a while.




"I feel like a coward," Inuyasha said suddenly, looking out of the passenger side window. I glanced over at him and then back at the road, my eyes stinging from lack of sleep. Focusing on anything at all was getting really hard; it was time to stop driving and check in to a hotel or something. Yori had given us a fair amount of money for our short trip while she figured out how to make us immune to Silvana's spell, but I knew that there was only enough money here to last us three days at the most. We'd have to go back at some point.

"Don't be stupid," I said groggily, "There's nothing you can do."

"Running away from battles...I'm a fucking coward Kagome!" he snapped back at me.

I did my best to ignore him and kept on driving. I mean, I felt partly responsible for this; strange time-traveling girl and her hanyou boyfriend show up in town just about at the same time as crazy, life-sucking demon? It was so perfectly in sync that I wondered if it was coincidence at all.

When we finally got to an exit where there was a hotel, I didn't pay any attention to the fact that there was only one bed in the room before the moment that we walked into the room. Inuyasha came in behind me with his arms crossed stingily before walking across the room and sitting down on the floor next to the bed and closing his eyes. I simply threw myself into the bed...he could sleep wherever he wanted, as long as the bed was mine.

The entire way there - all three or four hours - he'd been pointing out how cowardly he was and telling me he wanted to go back. Of course, I knew he wouldn't - if he'd wanted to go back, he could've just hopped out of the car and got himself killed to let me drive away on my own.

"Kagome, we should-"

"I'm not going back!" I yelled suddenly, rolling over in the bed to look at Inuyasha. Damn it...why did he have to be so stupid? "Inuyasha, I don't want either of us to get hurt. I don't want you to get hurt. We are NOT GOING BACK!"

His ears flattened to his head and he closed his eyes again, in the same place on the floor, an unhappy expression on his face. I rolled over onto my stomach and closed my eyes, almost instantly going to sleep...



I opened my eyes to see the clock right in my face, broadcasting the time to me: seven p.m. Had we really been here that long? It had just been the crack of dawn when we arrived...and I'd slept for more than twelve hours. I looked around a little more, stretching my legs out, to see that Inuyasha was sitting on the side of the bed at my side, looking down at me as I woke up. It was already starting to get dark again...

"Kagome, I'm sorry," he whispered. I blinked at him for a minute before everything came rushing back to me: Silvana, driving here... "I know you only want what's best for us..."

"No!" I said, reaching out and putting my hand over his. His hand was warm...I unconsciously began to stroke my fingers over his skin, smiling. "I'm sorry...I overreacted, I mean, I should have expected this...but...I just want you to trust me..."

"I do!" he interjected, turning his palm up and taking my hand. It was times like these that I realized how much I loved him...he pulled up my hand and brushed it against his lips, leaving it on his face as he stared into my eyes and nodded at me. "I do trust you."

I didn't even think about it before I leaned forward and he captured my lips with his own, tenderly caressing my face with his free hand, the other still grasping my own. The perfection of our situation suddenly hit me - I guessed I hadn't thought about yesterday, being so tired - I was in a one bed hotel room with just Inuyasha, the man I loved...we were alone...

My thoughts scrambled up in my head when his tongue moistened my lips, requesting entrance to my mouth. I opened it gladly, draping my arm around his neck and moving closer to him. The rational thoughts - the ones that said it probably wasn't too safe to do this, and that I'd just woke up, and that it wasn't the time or place...they all disappeared. All I knew was that I wanted all of my skin to be touching his, all of my body to feel his warmth. His hands fluttered across my cheek bones and down to my collar, surprisingly soft and delicate with me. I'd always thought that his hands would be rough and calloused, after a hard life of fighting and survival...but his skin felt like a warm blanket on my chest, lighting a fire wherever it touched. His hands splayed across my shoulders, burning me with a tingling sensation akin to when he kissed me, and his lips stayed on mine the entire time.

