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Chapter 1: The Job

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Dante gets a new job. To kill Mundus.

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Chapter 1

And we were supposed to be twins.

Love Planet is what they called that oh so popular dance bar. It seemed more like a strip club to Dante, but that didn't matter now. Dante waltzed right in through the front doors, hit with the aura of sex, lust, money...and yes, even drugs. Little fat men smoking joints, paying tips to women in skimpy leather outfits. Smoke everywhere. Heavy techno thudding throughout, vibrating the walls and tables. Yup, this was Love Planet.

Perhaps the reason Dante's contact was so easy to find was the fact that he was the only one in a suit. And there was something about his eyes that caught Dante's attention...something new...yet familiar. Dante was starting to feel uncomfortable with the fact that this person had so many similarities with...whoever it was. That glimmer in his eyes though...that silver glimmer. It sent a shiver down Dante's spine.

A quick order to the bartender for a beer which was chugged down upon arrival, and Dante sat in the booth next to the man. His eyes had been locked onto Dante the whole time, but only now did they really seem so terrifying to Dante. Aside from the eyes, the only noticeable feature about the persons head was his pitch-black, sleeked back hair, a single bang protruding outwards. "Hello, Dante."

"Hello mister man. I'm guessing that you're going to tell me whatever it is you want me to do now...right?"

"Well, of course. Why else would I meet such an important person face to face? Surely not to waste their valuable time." The man gently smiled at Dante.

Dante waited several moments, taking in everything he could learn by looking the guy over. "Alright, let's get down to business then, shall we?" Dante flipped the bottle cap from his beer up into the air and caught it with his teeth, fidgeting with it as the man began to speak.

"You. You're a very known person among the demon are all of your friends, Trish, Mary...or Lady as you call her, and Nero. We even have tabs on your brother, Vergil."

"What the hell did you just say? Are you telling me that Vergil is still alive?!" Dante spat the cap out of his mouth as he spoke, leaning forward, putting both of his hands on the table.

"Alive and well...but only in a sense. Of course you know that all demon's souls are trapped within their weapons once they 'die'." The mans smile was ever persistent on staying right there on his face and mocking Dante in his surprise. It had never really occurred to Dante that Vergil would be stuck in Yamato. The very same sword that Dante left in Nero's possession.

"But if he's alive...who the hell was that on Mallet Island?!"

"It was your brother. Yes, I know. Even I don't understand how Mundus managed to take Vergil prisoner, when his sword came under the Order's control."

Dante shook his head rapidly, "Just...whatever. What is it that you're wanting me to do?"

"Get your friends, all of them, together. You're going to need them, because the mission I'm sending you on will alter the interaction between the demon world and the human world forever." The man's smile finally faded away.

"Been there, done that." Dante leaned back.

"No. You're going to kill Mundus. Kill him." The man crossed his arms, and stared Dante in the eyes with a very cold look.

"That shouldn't be hard. I've already...wait, how in the hell do you even know who Mundus is?!" Dante wondered why he hadn't asked the question already.

"Dante, there are many things you will never know about me. But for now, you must trust me. It is, believe it or not, particularly urgent." The man leaned forward and looked past Dante, waving his hands. Something in the back crashed down and broke. Dante, turning to see what it was, saw that one of the waitresses dropped a platter of alcoholic beverages. As Dante turned, the presence of the man was gone, leaving him cold. Dante was alone in the booth.

One of the other waitresses walked over to him, "Hello sir. My you're a cute one...can I get you anything special?"

"No thank you."

Chapter 1: Part 2

Power. Give me more power!

The short walk back to the shop ended in a very tragic manner, for as Dante opened the door, it came off of it's hinges and fell into the mucky road, and thus the rain commenced on battering it with the merciless intent to make the wet dry.

Dante hissed, because he was tired...and fixing the door was work. He pulled the door back up, and propped it into the entrance at an angle. Rain still got through in tiny quantities, but it would do the trick for one night.

A snort and a sigh, a visit to the fridge for another drink, and Dante was out on the couch.

Of course, the next morning, he woke up groggier than ever, extremely grumpy. He attempted to remember what'd happened last night, and at the thought of the strange man in the dance bar, Dante hopped over to the phone. Strangely enough, it rang as he pulled away from it's base. His ears now rang as well, and he silently cursed the phone.

"Hello, this is Devil May Cry. Currently unavail-" Dante was cut short by the irritated voice of Lady.

"Dante, I'm coming down there today...and you'd better have a pile of money on your desk for me, or else there's gunna be hell to pay." Dante never remembered Lady sounding so ticked before, but he still ignored her anger.

"If I can even find any extra money, I can assure you that it will be going towards materials to help me survive my lonely days in this shop." Dante made sure to emphasize 'lonely' and 'survive'. Not to get the point of being a helpless guy across to Lady, but rather to annoy the ** out of her.

"Shut the hell up! I'm coming." And so the phone clicked and Dante knew there probably would be hell to pay.

