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Rabbit Warren

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'Cautioning me with his eyes, he slowly moved closer towards me...his lips got closer to mine'

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A/N: Okay today I'm having a sick day, skipping school, lying in bed, drinking tea, blowing my nose, coughing like a hag etc. So I decided to do something productive, and write my story! I know most people leave a couple of days between posting new chapters but I'm not that mean, I'll try and get two or three out today, it depends how long I make them, and how addicted I get to writing, although when the bomb drops in a couple of chapters, don't worry; it's not a real bomb, I may leave a couple of days in-between the end of the cliff hanger and the start of the next chapter. So you'll mull it over, sweat profusely during lessons while wondering what the hell happened and you'll stay up half the night pondering, worrying. Okay I doubt you will but all the same, we'll see how it goes. I would suggest reading this one carefully; a lot of the descriptions in this will come in handy later on. Enjoy!


Rhianne's POV

Gerard and Mikey's house was like a rabbit warren, going on forever once inside, with nooks and crannies, and hidden rooms, it was amazing. Hardly any light seeped into the rooms, where most people would have found it creepy and disturbing I found the darkness welcoming and comforting. Gerard's room was near the back of the house, it was full of samurai swords and comic strip doodles, with a small whiteboard hanging on the back of his door. On the whiteboard he had drawn a Dracula like cartoon vampire, quoting underneath it; 'I vant to suck your blood Bleh!' this made me laugh. As I explored his room further I got more of an understanding of him. The amount of records and comics he had was amazing; I have to admit I envied the collections greatly. His sketchbook was lying open on his desk, showing a painting of a woodland area at night, the crescent moon shining brightly in the sky; the ground littered with leaves and moss, and small animal footprints that resembled those of a deer. I suddenly felt a pair of warm arms slip around my waist followed by a telling jolt of electricity, giving away who it was.
"I can take you there one night if you want." Gerard whispered, his warm breath tickling my neck. I was suddenly aware of how very close he was to me, I span round in his arms so I was facing him and wrapped my arms round his neck. He began to lean in slowly. Cautioning me with his eyes, he slowly moved closer towards me, pushing me against the desk, making it possible to feel every part of his body touching mine, the current inside of me was going mental, my heart was working overtime, and my urge to kiss him suddenly got greater. I breathed out quickly as his lips got closer to mine, waiting for that fist moment are lips would tou-
"Hey guys!" at that moment Frank excitedly stormed through the door, causing Gee to exhale and pull away, leaving me gasping for air and my head to spinning, making it impossible to stand without gripping onto the desk for support. "Aren't you going to go home and get ready for the party Rhi?" I tried to reply but I was still foundering around in my head, looking for the safety rope to pull me back into sanity.
"I didn't know we were invited." Gee answered for me in a pissed off manor, I could tell that he wasn't happy that Frank had interrupted either.
"Well I just invited you." Frank said in a matter-of-factly tone.
"Do you want to go Rhi?" Gee was looking at me, waiting for a reply, I honestly couldn't find my voice, so I just nodded.
"Great!" Frank shouted bounding out the room. I finally managed to control my breathing and started to follow him out to the living room. Gee grabbed my hand as I walked out of his bedroom door and squeezed it tightly, I still had no idea of what just happened.

A/N: Oh I do like teasing with the will they/won't they shenanigans. It’s so fun! Okay, I used LOTMS to describe Gerard's house and room, though I've changed it a bit and modified it. I'll continue right away! Any guesses to what will happen? R&R
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