He pulled his fingers down my arms, pulling the straps of my tanktop down with his hands, and exposed my bra and stomach to the air as I fumbled with the buttons on his shirt. I wanted so badly to feel his bare skin on mine, I wanted to feel this fire consume me. I'd been waiting so long...most girls my age had already lost their virginity, but I would never even touch anyone but Inuyasha. I knew I loved him, I knew that he was the one for me, and I knew that I was ready for this. Again, he blew away my thoughts by pushing me back onto the bed, leaving my moist, swollen lips cold and wanting more, but drew my attention to my stomach, where he had begun to suck on my ribcage, his fingers wandering to my strapless bra.

I shuddered involuntarily, clenching my muscles, and he stopped suddenly. I looked up at him, confused, to see the same expression on his face. "Do you want this?" he asked me.

He was willing to stop? Now? My pause gave him time to sit upright again, and he quickly rose from the bed, oblivious to my stutters for him to stop and get back to what he was doing. I reached out a hand and grabbed his sleeve, nearly pulling his half unbuttoned shirt from his shoulder. He sat back down next to me and I leaned on his shoulder. "I love you," I whispered, "I want this." It was all I could say. Everything else seemed to have been left somewhere...maybe back in the same place as my common sense. My fingers trailed down his chest and back to the buttons on his shirt, deftly finding each button and pulling it open. I stopped as his mouth went to my ear, nibbling on my earlobe enticingly and then moving down to my neck, making my muscles clench again and my mouth open slightly in pure bliss. I barely even realized when he began to unbutton his own shirt and then slipped it off his shoulders. When I finally noticed, I pulled away and looked at him for a moment before reaching around to my back and unhooking my bra, letting it fall to the floor.

I looked down, blushing and suddenly feeling very self-conscious, as he looked over my torso, his eyes lingering at my breasts. He looked back up at me with an unfamiliar look in his eyes before pushing me back and getting really close to my face, his chest brushing against my erect nipples and sending a shiver down my spine. "You're beautiful," he whispered, dipping his head down to my cleavage and sliding his tongue in between my breasts. I arched my back, thinking that it couldn't feel any better, when he wrapped his lips around a nipple.

I groaned, bringing my hands around to hold his head to my chest and entwine my fingers in his silky hair, as he sucked on my breast seductively, bringing his other hand to rest on my other breast. He grazed his fangs over my burning skin and my body uncontrollably writhed beneath him as I muttered his name incoherently. I suddenly realized that my underwear were wet and sticking to my skin...

And that I really wanted out of them.

My hand reached out and found the button on his jeans, tugging on it desperately as he realized what I was doing and did the same. The cloth that clung to my legs was suddenly extremely rough and unwanted, the only thing that separated me from being as close to Inuyasha as I could possibly be. I finally got off his pants and my hand dropped lower.

He stopped in the middle of peeling off my jeans when I wrapped my hand around his erection. "You have no idea what you do to me..." he muttered through clenched teeth, and I gasped as one sharp claw carefully sliced through the front of my underwear.

With one quick yank he pulled off his own and rolled over on top of me, looking down at me with flame in his eyes, and when I nodded he pushed himself into me slowly. I gritted my teeth a little...I'd heard that there was pain, but I hadn't really been expecting it anyway. "Are you alright?" he asked me, stopping where he was. It was obvious he was having a hard time keeping himself from driving right into me.

"Keep going," I said after the pain had passed. He nodded and slowly buried himself in my wet core, and it was only moments before he withdrew again and I realized that I had begun to like the feeling.

"I need you..." I groaned, putting my hands on his muscular back. He didn't even question or acknowledge that I had spoken, but instead pushed into me again, faster this time...and I liked it. "More..." I muttered, "Please..."

"You don't have to ask," he said, beginning to go in and out. I shuddered, a scream growing in the back of my throat as he went faster and faster, setting a rhythm that I could easily match. Faster...faster...

"Inu...Inu...Inuyasha!" I screamed finally when I felt his seed spill into me, him screaming my own name as his flew from my mouth. We stayed there for a moment before he withdrew from me for the last time that night and pulled the covers over our naked bodies, pulling me into his chest.

"That was quite an apology..." I muttered.

And with that we both fell fast asleep.
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