"One down, two to go." Dante let himself know before dialing Trish's cell phone number.

Her answering message gave Dante an unpleasant hello, "Leave a message, I'm not here right now."

It was just so vague and...and...depressing. Trish really had to work on socializing, even through a cell phone's answering machine. Dante would have at least thrown a few words in there to make it seem like whoever was calling was getting into a 1-900 situation. The thought made Dante chuckle.

As soon as he was done leaving Trish a message, it was onto the kid. Nero would sure be the most difficult to convince to do anything. As far as Dante knew, Nero was trying to make a decent living with his redheaded treat. But Dante would give it a try. He dialed the number. A phone rang. Nero pushed over the broken door and walked into Dante's shanty shop.

Dante frowned, looking at him, and plugged the phone back into it's base. "Ever heard of knocking, kid?"

"Ever heard of a real door, smart guy?"

"Ever heard of a...a...uhm, shut up!" Dante threatened with a raised fist.

Nero shrugged, "Running out of the ol' **y gibber gabber I see."

Dante snarled, "Boy, I oughta beat the white right off'a you!"

"Whatever, you called right before I walked in, so what do you want?" Nero looked at him, confident that he could best Dante in this secret situation of cat and mouse, or Dante and Nero...Nero being the mouse, Dante liked to think.

"What do you want, seeing as how you barged in my shop before I invited you."

"A drink. They don't have beer in Fortuna, and I also want to knock out two birds with one stone and annoy you." Nero smirked.

"Well, little Niwo-" Dante mocked, "-I'm fwesh outta da good stuff." Of course it was a lie. Dante still had two cases of beer in the fridge.

"Liar, I bet you still have at least two cases in your fridge." Damn he was good.

Dante sighed, giving him a beer, when Lady came in, kicking down the other door that provided half of the entrance. It was bright, early morning outside. "What the hell, woman! I have one broken door already! Why didn't you come through there?!"

"Because it's fun to make someone who owes you money suffer." Lady retorted in a very bitchy manner.

Dante sighed, "My friends...who hate me. How wonderful."

Nero and Lady laughed, and then there was Trish. "Oh look who it is. The third musketeer, here to make your life...a living hell." Lady smiled.

"Most likely." Dante replied, annoyed.

Chapter 1: Part 3

Just keep it together, Dante.

It was when Trish took a seat so uncomfortably close to Dante, that he became so completely fed up with the day, he just about felt the need to flail and babble incomprehensible things at everyone, but he held back. It was for the best. Dante simply shoved Trish away, and she frowned.

"Oh, Dante, what's the matter?" Trish said, trying to sound like his sweetheart.

"Woman, you don't even know." Dante replied, almost wheezing from the amount of current stress.

Nero leaned over the back of the couch, close enough that the air coming out of his nostrils lightly tickled the top of Dante's head, and spoke in a rather arrogant manner, "You know, Dante, this bad attitude you've been copping with us recently won't get you anywhere."

Then Lady propped herself over the arm of the couch, and whispered into his ear, "He's right honey-bun, and that especially doesn't fly with me, what with you owing about five thousand dollars to me and all."

So the day had finally come. Every single terror that really got on the raw side of his nerves...was on the raw side of his nerves. Damn, they even had Dante surrounded at that! And he twitched. "I'm going to royally beat the flippin' hell outta you guys one of these days." He sighed, taking a few deep breaths. "But, now that you're all here, we can get onto business!"

"Business? What's going on, Dante?" Trish quietly asked, a smirk on her face.

"We're all gunna go to hell...hopefully tonight." Dante smiled with closed eyes, leaving a quite confident look on his face.

"When did you get all emo on us? I never heard of anyone wanting to go to hell, mkay." Nero was quick to insult.

Dante's smile flipped itself upside down, "You ass, and you ass...and you know what? Just for good measure, Trish, you ass, too...I mean I got a contract. It is apparently a matter of world security."

Lady, irked by the previous comment, managed to squeeze out a question, "What's the contract all about?"

" bunch o' asses, we've all been hired to go kick the hell out of Mundus, and kill him." Dante smiled again.

"You seem to be taking this in a very care-free manner, Dante." Trish actually looked worried.

"Well, I already beat him down once...whose to say all four of us can't kill him?" Dante asked.

Trish was now full on frowning, "You expect us to go into his domain and kill him there? May I point out the thorough difference in power he will have? Plus, why now? What's going on that it's so important to do now?"

Lady, Nero and Trish all stared at Dante, and Dante looked back, "Hell if I know. It's obviously important to someone, and I'm positive there'll be a big ass payday."

They all exchanged baffled looks with one another and then looked back at Dante, and said in unison, "No way."

"You ass, you ass...and oh don't count anymore because of the aura of fail that surrounds you." And so one by one, they all left his shop, leaving Dante with two broken doors and a sense of loneliness.

"Whatever, I still have my beer. Now for pizza." He sighed, for later tonight, he would be embarking on a heroic journey by himself. Or so he thought.
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