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Introduction to ACOMS

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These are just some short stories I write in Red Witch's "Misfits" universe...

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DISCLAIMER: I don't own X-Men: Evolution or /G.I. Joe/.
SPECIAL DISCLAIMER: The Misfits series/universe belongs to Red Witch, who has graciously allowed anyone to play in her sandbox.

Introduction to ACOMS

Hello, everyone. My writer name is Quillian.

The Misfits are a group of mutants from the universe of X-Men: Evolution who work with the soldiers of G.I. Joe. The Misfits universe is a crossover project written by Red Witch, who has all of her fics at but is moving them here to this site, Ficwad. It's AU after the second season of XME, and is a wonderful blend of action, suspense and humor. The base trilogy for her Misfits saga is made of the three stories "Ronin Toad," "Parallel Lives," and "The Misfit Chronicles," and the several fics which follow them. Other writers have also gotten involved in writing stories for the Misfits, so be sure to look around.

Here, this is a compilation of stories ("A Collection Of Misfits Stories," or ACOMS for short), crazy one-shots involving the Misfits. It was originally named "Quillian's Misfits Stories," but I decided to change that, since it made it sound as though I was the author who created the Misfits, and I'm not. I hope you enjoy them, and try not to kill yourself laughing.

Thank you.

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