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Buffy Summers,interior designer

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It's Buffy's first day at work,where she meets her secretary Karen.

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Buffy was dressing up for work,and was showing Will what to choose.

-What do you think,Will?Should I wear this dress?

-Of course,Buffy. said Will. Just tell me how much you charge for a night?

-O.K.,point taken.What about this outfit?

-Sure,if they're remaking Devil wears Prada and you're auditioning for Meryl Streep's role.

-You know,why can't you just make your point without that sarcasm.Why do your people even resolve to that?

-My people?What people?

-You know...lawyers.

Then,Jack walked in,cheerful and queer as always:

-Hey,Dork & Mindy,what's up?

-Hey,Jack. said Buffy.

-Will,I need some money. asked Jack.

-What?I just gave you 50 $ yesterday!

-Well,I spent that on new shoes!A girl's gotta look good,duh!

-Fine,here's another 50.

-Are you two a couple? asked Buffy.

Will and Jack laughed hystericaly.Jack finally managed to say:


-Yeah,and apparently,Jack needs to be fatally ill for us to become a couple. said Will.

-Yeah,whoever wrote that story should've been shot by the same guy who shot me in that other story!

-Well,if you two are done breaking the fourth wall,I need to go.Later! said Buffy and left.

She entered the office and looked at the pile of papers and sketches on Grace's table.

-Hmmm,interesting.Where's that secretary I heard of?

Just then,Karen walked in,and said:

-Sorry I'm late,Grace.I was busy beating up a hobo for calling me a bitch because I wouldn't give him any money.But don't you worry,he won't be begging anymore,now that he hasn't got any eyes!

-O.K.,firstly,that's disturbing and slightly out of character. said Buffy. And secondly,I'm not Grace,I'm Buffy the exchange character.

-Oh,sure you are,honey.Just tell me when you start hearing voices in your head,so I'd know when to call the looney bin.

-Whatever.Man,I'm hungry.I didn't get a chance to eat breakfast this morning.

-Oh,here,honey,have some of mine.

-Uh,Karen,that's a bottle of vodka.

-Of course it is,honey!Why,what do you drink for breakfast?

Jack walked and greeted Karen.

-Oh,hey poodle! replied Karen. Wanna go on a lunch break?

-Sure,Kare,Ivy or Olive Garden?

-Hey hey hey! exclaimed Buffy. What break,it's 9'0 clock in the morning,and we still have work to do!

-Oh,right,man are we stupid,Jackie! said Karen. Listen Grace,why don't yous start,and I'll catch up with you in say,3 or 6 hours?Okay,toodles!

Karen and Jack left,leaving Buffy with the pile of papers.She looked at them,and saw many sketches of houses,rooms,furniture and price lists.

-Hmmm,you know what?I think I'll go on lunch break,too!

And with that,she left the building.
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