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Stuffed Animal Silliness

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Beach Head finally strikes back at Toad for all the times Toad has stolen Beach Head's teddy bear Sgt. Snuffles...

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DISCLAIMER: See the Introduction.
SPECIAL DISCLAIMER: See the Introduction.

A/N: I've seen a few times how at least one of the Misfits steals Beach Head's teddy bear, Sergeant Snuffles, thus tormenting Beach Head in the process. It has been funny, but sooner or later, something has to happen... like this.

/"Stuffed Animal Silliness"/

It was a normal day at the Pit.

Well, almost normal.


Beach Head was storming through the G.I. Joe base, looking for anything or anyone that could help him find his dear teddy bear.

"Duke, you have any idea where those blasted kids are?"

The second-in-command shook his head. "No, sorry Beach Head, I haven't seen them at all so far today."

As Beach Head growled and stalked off, Duke said quietly to himself, "Well, hopefully they won't be able to top the time they put the teddy bear 'on trial.'"

"I HEARD THAT!" Beach Head yelled as he stalked out.

Hardly ten minutes later, Beach Head saw a small group of Joes standing in front of the administration building, facing the side of the office where accounting was.

Beach Head was about to ask what was going on when he looked where they were looking... and saw his beloved Sergeant Snuffles at the top of the building.

The teddy bear floated up off the building as though held by an invisible force (/Must be that reptile Xi!/ he thought to himself), and a squeaky voice could be heard.

"Oh no, the stocks are down and I invested my entire life's savings in the stock market! I can't go on! Good-bye cruel world!" The next moment, Sergeant Snuffles "jumped" off the edge of the building.

As the other soldiers laughed, Beach Head fought his way through the crowd shouting "NO...!"

He managed to catch poor Sergeant Snuffles just in time before he got "killed."

As Beach Head went back to his own room, clutching Sergeant Snuffles tightly, he caught something out the corner of his eye: Toad and Xi laughing together.

So the little toad was also in on it! he fumed to himself.

As Beach Head made his way back to his room and put his teddy bear some new place which was safe, he kept thinking about it.

I can't believe the frog-boy! Would he like it if I stole his little stuffed frog? I... hey, wait, that's it!

Had anyone seen Beach Head's evil smile or heard his laughing, they would have run as far away from him as fast as they could.

Later that day, Todd came back to his own quarters when he somehow felt that something was wrong.

Then it hit him.

Hopper was missing.

Oh no! What could have happened to my stuffed frog? He means so much to me... Where could Hopper be?

Suddenly, he found a photograph which sent chills throughout his entire body.

Hopper was precariously poised on the edge of the opening of a laundry machine.

Attached to the picture was a note.

Toad, as you can see, I'm holding dear little Hopper ransom. Come alone as soon as you can, or he gets a bath! See you there!
Todd was instantly out the door, and just narrowly missed colliding with Fred, Lance, Pietro and Wanda, who were returning from somewhere.

Five minutes later, Todd burst through the door to the laundry room. Just as he began to plead for mercy for Hopper, he found his precious stuffed animal thrown gently at him. As Todd clutched his precious toy friend to his chest, he looked up to see the person who took him.

Beach Head.


"Oh, I don't know, Toad, maybe I got /fed up with you constantly taking Sergeant Snuffles/?"

That got Todd to stop whatever he was about to say.

"Okay, let's play a game. It's called 'Let's Make a Deal.' You leave my stuffed animal alone, I leave yours alone. Got it?"

Todd nodded speechlessly.

"Good. Now let's leave before someone like Hawk finds out about this and starts assigning KP duty or something."

Both of them swiftly departed after that.

That night, Todd clutched Hopper close to him and said, "I'm glad to have you back, buddy. Can you believe that big bad Beach Head was actually nice about it for a change? Oh well, I really don't get it either. Good night, Hopper." He was asleep a few minutes later.

Back in his own room, Beach Head was "conversing" with Sergeant Snuffles. "I'm just glad you're back where you belong, pal. Did you know that for once I was actually nice to Toad? Man, I hope I never have to do that again! Good night, Sergeant Snuffles." He was soon out like a light.

A/N: So how was this?

Note about the thing with Sergeant Snuffles on trial: Go to "The Misfit Chronicles" and read chapter 51. Try not to kill yourself laughing.

Note about the joke with the stocks being down: Allow me to explain something. The thing about people throwing themselves off of buildings during the Great Depression was actually over exaggerated. I just used it in this story.
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