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Armed and Jewish

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Giles gives Grace a new weapon...which of course ends in disaster and death

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Grace returned the school library,and told Willow,Xander and Giles how she killed a vampire...and another person.

-Well,I must say Grace,that was very careless of you. said Giles. As a Vampire Slayer,you should only slay vampires,not their victims,too.

-Hey,cut her some slack,man,she only begun this a few days ago! said Xander.

-Aww,thanks,Xander! said Grace.

-Oh,don't fall for that bullshit,Grace,he's only saying that so he could get into your pants! said Willow.

-Hey,I'm only a teenager! Xander said back. And she's a woman.Not much mystery there.

-As sad as that may seem,he's not the worst one to hit on me like that! said Grace.

-Look,you three, Giles interrupted. We've got bigger things to worry about.The population of vampires in Sunnydale is growing bigger every week!If we don't stop it,vampires will soon take over it!

-So,that would make it SunnyDEAD,right? Grace said and cackled.

Everybody looked at her with a vacant look,and continued on.

-Anyway,I had a feeling this might happen,which is why I imported this form Iran.

Giles opened a closet,and in it was a flamethrower.It was basically a metalic backpack-like thing with a tube that came out of it.
Willow,Xander and Grace looked at it with awe,and started commenting:

-Giles,it's amazing!



-Why,thank you.Now,this is a very delicate flamethrower,so we should test it first.Grace,put it on.

-Wait,seriously?I get to out it on?

-Of course,you're the Vampire Slayer now.

-Woohoo!Take that,bitches!

Grace came over and Giles carefully put the flamethrower on her back.

-O.K.,Grace,now let's go outside so we could practice--

But before he could continue on,Grace turned on the flamethrower and burnt down an entire bookshelf.
Willow and Xander looked amazed,while Giles was shocked.

-Miss Adler,what do you think you're doing?!That's for indoor use only!!

-Fuck you,you old uptight fag,I'm gonna bring this bitch to its boundries! Grace replied and birnt down some more bookshelves.The rest could only look in horror as she soon burnt down the entire library.
Finally,she got tired and said:

-O.K.,I'm getting kinda tired,Giles,how do you turn this of?

Ans with that,she pointed the flamethrower at Giles,accidentally burning him to the ground.

-Holy crap!

Grace panicked and accidentally pointed the flamethrower at Willow and Xander,who managed to escape it,but still caught fire by it.They screamed and ran around the room,while Grace tried to turn of the flamethrower.
She finally managed to turn it off,but for Willow and Xander it was too late.Their black burnt bodies layed on the library floor,and a few seconds later,Cordelia walked in.

-Hey,everybody,what's--holy fucking Christ,what happened in here?!

Cordelia looked in horroe at the library and the burnt bodies of her friends.She spotted Grace holding the flamethrower,and continued screaming:

-Who the Hell are you?!!What did you do to my friends?!!!!!!!!

-I...I,uh,,... Grace mumbled.

-That's it,I'm calling the police!


Grace grabbed a small metal statue that lied on Giles's former desk,and hit Cordelia on the head with it.Cordelia instantly fell to the ground,with a small pool of blood coming out of her head.
Grace looked around,and decided it was best of her to leave.

Back in New york,Buffy didn't have much luck,either...
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