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Devil May Cry: Conquering

by Blueman 1 review

The world is in danger of being invaded by a vast army of demons, and they must be stopped at all costs.

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PROLOGUE' can't do this to me! I will come back! Get out of my head! AGH...DANTE!

Dante wasn't easily aroused from his sleep, but the nightmare had sure done it's job. He gave the room a quick one-over, and slipped into his jacket. It smelled like pizza and gun-smoke, a coupling of smells he could deal with.

Glancing around the room one more time, he grabbed his pistols and Rebellion. "Dammit, I'm gunna have to find some kind of medicine." The thought was one of sadness and humor, for Dante was just too strong for any medicine to really take effect.

He sighed, and headed for the door. It was the longest dozen steps he'd ever taken in his life, and even as he made it to the door, it became longer, for he hesitated, looking back at his shop. Standing still for two minutes, he decided that nothing was out of place and walked out.

An immediate, powerful wave of rain started pecking at his dark red vest, and the jacket below it. He never thought he'd wear one, but he went ahead and slipped the black hoodie's top over his head. Dante put it on before he put the jacket on...actually, he'd fallen asleep in it.

Dante trudged through the empty back-alleys of the town, until he came upon a small convenient store. Slipping his pistols into his jacket, and making sure that his sword was firmly secured in it's guitar case, he walked in.

A rather large lady with curly, dark blonde hair pulled back into a bun, and a huge, black mole on the left side of her nose snorted behind the cashier's desk and gave him a raised brow. Dante returned the look with disinterest. He strolled down the isles until he was standing next to the alcohol. He popped open the fridge containing the drinks, and grabbed a beer. It was lite, but was still beer.

He walked back over to the lady and set the bottle down on her desk. She sat there, typing away on a computer that was undoubtedly less than twice the size of her plump hand. "Ugh...lady? How much?" Dante huffed.

She glanced up at him, but only for a second, "Honey, can't you see I'm tryin' to do somethin' real quick? Just hold onto your trousers."

He sighed, thoroughly annoyed by the fact that it had been five minutes since she told him to wait, but still, he waited. And waited. And waited. "Miss, seriously, I'd like to buy the damned beer and get outta here. Is it really so much of a hassle to get up for one minute, and take some money so I can get on with my life too?"

She looked at him, eyes squinted, almost to the point of being shut, and turned back to her computer, "I told you to hold on."

That was the last straw. Dante grabbed the beer and walked towards the door. As soon as the fat lady stood up, Dante raised his middle finger at her, "Not a word."

Outside, the rain had calmed down quite a bit. At least enough to where he wouldn't be bothered opening his beer and drinking it out here. And so he did.

Sighing with satisfaction, Dante chucked the bottle into the nearest dumpster and went on about his business. It was late night, Dante presumed it to be about eleven o'clock or so, so he was not late to get his new job. He quietly walked down the street to the dance club, water splashing up a little with every step he took.

This man that he was going to go meet didn't give him a name, and under any other circumstance, Dante wouldn't go to see an unnamed client, but something about the man's voice intrigued Dante, almost to the point of sounding familiar. He would find out soon enough.
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